Duncan Lacroix On The Inner Workings of Murtagh, S3, and Heading to LA – Lovely Candid Interview with Scotland’s Daily Record

Excerpt from Daily Record:

Duncan Lacroix on Murtagh…

“I’m not sure many people really knew who he was for the bulk of season one until the Search episode when my character and Claire tried to find Jamie, then you got more of his back story,” says Duncan.

“Then, in season two, he was the only Highlander who accompanies the main characters to France, which was lucky for me.”

“Murtagh is capable of extreme violence and tenderness at the same time with that sense of humour running through him,” adds Duncan.

But his unrequited love for Ellen (Jamie’s mother) was one of the integral elements of the show and one that Duncan latched onto.

“That idea where you have one love and stay true to that one love, was very revealing to me.”

“We’ve all had one person that you can’t get over for a long time, that haunts future relationships.”

“Murtagh is also the most open of the Highlanders. He accepts Claire through her actions rather than judging her as a ‘Sassenach’ or a woman.”

The transformation of the irascible Highland warrior, from the pages of Diana Gabaldon’s books to the small screen, has been Duncan’s big career break.

Originally from South London, and with an accent to match – yes, we were shocked at this revelation too – Duncan had a succession of office jobs after studying drama.

Fearing his “dream was starting to fade away” aged 30 he upped stakes and moved to Ireland. “There was a nice artistic community and I was able to properly learn my trade doing play after play after play.”

Acting is an addiction, he says: “It’s a habit, something you can’t do without. There have been times – and very long periods of time – when I’ve had no money and have been in desperate situations but I just can’t let it go.”

“Especially when you really pull it off and in theatre you get an immediate gratification from the atmosphere in the room.”

In September, Duncan will join cast members including Grant O’Rourke, Graham McTavish and Stephen Walters for ScotCon, the first fan convention in Scotland.

Duncan is looking forward to connecting with Outlander’s famous fan base.

“We’ve had the most amazing fans from day one and I love these conventions and the chance to get their feedback.”

But do they ever confuse Duncan with his character?

“As soon as I open my mouth they are disabused from that,” he laughs.

In Outlander he has a soft Scottish Highland brogue, which makes his real South London accent even more incongruous.

“The accent worried me,” he admits. “Luckily we had an amazing voice coach in Carol Ann Crawford who really broke the Highland accent down.”

“But there are still times when I look back on certain early scenes and wince.”

“Outlander has afforded me great lifestyle changes. I was just quietly working away in theatre for 13 years before this big break happened,” he says.

Now based in Glasgow during almost 10 months of filming every year, Duncan enjoys a life of relative anonymity, as without his famous beard few people recognise him.

But he’s looking forward to joining his band of merry men on set again.

Before the filming of season three starts again in a few weeks, Duncan will join Sam Heughan and Catriona Balfe for a two-week bootcamp where they’ll reconnect over dinner and literally ease themselves back into the saddle again.

Fans of the books will be aware Murtagh dies during the Battle of Culloden and there is much speculation whether producers will deviate from the original story to retain this popular character.

“The dynamic is very interesting between Jamie and Murtagh, especially around Culloden,” he says.

Catching himself from revealing too much, he laughs, adding: “I’m still to fully find out myself but even if I knew I wouldn’t give the game away.”

But tellingly, Duncan, at the age of 46, is going to strike while the iron is hot

And dip his toe into the water in Los Angeles.

It’s a daunting and bold move for the actor, who wishes he had a real life Murtagh of his own for support.

“I’ve never had someone like that,” he says. “He’d be a good character to have in your pocket during tricky situations. The fans are right – It would great if you could Always Take A Murtagh.”

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21 comments on “Duncan Lacroix On The Inner Workings of Murtagh, S3, and Heading to LA – Lovely Candid Interview with Scotland’s Daily Record

  1. What a great time to go to America and hope it all comes together for you l have loved you in Outlander and it would be great to have you back in season 3

  2. Murtagh is a strong character that needs to be integrated somehow into S3 & beyond, even if it means variations from the books!

    • I am torn about this. Don’t want to see him go, but want to stay true to DG’s story. hmmmm

      Thanks for your comment Lynda!

      • The writers have deviated and changed some things from the books,so I see no reason why they can’t leave Murtagh ALIVE in S3! He’s such an important character to Jamie,they’re joined at the hip,and he’s the “father figure” for him,the sounding board,the calming one,so I don’t think DG would mind,plus,it would delight the fans who love MURTAGH!??❤

  3. A great interview with Duncan – I’m sure those years of hardship are what enabled him to bring the integral truth of Murtagh’s character to life in such a sincere way. Best of luck Duncan in LA – now that’s being brave!!

    • I agree Jayne. Duncan has created an amazing character in Murtagh. I have passed your comment along via Twitter. Thanks for stopping by! –Courtney

  4. Good morning from South Africa. I believe there will be some scenes filmed in SA. Would u be able to put me onto someone where I can find out Exactly where and when this is happening and when the cast will be landing in Cape Town? I am a great fan and am dying to see them. Especially ‘Jamie and Claire’. Regards Maralyn

    • Maralyn! A hearty welcome to you. I run a fan site, so I’m not with the production. But, I can tell you that I believe they’ll be using Cape Town as their base. I know Sam and Cait are committed here in the states at least through March 4th, and they will possibly head over after that. Production (Matt and Gary’s teams) are there now prepping locations. If I find out more, I will let you know. Thanks for visiting 🙂

  5. You are an incredible actor Duncan and I love Murtagh. I have not read the books and I know that many want to keep the series close to the books, but I hope the character stays for a long time! I love the loyalty to Jamie, and the humor that you throw into Murtagh. Good luck in all your future work and I will be looking for you in more shows and movies!

  6. I love Murtagh too. My favorite character in OL. Oh! Of course I do love Jamie & Claire, but I feel a real connection with Murtagh. He is the one who brings Claire to the Highlanders and who says she is not a whore. He is always present to protect his Godson and later, after the “Search” he is devoted to Claire too. She is Jamie’s wife and Lady Broch Tuarach. Even, if sometimes he is upset by her manners, ideas, decisions, he likes her. Maybe… because she loves Jamie and is the woman Jamie loves.
    Murtagh is someone who inspires confidence, who is true, faithful, honest, straight through. Maybe he should be in S3, but do not forget his age And Culloden… Difficult to imagine.

  7. I hope they deviate from the book and keep Murtagh, we have grown to love him! Still wish him the best in future projects and look forward to seeing him in future movies or shows.

  8. I enjoy watching how Murtagh loves Claire like a daughter, just as much as he loves Jaime as a son. It would be wonderful to have him “live on” in the series as he is very much adored by the fans.

  9. Murtagh is Kipling’s Thousandth Man. Such a great character played perfectly by Duncan. Wishing him much continued success and hoping we do get to keep Murtagh beyond S3. Great interview!

  10. An actor, like any artist, needs to follow their craft and find the way to explore ways of communicating the written word to an audience. Duncan Lacroix appears to be that dedicated actor, a craftsman, and I wish him the very best in his future career. It’s probably a good thing his normal accent and appearance are so different from the character of Murtagh! A little anonymity is a good thing. Perhaps Mr. LaCroix could be considered for a different role as the story of Claire and Jaime continues. There are nine books in total, so far… 🙂 Many other accents and character studies to explore! As much as fans enjoyed the character of Murtagh, the way the character is plotted has much to do with Jaime’s future development and growth. I’m sure we’ll see more of Murtagh, if only in flashback, as Jaime progresses through his next adventures. Thank you Mr. Lacroix for bringing such a beloved character to life.

  11. Please keep Murtagh on the and. The books he such strong character in the show in in the book.plus i love him lol

  12. I have mad respect for MURTAGH. I adore his character. Well done, Duncan. May Los Angeles bring you many great adventures. It just so happens that I live in California. Northern California to be a exact. I visit L.A a few times a year for Outlander SoCal events and My license plate is personalized.. MURTAGH. So I Always Take A Murtagh Cheers!

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