Cait and Sam Present at the BAFTA’S – Highlights

Happy Mothers’ Day to all!! 

The 2018 BAFTA TV Awards were today at the Royal Festival Hall in London, and Sam and Caitriona were on hand to walk the red carpet and present an award for the Specialist Factual Award (which seems to be documentary). 

Earlier today we heard from Sam’s doppelgänger, Bad Boy Cree, who apparently got this mask from one Samantha Kraupner at Sasnak City last month…

Sam replied…

It looks like they were dates in fact.

Here’s a video of Sam arriving with Steven Cree, and greeting a newly arrived Caitriona and her fiancé Tony.

A nice exchange between Caitriona’s on and off screen loves…

On the red carpet…Stunning Caitriona wearing Delpozo

Beautiful Sam

And here they are coming out to present their award…



And, the envelope please…

Photos Credit: Thank you – visit to see the rest of their great coverage of this event. 

Here’s a sweet video- photo collage of Sam and Cait’s award presentation, put together by Outlander Headquarters…

The pair presented the Specialist Factual award to David Shulman and Janet Lee for BBC Two’s documentary Basquiat – Rage to Riches. It beat stiff competition from Sir David Attenborough’s Blue Planet II – which went on to win the Must See Moment prize. Source: Digital Spy.

Here’s that must see moment ?…


Cait thanks Audi for getting her there and back to her hotel safely…

And it looks like the party continued for Sam… 

Pictured here with Scottish actor Martin Compston and matching shoes.


Will these guys be back at work tomorrow?? Knowing them, they just might be. 

For a Sam and Cait red carpet interview GO HERE.

15 comments on “Cait and Sam Present at the BAFTA’S – Highlights

  1. I’ll probably get attacked for this comment, but, really, someone should tell Sam to stop ad-libbing at these kinds of award ceremonies. He’s such a good, kind, generous person, and his doing this makes him appear to be trying too hard to be entertaining. I think he really doesn’t need to do that.

  2. I think they both did fine. If the folks at The BAFTAS want remarks scripted, they should provide them. It looked like they wanted it to be brief, and they were brief.

    • I’m sure those remarks were scripted. Sam did fine, but whoever wrote them could have been a bit more clever. I can imagine what Sam thought when he saw what they asked him to say.

  3. Nice to see Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe in a festive setting. They look relaxed and happy. Beautiful couple. And, 3 more seasons, 4, 5 and 6 to look forward to as well. Life is grand!

  4. Courtney, thanks so much for all your BTS posts. Brilliant to see Sam and Caitriona getting some exposure here in England at BAFTA. (As you know only the first series has been shown on terrestrial TV here. UK TV audiences are lagging behind what we,amazon prime folk, already know, that the show is FANTASTIC! Really lovely to have an opportunity to see interaction between Sam and Tony too. All good stuff. Waiting for Series 4 is going to be hard.

    • You’re welcome Mandy! It is nice for them! Plus the BAFTA’s are such a nice change from the Hollywood awards (in my opinion). Everyone is less full of themselves! It was a pleasure to cover xo

      • You are absolutely right Courtney. The Hollywood actors have a big ego. This is probably why more English, Scots, Australian actors are hired instead of all the pompous American actors.

      • As a US citizen, I will not watch the Hollywood crap that they produce, nor their awards ceremonies. The exception: Belfast.The BRITs do it with so much class and integrity.

  5. It was great to see Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe together on a such a beautiful and eventful occasion! All smiles and genuine – that’s their secret – being genuine. Caitriona was absolutely stunning and Sam heart pounding handsome (as usual)! Good to see them enjoying the event. Can hardly wait till Season 4 starts in November. Thank you Sam and Caitriona for giving us Jamie and Claire and Outlander.

  6. Cait’s hair and makeup looked avante garde like…her dress was for me another bust. I saw a mishmash of feathers and puke with a piece of old velvet ribbon tied on the top. Yes she can wear anything and look fabulous…..but that does not mean you wear just anything. Sam as always looked picture perfect. Classy stylish and radiated sex appeal. Good thing my opinions dont matter. but we do have a right to them.

  7. At first look I thought her dress reminded me of a carpet torn up. After seeing it from head to toe it does really work. I still don’t like the moldy looking maroonish pieces, but her figure even makes those look stunning. The cut is fabulous on her.

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