They’re Here, They’re Here! The Outlander S3 Gag Reels!

Gag reels seem to come out about a month before the current season’s DVD and Blu-rays are released. That means that Season 4 gag reels could be out at the end of April, since the DVD’s are due May 28th. Keeping my fingers crossed!

In the meantime, enjoy this look back at the Season 3 gag reels! ?

Gag Reel Season 3 from Collette Dechateauvieux on Vimeo.

Here’s more…½

And some photos of Gag reel moments…

I love this adorable shot of Tobias!

Jamie and Claire appear to be wetting themselves here! ?

Sam’s on his mark! What more could you want???

Outlander Freedom and Whisky… maybe too much whisky??

Roger turns into Richard!

Tobias laughing in the joyless bed of Frank and Claire! (At least someone’s joyful!)

“I just wanted to have a good Christmas!”

Jamie could probably actually disarm Lord John Grey with that sweet smile!

I challenge you to a staring match, Sassenach!

Start from whose line again??

“Fraser??? Can’t I even get a NEW NAME???”

Silly wee people…

Thank you Scotsman Sassenach

18 comments on “They’re Here, They’re Here! The Outlander S3 Gag Reels!

  1. Thank you for posting.. The Blooper reel puts a smile on my face as I face the Second Nor’easter in less than a week… The Outlander Books have been my “Great Escape” for many years and now we have the “reality” of our beloved characters come to life on the small screen…a wee bit of Heaven!

    • You must be living in the Northeast where we have been pummeled by ice, snow,and now wind. Be safe. Snuggle up with one of Diana Gabladon’s novels. I am re-reading Drums of Autumn while I weather this ferocious Nor’Easter.

  2. It’s a wonder they ever get anything done, the way they keep cracking each other up!! Love to see them have such a fun time bringing Outlander to us. This is such a wonderful show. Many thanks to everybody who participates in bringing it to us. I hope we’re all on this ride together to the last page of the last book!

    And to the administrators of this page, many, many thanks for your work too! I have this page bookmarked and refer to it often due to all your excellent content.

    Again, many thanks to all involved with Outlander for their hard work. I enjoy every minute of it!!

    • I just discovered them recently – so glad to find this great TV series. I LOVE IT as I’m always into good time jumping films. Can’t wait for Season 4 too! Great job everyone!

  3. Yes Yes I am escaping into the fiery cross during all this ice and snow. It has truly been a life saver for me. Hubby ask where I have been so long.I tell him the 1700s!

  4. Tons of fun – that’s why we love Sam and Caitriona – having fun while they work. I love the Outlander S3 Gag Reels! Tobias, Sophie, Richard, everyone – they all seem to really have a great time together. Thank you for sharing the Gag Reels above.

  5. Hysterical! Thank you for these. What does Sam say in the first video at 03:59? I hear something like “I want my f*cking pack” but that’s probably not it because it wouldn’t make sense.

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