Online Video Chat with Lotte, Grant, Nell, Stephen, Annette, & Steven from Today!

Thanks to Wizard World for keeping us in contact with the cast of our favorite show! You can still buy autographs from these guys until midnight tonight click here: ➡️ GET TICKETS NOW. – Here’s our video from today – content starts at about 10:43. Enjoy!

Back to editing our Episode 510 discussion! Sending love to all, take good care. xo

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11 comments on “Online Video Chat with Lotte, Grant, Nell, Stephen, Annette, & Steven from Today!

  1. Saw it in real time. Such fun to see all these wonderful actors once again. They helped form the foundation of Outlander and we love them all! Thanks to all six actors who made our lives more joyful today. Thanks to Wizard World for making it happen and thanks to Courtney Williams for her interviewing skills and for being a a downright wonderful human being! ❤️

  2. Well done Courtney, what a bunch to keep in order, especially Mr Cree! I watched it live last night and loved it. So good to see “real” people not just OL episodes! Sue x

    • It’s from the show – Season 1 – i tunes, spotify, any of the usual places. Outlander Season 1 Bear McCreary. (and I agree, beautiful).

  3. I am not familiar with this concept. I am assuming there is a cost to chat with these amazing people.

    • There was! Yes, I think I saw $65.00 for the whole package? There is another one coming up on Tuesday, that I am not moderating, unfortunately, but you can buy chats etc for that group too. I will post about it in the next days. xo

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