24 comments on “Hilarious- Season2 Gag Reel

      • Do u mean Mary? I don’t think that is why. I think Alex was the last link to his humanity and goodness. Without him he wouldn’t have that pure soul to help him find the undamaged part of his soul. So he was upset and angry at him and thats how he reacts…

    • My take is that BJR can’t handle tender feelings like love, vulnerability, grief, loss, etc. and he started to go there when Alex died. Whatever his background, it’s not pretty, and when those feelings come up, the only way he can deal is to become enraged and inflict pain, it makes him feel powerful and then sex and power are intertwined.

      • Totally agree with you. It makes you wonder what happened to Black Jack in his younger years for him to have such
        dark and evil characteristics in his personality.

  1. Well, I watched the video once and went back to see it again and now it is gone. I’m sure it is the same one that will be on the DVD which I have pre-ordered.

  2. I have watched this at least a dozen times now and every darn time I’m laughing with tears in my eyes. I just adore this cast! Can’t name a favorite moment!

    • They are so great. The first time I watched I was in bed with headphones on and my hubby was asleep next to me. He woke up and said “Are you crying?” because I was shaking the bed with my attempted silent laughter. He was not happy!

      I think Jamie on the horse is the best for me. Thanks for visiting!

      • yessssss Jamie on the horse!! Sam keeping a straight face as the horse prances like a boss!! I laugh every time and I have watched it a bunch!

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