Older J&C, Baby Bree, Young Adult Fergus, Old Leg Hair… Lots To See in Season 3

Artwork by Vera Adxer

This post contains major spoilers for non book readers, you’ve been warned!

I was poking around for any new casting announcements, wondering who’ll play all the characters we’re excited to see in S3: Duncan Innes, Hal, Father Fogdon, Lawrence Stern, Mina Alcott, Mamacita, Aloysius O’Shaughnessy Murphy, Margaret and Archie Campbell, not to mention Ping An and *Mirabel! Many interesting and challenging roles to play, and who wouldn’t want to join this fabulous show? Those wacky Campbells… Good God. Diana’s imagination was in full gear for this one. (Not that it ever isn’t).  Voyager is definitely one of my favorites. How about you?

I didn’t find any new casting info, but I did find something related to the character of Mamacita: her sangria recipe, which is available from Outlander Kitchen: Mamacita’s Sangria Recipe (in case you have any parties coming up).

As I searched, I became interested in looking at the lifespan of the characters and their children, over the (almost) 9 books of this story.

Once again, I was reminded not only of Diana’s genius: the mind that created this complex multitude of characters and their stories, but also the genius of casting director Suzanne Smith and her team. I don’t know how she does it, but she does. She manages to find great actors who are _so_ well suited for their roles AND are nice people too (very important). Suzanne, if you ever consider an alternate vocation, I think you’d be an ace at match making.

Let’s take a look, starting with Claire at 27

In Season 1, we saw Young Claire, played by Elizabeth Bowie. In this flashback,Young Claire (of maybe 12 or 13) is about to light a cigarette for her Uncle Lamb while on an archeological expedition.

Claire of 1968 is seen here saying her final (she thinks) goodbyes to her soldier, Jamie.


Jamie is 19 in this flashback to his first meeting with BJR… 

And here is a first glimpse of Older Jamie, recently released by Starz (a pretty great aging job by Outlander Makeup Dept, if you ask me).

Here is their child, Baby Bree, in this photo from Starz of a scene coming up in Season 3…

After this shot was released, some disgruntled fans insisted that Claire would never gaze lovingly at Frank after the birth of Jamie’s child. Art answered the call, and several fan artists created their own renditions of this scene. Here are two…

Vera Adxer…

and ArtistSassenach…

Here is Bree some years later, (we’ll call this one Little Bree), in Boston with Intervening Years ClaireLittle Bree is played by Niamh Elwell.

And of course, 1968 Bree is beautiful Sophie Skelton. We may see more Bree’s of different ages in S3…

Check this out… Here is Elizabeth Bowie (Young Claire) who even looks a bit like (future daughter) Bree (Sophie Skelton from another movie). Suzanne Smith is tho-rough!

Well, then I started thinking about Brianna’s brother, William, and what he might look like… half brother to Bree, and son of these two… (I purposely chose a photo of Jamie looking unhappy, sorry Geneva, we are Claire fans…)

OK this is a digression, but here are two possibles being discussed for the role of William (by fans). On the left is Jacob Collins-Levy from Australia who plays King Henry VII in Starz The White Princess. On the right is Alex Pettyfer, a 27-year-old English actor. What do you guys think?



Moving on… Then, of course, there’s Roger. Wee Roger was played by this edible little munchkin, Rory Burns.

In “screen time” he  grew into this fine, braw lad, 1968 Roger, Richard Rankin, who has those same big blue eyes (looking right uncomfortable here playing referee between Claire and 1968 Bree).

(I don’t think I’ll venture off into Jem and Mandy just yet…)


It wouldn’t be Outlander, and certainly not Voyager, without the Murray line. I’m reminded that we should be seeing older versions of Jenny and Ian also in Season 3.

We first see Young Jenny in Season 1, in Jamie’s flashback to their first meeting with horrible BJR. I think Jenny is about two years older than Jamie, so, maybe 21 here?

And then there’s Lady Jenny a few years later…

and Ian…

Their eldest was born while Jamie was away (as you know), Young Jamie…

We will be seeing Mature Young Jamie in Season 3, played by Scottish actor Conor McCarry; he does resemble baby brother…

Young Ian, John Bell… 

The apple doesn’t fall far from the family tree… as John Bell (Young Ian) is seen here pulling the same kilt twirling move as Uncle Jamie… er… Sam


Photo: Marcia M Mueller from ECCC2017 

In fact, The Scottish Sun ran a wee story, and Sam & John tweeted about it some days later…

We may well see grown up Baby Kitty as well as more Murrays in Season 3…


Then of course there’s Wee Fergus, played by adorable Romann Berrux, (who has already grown up so much since this photo)


Over the course of Season 3, Wee Fergus grows into dashing Young Adult Fergus, played by Cesar Domboy.

Here they are together… Again, nice job Suzanne ?

Hmmm, I’ll just throw this photo in here too…


We can’t forget Young Lord John Grey, played by Oscar Kennedy…

We see him grow up in Season 3 as well, into beautiful Adult LJG, played by Aussie actor, David Berry… 



Here’s our first glimpse of Young Geillis, back in Boston, 1968…

And 1743 Geillis some years later… (well, earlier, well…)

We will get to see Older Geillis in Season 3. In the books she has gained a lot of weight. I don’t think we’ll see that from our Lotte Verbeek, but I am interested to see the transformation. I am also interested to see how they handle the bit between Geillis and Young Ian ? ?

And then there’s this one, who we met at Castle Leoch when she was a wee 16-year-old. Unrequited love turned her into a regular 18th century Mean Girl, Young Leg Hair.

I’m kinda looking forward to Older Leg Hair, myself… ?  She’s not without redeeming qualities. I quite like the character of Marsali, her daughter, who will be played by Lauren Lyle… Another dead ringer on the casting, at least for looking alike.

And then of course, there will be the start of this line… Lauren and Cesar (Marsali and Fergus)… that wedding is one of my favorite parts in the book- hilarious. I still think Bill Shatner would make an excellent Father Fogdon. (and what are they doing in this picture anyway, taken recently in South Africa… looks like climbing gear?)

They will yield wonderful Germain, Joan, Félicité, and wee Henry Christian (if we get that far, and I hope we do!)

In Season 3 we may be seeing Older Ned Gowan, which would be lovely. We met, uh, Less Old Ned Gowan, of course, in Season 1, played by Bill Paterson. He’s such a great character. I don’t know what the punishment was for brandishing a weapon in court, though…. Maybe Ned took Geillis’ spot as the Fucking Barbecue? Hope not!

I presume we will see Baby Young Ian (who will probably look a lot like Baby Kitty). We may see a Younger Old Ian (OK these naming conventions are getting tenuous) with two legs in a flashback…? ?

We might see a Child Jamie Fraser, with a Child Willie Fraser (not to be confused with Finn’s Willie (ahem)).

And I would imagine we will definitely see a Baby William and a Young William.

And last but not least, of course, we’ll see Frank. Here is Young Frank, on his wedding day. Certainly the most animated we’ve seen him, I think. Poor guy, first the war and then Jamie. This marriage never had a chance.

 And here’s Older Claire and Older Frank in a shot released by Starz this past weekend. Frank looks a little older, but not much. I believe this is at Bree’s graduation. 

So, you see, the casting possibilities really are endless, as the lines blur between new actors, and makeup changes to the “old” ones. Between time travel and flashbacks, literally anything is possible with this series. I would imagine this is at once exciting and overwhelming for the writers and producers. Looking forward to seeing it all… 

Oh good golly, I forgot these guys. Look at those two giggling, this is probably the night _it_ happened ?. 

Aislín McGuckin, who plays Letitia MacKenzie with brother-in-law Dougal MacKenzie (Graham), in a BTS photo, Season 1.

We won’t see Hamish in Season 3, but he may well pop up later… that Dougal, helping to father the nations…

Wee Hamish, played by Roderick Gilkison.

*CORRECTION: Father Fogdon’s beloved sheep is Arabella, not Mirabel. I merged her real name with that of my favorite get away destination, Miraval ?. Thank you to Allison J for that catch! 

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63 comments on “Older J&C, Baby Bree, Young Adult Fergus, Old Leg Hair… Lots To See in Season 3

  1. Thank you, what a joy to view all this pictures and to read your recap!

    As I watched GoT, I got used to the idea of Finn Jones playing Jamies son…

  2. Imagine if this were really a vote… I’d definitely vote for Alex Pettyfer, for William… the likeness with Sam is striking!

    • While both actors mentioned would make great Williams, they will be too old by the time older William will need to be cast. I believe that adult William doesn’t appear until book 6, which would correspond to season 6. And, he’s 17 or 18 at that time. Given the current rate that the show is being filmed, that won’t happen until about 2020! And, he’s still in his early 20s by book 8. They will need a younger actor.

  3. That was one fantastic article….good research on your part. I’m only six weeks into this alternate universe and binge watch S1 and S2 on DVD. Wanting to know more about mainly Jamie character, and realized after reading 4 books and one novella that the author wrote a “Claire journey.” But screen version (Sam) was such a force to my emotion, I started down a path of resenting Claire. And the pounding punishments on Jamie never let up. Thought the books contained entirely too much minutia about Claire and her willingness to turn against Jamie in favor of Frank….too much for me. I was feeling an over-arching depressive-type mood. I will stick with the screen version, but might “deep six” the remaining books. At least I will get to enjoy looking at Sam. Regards, Carolyn Clark

    • Carolyn, read all the books. At the beginning Claire was missing Frank but remember that she did not go back when she had the chance as she really fell in love with Jamie. But she still respected the memory of her 20th century husband.

    • Hi Carolyn ?, I think this story is about Jamie seen through Claire’s eyes, for the author. When she was writing it, her drafts were called “Jamie 1, Jamie 2,” etc. And then their love relationship is a central character too IMO. Having said that, I think each person’s relationship to a work of art is personal and unique, so there are no wrong answers in how we relate to the material… x

  4. First, let me apologize for typos in my earlier comment. It’s too early to by trying to type without errors. Second, I failed to thank you for all of the beautiful pictures and renderings. Also wish to thank you for helping me pronounce “Leg Hair”…..now that was funny. Also, I want to give due and appreciation to the author…yes, she has the mind of a genius. As we all know, its easy to critique a vast body of work…than to actually product one….especially when creating fiction. I say, job well done. However….and this is a really big matzah ball….this story line smacked the face of the screen watchers because of Sam Heughan’s powerful “fleshing out” of Jamie. We just fell in love with Jamie and resented, what we see, as his relentless harsh treatment….even trying to crush his soul. I saw the story depicting Claire as the hero her….the only one who could save him with her actions. When I knew, in my heart, that it was Jamie’s strength and a love for his woman…one who took so long to even tell him she loved him. As they say in the computer world….sorry for the “core dump.” Again, Regards, Carolyn Clark

    • Haha, like the core dump! It’s no secret that Claire has been overweighted as the hero so far in my opinion in the show (more balnced in the books IMO). I can’t wait to see how they are portrayed in S3 though. This is a live piece of art and we get to watch all of the characters (on and off screen) evolve and grow through their art as we grow in the process (rubbing my hands together!!), how awesome!!

    • Yeah! Nice to see him not angry! I like Alex Pettyfer for Jamie’s son. Strong face structure like Jamie and ……. uh … how tall is he? Height means a lot 6’4 like Jamie? You guys have done a great job so far so ……… just go for it!!!!!

  5. Loved this! Great comparisons of the actor’s. This certainly reflects the brilliance of the casting choices they make. Everything about this series is so spot on!!!!! Thank you, for all your great insight into the series, thoroughly enjoy them.

  6. Lovely article!
    When I recap all these names and characters from the books, I feel Droughtlander even more intensely… And at the same time it helps to cope with it… Too many mixed feelings?

  7. Casting must not have been paying attention with Bree though… since young Bree had the correct blue eyes and her older self definitely does not.

    • I guess we’ll get used to, like we did with Claire’s eyes being blue instead of golden per the book. Once we bond with the character, seems it’s all good 🙂

      • I dunno… that was a major casting error (I think they said Sophie couldn’t tolerate the contacts) the eyes, the hair, the height… I just feel she’s totally wrong for the part.

        • I wasn’t crazy about her either in S2. But then again the character is a bit obnoxious. Looking forward to more of her in S3 to see if that changes.

    • Did the little one have blue eyes? I know it took a while to cast Sophie so maybe they’d already shot the Little Bree scenes? Hmmm have to get a closer look at those eyes…

  8. Ugh must we give validation to the fans that can’t handle Frank being in the story and then post their wishful thinking with “Jamie-in-for-Frank” creations? He’s part of her story whether they like it or not. Yes the casting possibilities are endless but you can’t “cast” Frank out of the story.

    • Hi Jordyn! This story would suck without Frank IMO, he’s a critical part of it. I find the creative work that “spins off” from Outlander fascinating, (in fact, my blog is that) which is why I featured it. Anything can happen in art. The story remains the story though…

  9. Although I read the books before the show started and had my issues (at first) with some of the casting, after watching the shows and seeing how Caitriona and Sam embodied the characters, the eye colors, etc. didn’t bother me so much anymore. They have the soul of the characters and that’s what counts. When I first read the books I thought “Well, they were good and I’m looking forward to the last books in the series.” Now, I’m so caught up in the leads that they’ve become almost part of my family! Even Frank, who I thought was a “throwaway” during my first reading, has shown that he is a vital part of Claire’s – and yes, Jamie’s – stories. If it wasn’t for him Claire wouldn’t have gone to Craig na Dun and wouldn’t have had a “soft place to land” when Culloden happened. He isn’t my favorite, but I feel sad for him now.
    This show is my favorite now due to its richness of character, costuming, location and attention to detail, not to mention the exquisite casting. I’m ready for S3 but am willing to wait for as long as it takes to be up to the quality of the books and seasons 1 and 2.

  10. Fabulous recap. Please run it again with all the addition characters in September just before the Season Premier. It will be a great “Playbill” for the show.

  11. Definitely Alex Pettyfer for William. Thanks for all your fun updates and for making Droughtlander easier to get through

  12. Alex Pettyfer and Jacob Collins-Levy are too old. William at the end of book 8 is barely 19 or 20 years old. And before that they need one who will play him at the age of 5 or 6 when Jamie leaves him, then around 12 when Claire meets him for the first time (remember the privy incident between him and young Ian? This was hilarious) Hope it will be shown. John Grey and Jamie were laughing so hard.

  13. Love the two guys you picked for William! Either would do great, I bet… but wouldn’t he need to be younger?

    This was such a great article! I’m so excited for Voyager! The OL team is truly brilliant and I know it’s going to be a kick ass season!

    • Unless they play with the timing of when teenage William shows up, you’re right. Although, I will say that 34 year old Sam played 19 year old Jamie once upon a time ?

  14. All in all, an interesting read. However. The character’s name is Laoghaire. Laoghaire. Not “Leg Hair”. Not “Logwhore”. Laoghaire. It us a beautiful name for a not-so-beautiful character. I know we are not supposed to like her (and I certainly do not, but do feel some pity for her as we learn more of her story), but we don’t need to succumb to our high school mean girl selves and resort to immature name calling…

  15. Thank you Courtney for your recap of the characters then and before then(?). As you say the casting is superb. My 2 cents regarding William is that while Alex has the sculpted angles of Sam/Jamie I think Jacob is a better combination of Geneva and Jamie while still favoring Jamie’s feautures.

  16. Someone gave me Voyagerin 2001, so it was my introduction to this marvelous series. I think it is my favorite. I’ve read each book at least 4 times, and of course binge watched and rewatched the show! Thank you for this fantastic look at our favorite characters, new and old.
    While it has been difficult at times to reconcile my idea of characters with the filmed versions, STARZ and their amazing casting has done the near impossible. I still have my picture in my head, but can blend them while watching! Love them all so much, and cannot thank Herself enough for creating this Outlander world!

  17. I do love your suggestion of Jacob Collins Levy playing William. Love his acting in the White Princess and he has more than a touch of Jamie in him.

  18. It all looks wonderful. This whole show is wonderful. I just don’t
    want Clair & and Jamie getting old to fast. I love these two
    characters so so much. I know life goes on, BUT not without
    Claire & Jamie & The Outlander.

  19. Our young “heroes” are really well casted and I enjoyed your article! It helps us to be patient for the 4 or 5 coming months. And the replies and reactions are great. Seen from the left or the right, examined according to the eyes or the age! And the winner will be???? Thank you all!

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  21. Alex Pettyfer is big man like Jamie ( one of the great characteristic Jamie has) really appealing for a fan…. and also is a manly guys…same Jamie.

    but Jacob Collins-Levy act so well, I become in love with him in the White princess. I like both if a difficult call.

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