King FireMan Tribute to Claire

Photo: Caitriona Balfe, as Claire, Outlander Starz

You may know that I used King FireMan’s wonderful tribute to Jamie as an intro video for Sam’s panel at Wizard World. I’ve been waiting for the right moment to share his latest Outlander video, which is his tribute to Claire, and of course, to the stellar woman who plays her, Caitriona. This is such a layered, well choreographed glimpse into the character of Claire – her strength, her love, and her loyalty. Thank you again to the massively talented King FireMan, for capturing the essence of Claire so well here.

It’s a full 8 minutes, so relax, grab a drink, a tissue, and enjoy…



PS I did ask King FireMan about his choice to end with the scene he chose, and he said this…

Courtney: I have been waiting for the right time to put your Claire video on my site, I just watched it, it’s so beautiful!!!! You are very talented! I have one question for you, and that is about your artistic choice to end with the scene you end with. Can you tell me about that? 

King FireMan: I love to play with emotions through video 🙂 thanks. The Claire one, this is my longest video on my channel, and she deserves it. 🙂  For the last moment in the video, it’s a bit random, I mean, the music ends quickly, I needed a few short scenes and I found 3 similar scenes. She is a strong and courageous woman, and despite being gentle, she will kill a person to protect those she loves.

There ya have it. 

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Hope you’re having a great day. x

18 comments on “King FireMan Tribute to Claire

  1. you said it was emotional and you weren’t kidding! I relived every moment of each episode, every season, feeling it so deeply as when first seen and read. I have read and re read each of the books, watched again and again each season, I am just tiny bit obsessed. Diana Gabaldon’s respect for history, the characters she created and the story she tells captured my imagination years ago and I see the same care and respect in this video! looking so forward to the new season 2020.

  2. I am just sitting here, amazed, stunned. It is so beautiful, so well presented and “mis en scène” (I do not find the words in English right now) by King Fireman. My thanks to him for this marvellous “résumé” of Claire’s story, the description of her adventure, her personnality, her love for Jamie. I am overwhelmed and really falling in love with it.
    The end, the terrible end of Geilis, is as if a heavy door slammed tight.
    All the dramas through which Claire survived next to Jamie, the tender moments, the love scenes – we want some more please, in the coming episodes – the family problems and joys, and the threatening war of the American independance, bring us along and accross a long history with lots of plotting, different characters and moments lurking from behind beautifull landscapes. I love it all, inconditionally.
    Thank you Courtney for putting it here, so the fans can view and review it, have tears rolling on their cheeks and maybe wait a bit more patiently for season 5. to come.

  3. How wonderful! I echo all the comments above. ❤️
    I can see how the last scene fits as well. Along with all of the love, tenderness and passion, the video showed pain just as well. The lass has travelled a long road to get to that moment, leaving behind a life and love at each crossroads. She is not going to let this maniac finally take her whole family (wherever they are in time.) I wasn’t as crazy about the scene during the episode, but I think it’s a great climactic conclusion here.
    Thanks to King Fireman, again!

  4. To our young Msr. KingFireman: Pour vous, monsieur, je suis en admiration devant votre immense talent! Le temps que vous avez dû passer à produire ceci est stupéfiant. Votre utilisation de la musique/orchestration est divine. Le personnage de “Claire” ne mérite pas moins, et pour que vous partagiez cette magie avec le monde, je dis humblement merci beaucoup! Sur la Saison 5!

    To all of us, lucky enough to have been made aware of his talents, for me initially through this site, I said: “To you sir, I am in complete awe of your immense talent! The amount of time you must have spent producing this is astounding. Your use of music/orchestration is divine. The character of “Claire” deserves no less, and for you sharing this magic with the world, I humbly say thank you so very, very much! On to Season 5! ”

    Thanks for the “assist”, Courtney. You do good work, and of course although you’ve had more than your fair share of, shall we say, “unsolicited free advice” as of late, you are a professional and offer great things regarding OUTLANDER here, which I appreciate! I will assume, that as always, you will carry on and see us through another season, so good in you!

  5. Brought tears to my eyes as well.

    I am re-reading the first book for the umpteenth time and I don’t normally read books more than once, or I haven’t since I was a child…

  6. Tears and more tears,that was exceptionally done. Hopefully Caitriona will see this,just like Sam saw his tribute to Jaime. There are so many amazingly talented Outlander fans and King Fireman is certainly one of them. I just love being part of this wonderful fandom ? Thank you Courtney, for all your dedication to making sure the fandom is updated on everything Outlander ?

  7. An amazingly beautiful piece of work! This one has to be played over and over again – this is the core of Outlander. A beautiful tribute to Caitriona Balfe who gave us Claire as no other could. This is why there are so many devoted fans following Outlander. Jamie and Claire – always. Can you imagine being thrown back 200 years, for only 3 years, than going forward to 200 years ahead again for 20 years, then going back forever to 200 years. The part where Claire went back through the stones to Frank at the time of Culloden, and realizes that it is all over and that everyone she got to know and love were wiped out in that terrible battle – and she takes each day at a time, one foot in the past and one foot in the present. Thank you for sharing this with us – it is an absolute treasure.

  8. This was an amazing 8 minutes of Claire and Jamie. I absolutely love this show and the quality of all the aspects of it’s production. Thank you for putting this montage together.

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