Sam Heughan End of Season 5 Twitter Q&A Highlights

OK, I know he’s talking Kyle Rees here, are there other actors from Wales for Season 5? ?

Sam’s new tartan scarf line – Sassenach Tartan – “to keep you warm until Sassenach whisky is ready” (pretty clever!) was just released, and sold out immediately. Stacy asked when there will be more, and Sam’s response is: “The whole new collection will be out Fall 2020! We are amazed at how quickly it sold! Hope everyone likes them!! If you are interested, here is the link to Sassenach Tartan.

I guess he means, not together together. ?

Along those lines, David Berry shared a cancellation notice (sorry to fans attending) that was pretty funny…

Oh, I think Sam just made Lucy’s day…

For Caitriona’s Q&A recap, I gotchya covered: Cait End of Season 5 Q&A Highlights.


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Love to all xo

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8 comments on “Sam Heughan End of Season 5 Twitter Q&A Highlights

  1. Hi Courtney,
    Do you know when they will start filming S6? They only had one or two months rest between S3 and 4. If I an asking it is because Sam said that he is starting a new role in December, playing a famous actor.

    Also I sent payment for the Patron on 11-11-19.

    • Hi Astrid, I got your payment, thank you! Caitriona said maybe May in her Q&A, not sure there is a date yet. That would be 6 months off. I hope they get more like 3 or 4 months off!

  2. Tons of fun reading Sam’s answers. I can hardly wait till Season 5 starts on February 16, and to see his 2 new movies.

  3. Well, I just love Sam.Cait says he has a big ❤️
    I believe that’s true I had a Question for Sam but it didn’t get answered. Did he say he would answer more Questions today?On Twitter. Do you know what time?thank you for sharing the Q and As

    • Thank you for your answers. You were helping the planet! HOW by answering the questions via Twitter and not by AIR MILES. Ask Diana to please, (if she can get away from her new grandchild to finish the next installment of ‘OUTLANDER’ Thank you
      TRUELY’ xx

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