Jamie & Claire, Rupert & Angus, Murtagh & Fergus on Delousing… Deleted Scene

What a treat! Enjoy this comedic deleted scene from Episode 209…

The gang’s all here, discussing their unique approaches to getting rid of lice. I can certainly see why Grant nicknamed Claire “Kill Joy” (or something similar) based on this scene. Phew! In her defense, this precedes the PTSD sequence, so she’s not exactly supposed to be light hearted.

Wonder how many takes for this one, guys? 


Video courtesy of Starz and Outlander America

Here are some stills from the scene… Good old Laurel and Hardy, miss you guys!

And who doesn’t love this adorable combo. Applaud Duncan’s use of eyebrow language in these scenes…

Claire, Claire, always bringing in the clinical info… and we get to see some humorous Jamie here too, ?… 

Jamie keeping Wee Fergus in line…

Something’s amiss wi’ my wife…

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5 comments on “Jamie & Claire, Rupert & Angus, Murtagh & Fergus on Delousing… Deleted Scene

  1. Yes, bad they cut it! Season one had some funny scenes and the characters seemed to get along so well. A friendly and close relationship. Maybe, because that was the beginning and they did not yet know where they were going. I feel sorry for Dougal, Murtagh, Rupert, Angus, Mrs Fitz, Colum and a lot of others who have disappeared. Of course, after Culloden, and after 20 years, there could not be that many left. So, will we have new “personnages” as attractive as in season one? I loved Louis XV, le Comte de St Germain, the Bonnie Prince, Master Raymond, Mother Hildegarde, etc… But they will not appear anymore in season three. We just meet them, enjoy them for a short time, and they are gone… Luckily Jamie and Claire stay – even 20 years later – and it seems Jenny and the Murray family will be present too. Also Fergus played by an adult of course. I loved Roman Berux. If the season stays close to the book. I am so curious and try to figure out how it will be. Becomng impatient as anyone else!

  2. I totally agree with my fellow Outlander fans above about seasons 1 and 2. I miss ALL those wonderful characters, even the obsessed Dougal and Prince Charlie, buffoon that he was. Even young Fergus and Mother Hildegarde. I miss especially the wonderful, devoted Murtagh, played so well by Duncan Lacroix. The scene where Jamie is pulled from the line at Ardsmuir Prison just as Murtagh, slated for the colonies, watches him go was heartbreaking. I do hope to see him again.

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