OutlanderBTS Favorite Photo Tuesday… Sam

An LA Times photographer shared a profile shot of Sam on Twitter, saying even his profile is amazing!

I have photographed Sam a lot, and I thought I’d share my favorite photo today.

I like this for many reasons: first, I found it in the wee hours of the night in London, when I was looking at and editing my photos from this particular event – I had no idea I’d got it, and it jumped right out. It was a total candid for the photographer, but not for the subject! ? I love the irony of that!!

2) It’s very Sam, to me, as this photo captures him in motion, however very aware, focused, respectful, acknowledging, gracious, and mischievous, with a dash of magic thrown in. He was leaving the stage for the final time at a fan convention, here. 

3) I love that he’s wearing all black and the background is all black, but his face is lit up even back stage. So many things lined up for this photo with zero planning. Those are the best ones IMO. 

Anyhow, happy Tuesday, I hope everyone is well and happy xo 

PS You are welcome to use this photo, but I’d appreciate if you either leave the watermark, or include photo credit if you post it. Thanks

12 comments on “OutlanderBTS Favorite Photo Tuesday… Sam

  1. Handsome Sam – what more can you say! He has the sunniest, amazing smile ever! His eyes – they are what you notice first about him – they hold your attention right from the start. He is, from what I have read, very charming, good natured and big hearted. He is also a very busy man! As Caitriona said of him – Sam is just like the energizer bunny – always on the go with lots to do. Thank you for sharing the photos – love them both.

  2. Looooove that photo! It’s the mischief in his eyes that captures me (and obviously many others)! What a delightful man! Thanks so much for catching that moment. ?

  3. I think it would be really hard to find a bad photo of Sam.!
    He loves the lens and the lens loves him. I just wish nomination committees would see beyond , the looks.
    Photos like this make me think Sam is a bit mischievous and keeps a secret very well, especially his. Sam might be the
    greatest actor ever. He has the rare ability to draw you in and then you want more. More screen time, more photos, more causal
    time but just more of him. Hoping his summer movie “The Spy Who Dumped Me”, is a huge , huge hit. And that other people see this mans talents.

  4. He does have a gorgeous profile..one of the best angled photos of him is when he is carrying Fergus after returning/being released after the fight at dinner (Mary/BJR’s little bro and Sam & Murtagh) and he leans back over his shoulder to kiss Clsire who has waited up all night.

  5. hi, late reply. but just to say that I love the photo you posted. Prefer him so much more with that look then the over styled short hair photo. I think your photo must be from 2016 sometime. Looks like the way he was at the Jibland fan gathering, where he seemed to be also great in the audience interaction. Great photo and moment for you to capture.

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