David Berry Gives Lord John Grey Closure for Season 4

Photo: Starz, Lord John Grey and Brianna, Ep 412

In Season 4, we had powerful Episode 412, with the Roger angst story in the Mohawk village, including the phenomenal Adagio for Strings ending. In parallel, Bree waits for Roger on pins and needles back at River Run, confronts Bonnet, and hangs out with her betrothed, Lord John. And then, in the finale, Episode 413, Lord John Grey is (poof!) gone.

In Episode 413, over dinner, Jocasta says to salty Murtagh, who is horrified that Bree is engaged to a rrrrrredcoat, “He was called back to Lynchburg on business, but we expect him to return soon.” And that’s the last we hear of Lord John Grey in Season 4.

Between Seasons 3 and 4, David Berry wrote a letter to Jamie (Sam) as Lord John Grey. He said this is part of his process, and that he does this to help build the backstory. David’s supposition was that Lord John and Jamie keep in contact (we know they do in the books) not only because of their friendship, but because of Willie. Lord John Grey has apparently written letters to other members of the cast as well.

EW just released a letter that David wrote to Brianna (Sophie), as Lord John, after Season 4. David said, “I wrote to just sort of give myself that closure. You’ll never see it on screen. I like to do that. I like to fill in the blanks.” 

I must say I admire this create your own closure technique used by David Berry; I think we could all benefit from this type of owning our own closure when it’s not written into the script of life, so to speak. Here is his letter…

Dearest Brianna,

By now you will have arrived at River Run, safe after our ordeal in Wilmington, and I am long, long departed on my journey back to Lynchburg, back to see Willie, home to my sometimes quiet and often humdrum life on the plantation, until perhaps the next time I am called upon to aid your father. And once again, I am hurled head first into a world of excitement and adventure.

While I know you hold feelings of trepidation towards your future, I also know you are equipped with the character of such strength and virtue that you will meet these challenges and rise above them. In spite of my absence, I promise you will find the peace for which your heart yearns. Remember to never let yourself succumb to thoughts of despair. I shall continue to avow the fiction of our engagement until such time as true custodian of your affections and father of your child to be is returned to you. I am certain he will. You need not share this certitude, but above all else, hold onto hope.

It is my fervent wish that at the resolution of this ordeal, you will find the grace to forgive your father. Do not punish him for his mistakes, but honor them and pledge to never repeat them with your own child. Until that time arise and forever after, I am your humble and loyal friend.

May you never feel alone, John

(We book readers know this should actually be signed “Your most humble and obedient servant, John Grey,” however, we can overlook that this once, right? ?)

Pretty cool. David apparently did not use a quill and parchment for this missive, opting for the expediency of the asynchronous communication service known more commonly to us all as, email. 

Full article here: EW: Outlander: How David Berry found ‘closure’ with Sophie Skelton at the end of season 4.

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7 comments on “David Berry Gives Lord John Grey Closure for Season 4

  1. This is so sweet. I hope that they will be able to find a way to use his letter in S5. Maybe done as a voice over. (I have a HUGE soft spot for LJG, and David is doing a wonderful job IMO).

  2. Awww! That was very nice! I’m so glad you shared it. It certainly gives me some closure to Season 4, too!

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