OutlanderBTS Favorite Photo Tuesday + New Sam Interview + Season 5 Scoop

Photo: Sam Heughan, Season 2 Premiere week, April 2016, NYC, @ Saks 5th Avenue

The news keeps rolling in!

At the BAFTA’s (full coverage here), in an interview with Digital Spy, Caitriona said there would be a long, 7 month hiatus between Seasons 4 and 5. Personally, I think this is fantastic news. As I’ve said, this is a marathon (lucky for us), not a sprint. These guys, as well as the hard working crew, need to pace themselves, and have time for real life priorities besides work. And, maybe the chance to pursue other roles and projects?

So what does this mean, exactly? If filming finishes in the end of June, and there are 7 months off, they would resume filming in February of 2019. If Season 4 premieres in November, as it will, and there are breaks for US holidays (as there usually are), we will still be watching Season 4 episodes well into February, when filming of the new Season 5 starts. Not too dissimilar to our experience with Seasons 3 and 4, actually. Season 3 premiered in September, and the team began filming Season 4 in October, 2017.

We’ve been told that Seasons 5 and 6 will each be 12 episodes long, which means, according to my calculations ?, that filming and post production will take around 8 months, which means a possible release date of October/ November, 2019, or roughly a year from the Season 4 premiere. So, I don’t think it will be all that painful, folks. Our beloved team will get some much needed restorative time; as I’ve said before, creativity demands respite in order to continue! 

While in London for the BAFTA’s, Sam appeared on This Morning, with Phillip and Holly (otherwise known as Ms. Willoughby (ahem), watch out Margaret Campbell! ?) 

Holly is a big fan of the show, and awfully adorable!

Source: Digital Spy

4 comments on “OutlanderBTS Favorite Photo Tuesday + New Sam Interview + Season 5 Scoop

  1. I love Sam’s smile – and his jacket and his accent. He just seems to shine like a ray of sunshine! I loved the interview – listened to it twice in order to get around the accents – but that’s the beauty of it. Sam is very genuine and sincere – it is always a pleasure to listen to any interview he gives.

  2. I agree these wonderful actors need to pace themselves. We want the Absolute best performances not quickly done with regrets. Kudos to SC getting more time to live some private life. Altho with all the cons they are doing……..

  3. Totally agree with your comments regarding the hiatus. I personally want the cast and crew to bring their “A game” and the constant gruelling workload required to make this amazing show needs the highest level of commitment and performance. Of course, all of us crave more and more to satisfy our Outlander addiction. But oh……… the anticipation is so exciting too. Having read (and re-read multiple times!) the marvellous books, it’s one of the many ways to fill the months of Droughtlander. I am happy to wait for as long as it takes, you can’t rush perfection.
    Sams interview was fabulous. I loved Holly girl-fanning and also Phillip’s (OMG WTH is she going on about?) reaction. He was just as “deer in the headlights” as he was when she interviewed Caitriona a while ago. Too funny.

  4. Fortunately I saw a posting of the show. I think Sam was really good. He does know how to work an audience, if you look at the stills. He’s just cute and he almost comes off a little shy. I thought they asked some good questions. As far as, the next two seasons, how?? Just twelve episodes to cover the next two HUGE books. Especially “Echo In the Bone”. There must be something wrong with me, because I want each season to be like the very first season. i want the writers to tell Diana’s story not theirs. I really am not a negative person. I am a passionate about these books, which, I must say surprises me. I didn’t think I was passionate about anything! Well there it is. Thanks for reading. Have a good night/day/week.

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