OutlanderBTS Fave Photo Tues: Cait + Tim Downie, S4 Cast & More What’s NEW

Photo: Caitriona Balfe at Emerald City Comic Con, March 2017

This is not the perfect picture, but it’s such a good one. Not perfect, because just as I snapped it, ECCC 2017 Outlander panel host Clare Kramer (of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, who also played Courtney (?) in Bring It On), lifted her hand into the shot. But, some of the most beautiful things (and people) in life are certainly not perfect, and there’s so much I love about this photo. This was Caitriona’s first fan convention, and I think she was pleasantly surprised by the intelligent fan questions and just how much fun she had. She’s looking into the camera, and we see her playful, joyful, intelligent beauty shine right through. 

There’s lots going on, even though it’s Droughtlander. The cast and crew are still filming away in Scotland…

and Sam and Caitriona both just announced new movie roles, which they’ll shoot during the 7 month hiatus from Outlander, starting in July.

And Cait…

Denver Comic Con is coming up on June 15-17 weekend, and I will be co-hosting a fan panel with Desirre of A Dram of Outlander and Karen of Outlander Medicine on Friday, June 15 at 6:00PM, room 404. We have loads of fun planned for the panel and for the party afterward. I will be screening a not-yet-released cast interview at the after party (woo hoo!). If you can make it, please join our Facebook page and get all the details: Outlander Fans at DCC

Graham McTavish and Lotte Verbeek will both be at DCC all weekend, and are available for autographs, photo ops, and will be doing panels. For tickets: Denver Comic Con Tickets.


New Cast members were announced in the last week, including lovable Tim Downie, whom I personally had in mind for Denzel Hunter, but casting forgot to consult me (ahem). 

Tim is playing the character of Governor Tryon… here is a photo from location…

Photo: Just Jared

Tim is a long time friend of Sam’s. In 2010 -2011 they did a series of Tennents Lager commercials together. 


Sam played Hugh Tennent and Tim played Hugh’s trusted sidekick Barnes…


Tim met Diana and early Outlander book fans anticipating the show on Twitter soon after Sam was cast (in July, 2013)…

Sam nominated Tim to succeed him as Hottie of the Week, an honor bestowed upon him by his (then) new fan group: the Heughligans:

We have all enjoyed a bit of banter with Tim over the years (this was the tweet that hooked me on his brilliant sense of self deprecating humor!!!)

After the announcement was made last week, Sam and Cait both welcomed Tim on Twitter (of course, they’ve already filmed all of their scenes together, but are required to wait for an entertainment news outlet or Starz to announce casting). 

Sam replied with this photo, saying “Spoiler…” (insinuating that this shot is from the Season 4 set of Outlander ? ).

Here’s another fun exchange between Sam and Tim, from 2015, when Sam was filming When The Starlight Ends.


To see my interview with Tim Downie, go to: Tim Downie on Playing Governor Tryon

Here’s Sam in a brief interview with leading lady from that movie, from Feb 2015, before the second half of Season 1 premiered, in April.

Casting was also announced for the following characters last week:

Lizzie Wemyss, played by Cait O’Ryan – I wonder if Cait has ever had twin fantasies? ? ? (get ready for some AD-ven-tuuuures Cait!!)

Phaedre, played by Natalie Simpson…

Gerald Forbes, played by Billy Boyd…

and Gayle Bosworthy– (Brianna’s best friend in college, and a great admirer of Roger in a kilt! ?), played by Simona Brown.


Emmy news – Starz is campaigning for the following 2018 Emmy categories for Outlander (via Gold Derby), based on work done by our talented cast for Season 3:

Drama Series
Drama Actress – Caitriona Balfe
Drama Actor – Sam Heughan
Drama Supporting Actress – Sophie Skelton
Drama Supporting Actor – David Berry, Tobias Menzies, Richard Rankin
Drama Guest Actress – Lotte Verbeek
Drama Guest Actor – Duncan Lacroix

Best wishes to everyone, I believe the winners will be announced on September 17th, 2018.

Diana and Graham were just at Phoenix Comic Con this past weekend…

Outlander fan William Shatner was also at Phoenix Comic Con, and Diana and her husband, Doug joined him for dinner one night.

Sam completed the Edinburgh marathon, his second this month, with a personal best of 3:12! 

Jon Gary Steele gave us a sneak peek at some set decoration pieces from Season 4…

Irish lasses Maria Doyle Kennedy, Caitriona Balfe, and Laura Donnelly, all express their support, and appreciation for the recent vote to repeal the 8th Amendment in Ireland.

The uber talented Gillebride MacMillan is putting the final touches on a new album which features  soulful Àdhamh ÓBroin on backup vocals for 3 tracks. We anxiously await its release!

Outlander fan Beth @sqrlb8 completed this cross stitched masterpiece which she’s raffling off to raise money for World Child Cancer. 


Here is more info…

For My Peak Challenge (and specifically Valbo) fans, there is also this charity raffle going on to raise money for Bloodwise by Micaela Walker…


And if you’ll be in Glasgow on June 2nd, Ross Owen is MC’ing a celebrity soccer match, including Outlander’s Scott Kyle, to raise money for St Andrew’s Hospice…

Douglas Henshall just let us know that Shetland is coming back for a 5th season, 

which Stephen Walters fans will be STOKED about. I hear he killed it in Season 4.

(C) ITV Studios – Photographer: Mark Mainz


Grant O’Rourke is working on a new piece of theater which you can see if you plan to be at Edinburgh Fringe this year…

and Nell Hudson gives an update about Season 3 of Victoria…

That’s a wrap! I hope this finds you well. Thank you to all my Patrons and readers. To find out more about becoming a Patron CLICK HERE.

Source: The Drum

Source: EW

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  1. Wow! Thanks Courtney, I can always count on you to keep me updated on all things Outlander! I certainly look forward to your posts,since there’s always something I’ve missed. #appreciative

  2. Thank you Courtney for all the news. Now there is something I need to say. First, I am very happy that both Catriona and Sam are getting other parts outside of Outlander. It gives them a chance to show their versatility which will help further their career . I am also looking forward to Sam’s new comedy ‘The spy who dumped me’. It looks like fun and I will certainly see it. However when I heard that he was going to be in a Superhero movie with Vin Diesel, I was extremely disappointed. Vin Diesel, my god, he is no actor, just a pile of muscles. I thought he was a has been. These superhero movies are all one and the same. I am afraid Sam heard the Hollywood mermaids sing and he fell for it…

    • Diane, my 2 cents – and I may be off base, because I don’t really know Sam, but he seems to be wired a lot like my husband, and in that case there would be a very practical side to him, that says “milk that cow while she’s flowing!” Sam may get type cast here for a while, but I think he’ll return to the deeper stuff as he ages. Just my guess. And, I think he would think a super hero film is fun and physically challenging – so it’s a good fit for now. He’ll age like a fine wine, as will his career, is my prediction. x

  3. Sam did say that he would like to play a super hero once just like he did as Batman on stage. But I really hope he will also get serious role which would give him an oscar or Golden Globe or an Emmy. I also read that he will have the lead role in his new movie. Is that true?
    Anyway thank you for all your news Courtney. I am always looking forward to read them.

  4. Thanks for a great post! I thoroughly enjoyed it with my lunch! All kinds of updates with all kinds of folk!

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