From Batman to the King of Men, Here’s a Look at Sam’s Days as a Superhero

Before Sam Heughan played Jamie Fraser, King of Men, he played Batman (and Bruce Wayne) in the world touring stage show, Batman Live, based on the DC comics superhero. The show played all over the world, debuting in Manchester, England in July 2011 and finishing in December 2012 in Dallas, Texas. Playing a superhero seems to have been excellent training for the role of Jamie Fraser… quite a lot of similarities in fact.

There was a boot camp before the show opened for Batman just like there was for Outlander, here’s more on that…

Here is a (wiggly, sorry ?) clip of how Bruce Wayne becomes Batman as a boy, and then grows up (the adult Bruce Wayne is played by Sam)

Here’s a rehearsal clip of a very cool piece- great training for those redcoats, indeed!  

Here’s that piece in the show…

And a last clip of Sam (and the cast) promoting the show when it came to the US.

Sam, we’re looking forward to seeing more of your Batman/Jamie moves on the battlefield, when Season 3 is released in September.


6 comments on “From Batman to the King of Men, Here’s a Look at Sam’s Days as a Superhero

  1. Thank you for sharing this! I’ve wondered quite a bit about Sam as Batman. This group of videos answers a lot of questions. He was great in this production. What enthusiasm he has .. We know it is a part of who he is. He is enthusiastic about life!! Loved this info.

  2. Thanks Courtney , loved rewatching the Batman rehearsals boot camp. Inspires me to keep moving for my MPC goals! And you found a lot of extra little details in the interviews and videos. Always appreciated !

    • My pleasure. Yes, Seems as if Sam enjoys these roles with boot camps and getting in great shape, very physical. Will you be flying around for your MPC goals? ??

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