Season 6 Gearing Up Now – John Bell Preps for Mohawk Ian

We’ve been hearing about Season 6 filming starting in January, which seems to be, by all appearances, on track to happen. Sam has mentioned in several interviews that there’ve been scripts received and costume fittings. It will certainly be a whole new world – filming with covid-19 restrictions. 

What will be included in Season 6? And what will be excluded? One thing seems sure from this little tidbit John Bell posted today on Instagram- we will be seeing some of Ian’s backstory with the Mohawk! He writes… 

“Me on my way to make @outlander_starz season 6 🐎 @centrohipico_losciruelos
John Bell lives in Barcelona, Spain, and he appears to be training near Madrid with this outfit for for his Season 6 equestrian bits. ****Correction – John Bell was living in Barcelona, but now lives in Madrid. (Thanks Anita, Sam, Laura and Claudi!)
I’m so excited!!! More to come…

Source: John Bell Instagram

Just released: Outlander Wins BAFTA Scotland Audience Award.

More OutlanderBTS coming at you in the months ahead. Much to look forward to! ‘Til then, catch up on our Seasons 4 and 5 Episode Discussions, see if you’ve missed one of my Interviews, or an excellent Outside Interview, and visit Reader Favorites.

Sending love. xo

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One comment on “Season 6 Gearing Up Now – John Bell Preps for Mohawk Ian

  1. Awesome. Thanks for sharing the video above. Loved it. Great horsemanship there John Bell. Looking forward to seeing you again in Outlander – can hardly wait till Season 6 starts. May your Christmas be a wonderful one and the New Year be good to you every day.

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