13 comments on “He Makes Babies Cry, Grown Women Swoon, and Children… Laugh! Sam Heughan for MPC

  1. These children and Mr Heughan were amazing and fun and relaxing for both. The children felt so comfortable with them and they both made me smile

  2. I do not know if he would be a geat father, but here he is fantastic! He can talk to them and make them laugh. And the children were amazing. I loved the redhaired one so much! Enjoted this. Pity I cannot participate to the subscription for a date with him… But, it is not a big problem. I am 81 and it would be better for him to meet a good, nice, gentle youg woman. Who knows, maybe the love of his life?

  3. This is the sweetest video of Sam yet! He is so great with the children and they are all so adorable. The interview was right on target for Sam’s upcoming date!

  4. Okay, already knew he was swoon-worthy, but this melts my heart. Is it any wonder? So bloody adorable, Sam AND all the kids!!! ????

  5. Thank you for sharing this lovely video! Yet another example of Sam’s big heart and his fantastic sense of humor. The children are adorable and funny! A date with Sam would be a dream come true!!

  6. That were great love seeing Sam in action what ever he does. These interviews made me laugh and smile. They were adorable! It will be unforgettable for the lucky person who wins. I love the simple and realness about him and the kids.

  7. Ditto on all the above comments. Lordy, could the man be any more of a Prince Charming? If I put in my bid to share a date and candlelight dinner with him, it’s probably a good thing that I wouldn’t win, giddy as I’d feel. At my age, I’ve seen a lot of movies and many actors, but have never seen the likes of Sam. He’s just wonderful in all the ways that count.

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