OutlanderBTS The Discussion, Episode 508 – Famous Last Words

At long last, the journey of this episode discussion has arrived at publication. This one was quite powerful, in many ways, including behind the scenes, for all 4 of us. Fertile ground for personal and communal growth, indeed.

You may want to rewatch Episode 508 before watching, as it’s been a while.

Thanks for joining us… #BTS508 (See Stephen Woolfenden’s (director) notes on our discussion below after viewing! xo

Adding director Stephen Woolfenden’s notes about our discussion from Twitter: 

To order your own case of Lost Boy Cider, go here, and tell ’em I sent ya! 😉Lost Boy Cider.

The silent film Cathy references is Birth of A Nation. I watched it in its entirety (over 3 days), and read about its creator and the history of the film. It is an incredible look into the state of filmmaking, the influence of the arts,  the creator’s (son of a Confederate officer) POV, and the massive impact it’s had on American culture. Its ripple effects are alive and well today.  A big time commitment, but I highly recommend it. 

I’m adding Karmen’s fun fact for this episode – about Claire’s emergency cricothyroidotomy! (say that 5 times fast!).

For our Season 5 Episode discussions, catch up here: Episode Discussions. We are lacking #BTS501, still to come. 

You are alive. You are whole. All is well. Stay safe. xo

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9 comments on “OutlanderBTS The Discussion, Episode 508 – Famous Last Words

  1. Hey Courtney, I’m going to listen now. I’ll post it on our Highlanders FB page, too. We are zooming on Friday at 5:30 NY time if you’re interested in joining us. Discussing 107.🌞🌻

    • Thank you Susan! And thanks for the invite. My life is a bit crazy right now, so I will not be able to make it. One of these days I will though! x

  2. Oh I just love you gals! What wonderful gab sessions you have together in the name of Outlander. One thing I noticed is what a good crier little Jemmy is. How do they get a baby to cry like he did after Roger yelled at him when he almost touched the hot kettle. He was crying his little heart out. I wonder what methods they use to capture that short of torture, or do they wait for a moment when it is a real cry and dub it in?? Thank you Karmen for explaining what Claire used as a tube for the tracheotomy. Yes, a pipe stem would be just the ticket and something they would have had in their day. This was one scene from the book I looked forward to seeing how they would handle Roger’s hanging. It was done differently in the book because he was sitting a horse and the horse took off and he slipped off the back of it and was hanged. So I was interested to know how they would depict that scene. To me it was such an artistic way to portray it and done in sequences so as to get us used to the idea, rather than to just shock the audience with an abrupt hanging. Sort of like getting used to getting into cold water little by little until you can stand to dunk yourself all the way in.

    You mentioned that the writers and Starz don’t realize how intelligent this audience is and how much we pay attention to details. Of course, anyone who has read all of the books has put in many, many hours and months doing so, so we are basically experts in Outlander. And they have to realize that this audience is comprised of mostly women of all ages and stations in life, people who are very well accomplished in their own right. So yes, we are not just sitting here being entertained. We are dedicated to the characters and their story and we very much care how well the screen story is written to reflect what we have invested so much of our lives with. If one is going to take Diana Gabaldon’s written masterpieces to make a series out of it, it better damn well be done right. And I have to say, they have done a very good job of it all along. Some seasons or episodes or scenes better than others, but as a whole, they can be very proud of their work. Especially the actors, but of course!

    The line from Jocosta to Jamie rings so close to my heart because when my Dad was dying, I went up to Oregon to see him one last time. As I was getting ready to leave Mom told me not to cry my whole way home (which I did anyway). But I assured her I wouldn’t (white lie) and as I was walking along their walk towards my car, I passed their bedroom window and I noticed it was open a crack, so I composed myself as best I could and said, “Goodbye Daddy” and he answered so affectionately, “Goodbye sweetheart” (which he never called me that before) I bawled all the way back to Tahoe and to this day, just thinking about that fond farewell always makes me cry. I do a bit of acting myself now and then and if I ever have to cry on cue, I go back to that moment at the window when I last heard my father’s voice. I feel so lucky to have had that final moment with my Dad and that I found the courage to speak to him through the crack in the window.

    Be safe all of you because you mean so much to me. I consider you friends. xo Suzie

    • That thumb was an accident, Suzie, I couldn’t change to 👍🏼! I appreciated your comment tremendously. Especially the so story about your dad, of course.🌹

      • Oh no! I tried to undo it and now there are two thumbs downs. Hahahahah good thing I know Suzie has a sense of irony and humor. Thumbs up!!

    • Hi Suzie,

      I think a child that age would cry like that when being yelled at, after they told him to play with whatever he was playing with to do the scene! A bit of a gas light, poor kid. 🙁

      Good point about getting into cold water. Not sure one can be eased into a hanging (in my book), sort of like being a little pregnant? 🤔

      I agree with your comments about the series!

      Aw Suzie, the story about your dad is making me cry. I’m so glad you got to say goodbye. And, he was taking care of YOU in that moment, letting you know it would all be OK.

      xo, Courtney

  3. Stephen Woolfenden has been absolutely amazing in his enjoyment of the panels and his own generous contributions. Wonderful!

  4. I didn’t like this episode for similar reasons that Antoinette outlined. I felt it was a waste to give a whole episode
    to explore the almost hanging. I like Roger as a professor, but he’s not that interesting a character to deserve
    a whole episode. To me this episode felt like a little like “Perpetual Adoration” in that the subject didn’t need
    to be explored (though I always love Claire and Jamie, that episode didn’t feel like the real Claire).
    I liked Rankin and Bell’s performance. I think Outlander would be better off if it didn’t spend much time with Roger
    and Brie. In this episode their interactions felt inauthentic and lacking any connection as they almost
    always do. This hour would have been better spent with Jamie and Claire (as Courtney said, paraphrasing). To me
    “clever” doesn’t count for anything if the story isn’t compelling.
    Thanks for the conversation. It was interesting as always to listen to all of your thoughts.

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