OutlanderBTS What’s New: SAM & CAIT Twitter Q&A Starts SOON, S5 Wraps, Updates, Awards, Photos, & More

Photo: Just Jared, Sam H hobnobbing with Royalty…

Lots of news in this installment of OutlanderBTS What’s New, grab your cuppa, lunch, breakfast, cocktail, etc., and find a cozy seat for a relaxed read, here we go…

Sam’s Twitter Q&A just happened. If you missed it, no worries, I have captured it here: Sam Heughan End of Season 5 Twitter Q&A Highlights.

Caitriona’s just happened too. No worries, I gotchya covered: Cait End of Season 5 Q&A Highlights.

Sophie and Richard will do Q&A’s TODAY (Thursday, November 21), Richard at 3:00PM EST and Sophie at 3:30PM EST.  

Filming Update…

Filming on Season 5 is winding down. Sam’s driver, Davie Hollywood, posted these shots yesterday, saying it was his last day. Sam, Cait and crew have one more day – filming officially ends today, Thursday, November 21st.

Photo: DavieHollywood, Instagram

They went ahead and had their wrap party this past Saturday, undoubtedly because Americans will be headed home for the Thanksgiving holiday.

Goodbyes started earlier this month, as cast members finished their last scenes, César was first, on November 11th…

Lauren on Friday, on November 15th…

Post production runs concurrently with production, and we saw Tim Downie in the recording studio doing ADR (additional dialogue recording) on the last day of filming, having finished his scenes. Additional dialogue recording is to get clearer dialogue in particular scenes. 

Here’s another great one from Wednesday, Duncan with all of the drivers…

Following the last day of filming for many, on Friday, November 15th, the cast, crew and producers celebrated the end of Season 5 Saturday night. The wrap party had a prohibition theme, and was catered by Braveheart Catering and Bars. I believe the gang over at Mhor 84 has done the Seasons 1-4 wrap parties, so this year marks a departure. Everyone seems to have had a good time!

Photo: Barry Waldo, Instagram

Photo: @braveheartcateringandbars, Instagram

Photo: Tim Downie, Instagram: “Thankfully we got through the night without any impromptu operations needed @caitrionabalfe.”

Photo: Barry Waldo, Instagram

Photo: Lauren Lyle, Instagram


Photo: Duncan Lacroix, Instagram

Sophie Skelton, Instagram

Photo: Barry Waldo, Intagram

I don’t want to start any rumors, but it sounds like Jon Gary Steele may be leaving the show, what a loss if so. ?

Photo: Barry Waldo, Instagram

Photo: Barry Waldo, Instagram

Casting News…

With the end of filming, Starz dropped some casting tidbits last week, announcing the actors playing the Beardsley twins, Fanny Beardsley, the Browns and Isaiah Morton…. More about casting in my upcoming piece on Season 5 casting, stay tuned.

Herself weighs in…

Bees update…

Diana continues writing, and giving us glimpses into Bees with her Daily Lines. Can’t wait!! (See latest Daily Lines excerpt at the end of this article). 

Diana has said that each of her books has a shape. On Twitter, the White Sow recently asked what shape Bees is, and Diana said it’s shaped like a snake.

Karen Henry of Outlandish Observations did a nice piece on this subject, if you’d like to read more: Outlandish Observations, Bees Shaped Like a Snake.  

I did a quick Google search about what snakes and bees have in common, and I didn’t find anything, except, snakes occasionally eat bees. Interestingly, I found an article published by the city of Scottsdale (where Diana lives) about safety around snakes and bees. Outlander Effect? Hmmmm.


 Outlander won the People’s Choice Award for most binge worthy show, and the fearsome foursome did a cute little skit to announce the news and thank fans…

Speaking of awards, Caitriona, Sam, Richard and Sophie attended BAFTA Scotland on November 3, with Cait, Sam, and Richard presenting awards. Full coverage here: BAFTA Scotland 2019.

Sam also appeared at the 2019 Walpole British Luxury Awards on Monday (November 18) at The Dorchester in London. 

Photo: Sam H. Twitter. “Honoured to present the Best British Luxury Award to none other than the amazing Alfred Dunhill!! Terrific evening and congrats to the timeless and forward thinking Dunhill Style.” Sam was wearing a Dunhill suit, and was groomed by Cion Johnson-King for the event.

Dunhill is a British luxury goods brand based in London, specializing in custom and bespoke menswear, leather goods, and accessories. It also owns and operates a leather workshop.

(Thank you Olga!)

At the ceremony, Sam was seated with Lady Kitty Spencer, who looks pretty chuffed about it!

Photo: Just Jared (Source info below)

Photo: tfchamberlin, Instagram, Sam with Tom Chamberlin, Editor of The Rake magazine. The Rake has featured Sam in the past, producing this lovely shot, among others.

Photo: @therake, Instagram

Photo: Sam, Lady Kitty, and Tom C.

I’m not sure this is an award, but Sam was voted Sexiest Celebrity of 2019 by Just Jared readers. Congrats Sam, on your sexiness! ? 

Big News…

Caitriona’s new movie, Ford v Ferrari in the US, and Le Mans ’66 in the UK is out.

I went to see it with my husband and 13-year-old daughter on Saturday, and we all three really enjoyed it. It’s long – 2 and a half hours – but we were on the edge of our seats the whole time. I was so impressed with Caitriona. She held her own with the likes of Christian Bale and Matt Damon in a dramatic role – no easy task. I had this to say about it ?…

I should also mention the director,  James Mangold, who absolutely got every last thing out of each scene and every actor throughout the film.

Caitriona did not attend the premiere, due to her Outlander filming schedule (that’s my supposition), but check out Matt Damon and Christian Bale rolling up to the premiere – pretty fun.

Here are a couple of nice interviews with Caitriona about her experience on Ford v Ferrari, which has earned the Critics’ Choice Seal of Distinction.

The Balance Podcast


Photo: James Gill of the Balance Podcast and Caitriona

Sam’s new tartan scarf line – Sassenach Tartan – “to keep you warm until Sassenach whisky is ready” (pretty clever!) was just released, and sold out immediately. Stacy asked yesterday on Twitter when there will be more, and Sam’s response was: “The whole new collection will be out Fall 2020! We are amazed at how quickly it sold! Hope everyone likes them!! If you are interested, here is the link to Sassenach Tartan.

Steven Cree’s casting announcement was made in September about his work on The Discovery of Witches as Gallowglass…

which may be linked to the beard rumor circulating in August. I believe I later read that filming had been postponed, not cancelled, which I hope is the case, as I love Steven as Ian Sr.  For more about that: Postponed by The Beard.

Here are some a wee snippets for Discovery of Witches fans by Steven…

Kyle Rees (John Quincy Myers) officially took himself off the market last week ?, congratulations on your engagement Kyle and betrothed! 

and Maria Doyle Kennedy added a new kitty to her family – Goose!

That’s all the news for now, hope this finds you well and happy. xo Go here, for Sam’s Twitter Q&A Highlights, and here for Cait End of Season 5 Q&A Highlights. And remember, Sophie and Richard will be answering questions today, staring at 3:00PM EST (I hope! ?).

For all of the Season 5 updates, go to Reader Favorites, Season 5

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Bees Daily Lines… Source: Diana Gabaldon, Twitter.

#DailyLines #GoTELLTheBEESThatIAmGONE #Book9 #NOitsnotdoneyet #Gettingthere #YESIlltellyouwhenitsdone #WhatColorTowelsShallIBuy ?

As I leaned out with the shutter-hook in my hand, though, I saw a tall black figure hastening toward the front of the house, skirts and cloak flying in the wind.

“You and your little dog, too,” I murmured, and risked a glance at the forest, in case of flying monkeys. A blast of air rushed past me into the surgery, rattling glassware and flipping the pages of the Merck Manual that I had left open on the counter. Luckily I’d taken the precaution of removing the copyright page…

“What did you say?” Fanny had followed me and stood now in the surgery door, Bluebell yawning behind her.

“Mrs. Cunningham’s coming,” I said, leaving the shutters open and closing the window. “Go and let her in, will you? Put her in the parlor and tell her I’ll be right there; perhaps she’s come for the slippery elm powder I promised her.”

So far as Fanny was concerned, Mrs. Cunningham probably was the Wicked Witch of the West, and her manner in inviting the lady inside reflected as much. To my surprise, I heard Mrs. Cunningham declining to sit in the parlor, and in seconds, she was in the door of the surgery, windblown as a bat, and pale as a pat of fresh butter.

“I need…” But she was sagging toward the floor as she spoke, and fell into my arms before she managed a whispered “help.”

Fanny gasped, but grabbed Mrs. Cunningham round the waist, and together we bundled her onto my surgery table. She was clutching her black shawl tight with one hand, holding on like grim death. She’d been gripping it against the wind so hard that her fingers had locked, and it was a job to get the shawl loose.

“Bloody hell,” I said, but mildly, seeing what the trouble was. “How did you manage to do that? Fanny, get me the whisky.”

“Fell,” Mrs. Cunningham rasped, beginning to get her breath back. “Tripped over the scuttle, like a fool.” Her right shoulder was badly dislocated, the humerus humped and elbow drawn in against her ribs, the apparent deformity adding a lot to the witchy impression.

“Don’t worry,” I told her, looking for a way to ease her bodice off so I could reduce the dislocation without tearing the cloth. “I can fix it.”

“I wouldn’t have staggered two miles downhill through buggering brambles if I didn’t think you could,” she snapped, the warmth of the room beginning to revive her. I smiled, and taking the bottle from Fanny, uncorked it and handed it to Elspeth, who put it to her lips and took several slow, deep gulps, pausing to cough in between.

“Your husband…knows…his trade,” she said hoarsely, handing the bottle back to Fanny.

“Several of them,” I agreed. I’d got the bodice loose, but couldn’t free the strap of her stays and instead severed it with a Damocletian stroke of a scalpel. “Hold her tight round the chest, please Fanny.”

Elspeth Cunningham knew exactly what I was trying to do, and gritting her teeth, deliberately relaxed her muscles as far as she could—not all that far, under the circumstances, but every little bit helped. I supposed she must have seen it done on ships—that had to have been the source of her language she was using while I maneuvered the humerus into the right angle. Fanny snorted with amusement at “grass-combing sod of a buggering SOD!” as I rotated the arm and the head of the humerus popped back into place.

“It’s been a long time since I heard language like that,” Fanny said, her lips twitching.

“If you have to do with sailors, young woman, you acquire both their virtues and their vices.” Elspeth’s face was still white and shone like polished bone under a layer of sweat, but her voice was steady and her breath was coming back. “And where, might I ask, _did_ you hear language like that?”

Fanny glanced at me, but I nodded and she said simply, “I lived in a brothel for some time, ma’am.”

“Indeed.” Mrs. Cunningham drew her wrist out of my grasp and sat up, rather shaky, but bracing herself with her good hand on the table. “I suppose whores must also have both virtues and vices, then.”

“I don’t know about the virtues,” Fanny said dubiously. “Unless you count being able to milk a man in two minutes by the clock.”

I had taken a nip of the whisky myself, and choked on it.

“I think that would be classed as a skill, rather than a virtue,” Mrs. Cunningham told Fanny. “Though a valuable one, I daresay.”

“Well, we all have our strong points,” I said, wanting to put a stop to the conversation before Fanny said anything else. My relationship with Elspeth Cunningham had warmed after [X’s] death—but only to a certain degree. We respected each other, but could not quite be friends, owing to the mutual but unacknowledged realization that at some point, political reality might oblige my husband and her son to try to kill each other.

Source: Just Jared
Source: Scottsdale City

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