Pssst… Wanna See Sam’s Audition for “This Guest Of Summer?”

In case you haven’t heard, Graham McTavish is making his directorial debut in a new film called This Guest of Summer. The Comedy Horror feature film will also include fellow Outlander actors Duncan Lacroix and Stephen Walters, plus a couple of actors from The Hobbit series. Graham is running an Indiegogo campaign to help raise money to fund the film, which means fans can get involved. There’s something for everyone, with price points ranging from $5.00 to $10,000.00, and lots in between. 

Today’s new perk is courtesy of our leading guy, Sam Heughan. You may know that Caitriona recently “auditioned” for a part in the film, and now Sam has thrown his hat into the ring! Will he be good enough? I dunno… I’m not sure Stan came very well prepared for his audition ?. And, Graham is proving to be a pretty tough casting director!

A gander at Sam’s audition awaits you, over at the film’s Indiegogo campaign site: Help Fund This Guest Of Summer. For the low low price of $8.00, you can watch Sam’s never before seen 3+ minute audition tape for this film, and get the satisfaction of helping our Outlander gang make more art. If you haven’t seen Caitriona’s audition tape, there’s still time. See details at Cait Auditions for Graham’s Movie.)

Graham and Sam found time in their extremely (insane) busy schedules to hook up via Skype for these moments of brilliance.

Here’s a wee snippet for you…

You know, one of these guys is gonna end up wearing a dress in this movie… do you s’pose it could be Sam?


Photoshop credit: unknown

Worth noting is that the producers have opened another two Grand Perk packages for anyone with a spare 10k! This package includes a personal tour of Castle Leoch (Doune) with Graham McTavish, which is pretty sweet, plus 2 tickets to the premiere of This Guest of Summer and private reception with the cast, and 3 complimentary hotel nights either in Scotland or at the premiere (location and date TBD). You also get a slew of lower level rewards with this package, including a private dinner with the cast, a phone greeting recorded by a cast member, co-executive producer status, and more. 

Here’s what people are saying about Sam’s audition…

Click here, to Help Fund This Guest Of Summer.

School’s back in session, and November 4th (now confirmed as our premiere date in the US) is on its way, so look for more great updates soon! 

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  1. I get the feeling that actors love to do everything, anything and have tons of fun doing it. Sam and Graham are the best – love them both. Sam in a dress – well he does wear a kilt in Outlander, but it’s definitely not the same as a dress – lots of fun though. Thanks for sharing the above with us all.

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