8 comments on “Sam Talks Episode 211 and Character Development of Jamie

  1. Wonderful interview. We have watched you ” grow the character” and appreciate so much the care and love with which you have molded the character of Jamie. We do love him even more because of you

  2. This is a great piece! Sam you are making Jamie the man we all know from the books. A leader of men and fiercely loyal to his wife and kin. Bravo! And Diana has written a beautiful script for this episode. This show never disappoints. Thank you all for your continued excellence.

  3. Sam, it is so obvious how passionate you are to do it right for Diana, your character, your cast mates, and for Scotland. I know you are Jamie in every way possible for this series and I appreciate your hard work and talent. It is wonderful to watch!

  4. Sam has brought every little detail of this wonderful character to life…it has been absolutely amazing to have one of my favorite books by an amazing writer brought to.life! Funny how it has made the rereading of the books go faster than the first and second times round…lol

  5. thank you for taking us through your journey – it’s as exciting as the books were to watch the complexity of the character. You do a magnificent job of embodying Jamie in the series. it must be incredibly fun and challenging to take Jamie through the books – what fun for an actor to stretch from Scotland to France to the US through decades…so much to explore with just one character…

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