Halloooo the House! Premiere Week Updates, Caitriona at Oscars Tonight!

Photo: Caitriona Balfe at the 2020 Academy Awards, FarFarAwaySite.

Hi there, I’ve missed you!

If you’ve enjoyed Outlander Behind The Scenes for a while, you’ll know that I get quiet just before a season airs. Lots of photos and tidbits flood the scene at this time, as the production gears up for the premiere, IN ONE WEEK!!!! How exciting!!! As a fan, I like to keep myself in suspense, and see everything all at once, when it airs.

Sam and Caitriona have been making the press rounds like crazy, for Outlander, and their various other endeavors, which will continue this week. 

Things kick off on Tuesday, Feb 11, with a live Facebook Q&A with Sam, Cait, Richard, and Sophie at 12:30 Pacific/ 3:30 Eastern.

Here is the link to that Q&A: Sam, Cait, Richard Sophie Facebook Q&A.

Later that day, Sam and Cait will appear on Build Series in NYC at 2:00PM. That evening, Y92 will show Ep 501 and host Sam, Caitriona, Diana and Maril for a panel following the episode. Sounds great. To those going, have a great time, and enjoy Episode 501! 

The full schedule for the week is here: 

Photo credit – floating around on Twitter.

They head to  LA for the Feb 13th Starz event at the Hollywood Palladium – screening at 7:00PM with Q&A after.  

The BTS Lasses and I will be back for our Episode Discussions this season, starting with Ep 501… I look forward to it! 

The very latest news, (I’ll do a proper OutlanderBTS What’s New to recap soon), is that stunning, glamorous Caitriona is at the Academy Awards tonight, for Ford V Ferrari, which is nominated for:

Best Picture!,

Best Sound Mixing

Best Film Editing ✅            


and Best Sound Editing ✅ 


I’m surprised Christian Bale was not nominated for best actor, I thought he was stellar. He was nominated for a Golden Globe.

Here are some photos of Cait, I will add more as they roll in.

Cait at the Charles Finch Pre-Oscar Party last night. 

And tonight… Caitriona in a gown by Valentino.

Photo: stylist Karla Welch

Photo: brenrobertsonbeauty IG

Red carpet…

Robin Beck, Getty Images

Such a class act…


Kevin Mazur, Getty Images

I love this shot!

With Jojo Rabbit actors…

Cait and Tony…

It’s no surprise that Caitriona made Vanity Fair’s Oscars 2020: The Best Beauty Looks from the Red Carpet.

I hope you and yours are thriving, and I look forward to a fun Season 5 with you all. 😘


Source: Town & Country

Source: CNET

8 comments on “Halloooo the House! Premiere Week Updates, Caitriona at Oscars Tonight!

  1. Hi Courtney!

    Seeing Sam, John, Marie, Ed and all of you in New Orleans was a dream come true! So looking forward to Season 5 and the upcoming BTS panel discussions with the gals! It’s going to be a great season, I can tell! Don’t you just feel it in the air?

    • Aw, you are a sweetie. It was very fun indeed. And yes, I think S5 is going to be good. Breaking news: Antoinette saw 501 in NYC tonight and gave it many 🔥’s!!

  2. I admire Sam and Cait’s energy for all the travel and events that they do.

    Cait gets more beautiful with time, with each outfit topping the last. We love her in green, but what a sophisticated Good-n-Plenty she is in pink and black with her complexion. Classic and perfection.

    I’m excited for S5, and the new experience of not being able to binge the season, as I watched all 4 seasons last June.
    Old school TV, here I come. 😱

    A new experience I’m looking forward to is catching OTBS after each episode, since I only learned of your group last August. It will be fun to hear your feedback and to engage (and actually know what I’m talking about), between episodes.

    Lots to look forward to, on top of which, spring is around the corner 😊

  3. She was the most beautiful on the red carpet and I’m sorry she didn’t get a mention for the best dressed!!!! Can’t wait for Season 5.

  4. Caitriona’s gown was stunning and very feminine. Caitriona knows how to promote the beauty of her gowns, and of course being so beautiful herself – it makes a gorgeous combination. Three more sleeps then OUTLANDER!!, Can hardly wait.

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