OutlanderBTS The Discussion, Episode 602 ~ Allegiance

Cover photo: Fergus meets his son, Season 6, Starz

Wow, what an episode. I chose the cover photo, because it’s about damn time that César got a cover photo!! 

Please enjoy our rousing discussion of Episode 602, Allegiance.

Here are some runners up for cover photo this week…


Be sure and catch our 601 Episode Discussion, from last week.


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27 comments on “OutlanderBTS The Discussion, Episode 602 ~ Allegiance

  1. Here, here, Courtney! Great choices for cover photos…Love the discussions with the Ladies. Looking forward to episode 602 discussion, if I haven’t missed it 🙂

  2. Terrific cover photo. César and Lauren were so very good. What great writing and acting.
    I agree with so much of what you ladies said.

    I read this week that the reason we are not seeing much of the children and babies is that they were not sure about the impact of covid on children etc. So they really limited the time that they had children on set. In addition, I read that they used CGI on the baby to make its head look as it did. I can’t remember the article, but I will try to find it for you.

    I think that the impact that Sam and Cait are having as producers on the younger actors is pretty profound. They have both talked about being the go between between the cast and production. It has always been my perception that Sam and Cait play well with everyone. They are great scene partners. César has talked about the fact that when he and Lauren were in South Africa for season 3 that they really observed Sam and Cait closely, and that they patterned their own off-screen relationship on theirs. They also mentioned that they had a lot of free time together. It has really paid off. They are just as easy with each other as Sam and Cait are.

    I am personally so happy with this season so far. I think the rest of the episodes will be just as wonderful. I also trust Diana and Matt.

    • Ruth Ann – great insights – so interesting that César & Lauren emulated Sam & Cait’s off screen relationship?? Wow. And I’m sure their leadership as go-betweens and stewards of these characters and this story, is huge. Thanks for your comment x

  3. One more thought. I just rewatched the episode and I thought that Jamie knows what it is to lose a child. He knows what Ian feels. He empathizes with Ian’s grief and Ian is like his son. A child of Ian’s would be like his grandchild. The family connection with the Indians became very real as a result. And as someone said in the discussion, for Jamie, family is everything.

  4. Your team is doing a great job. As an architect, I love that the set design has been true to North Carolina housing style. The big house is built in the ‘dog trot’ style, one that uses the open air hallway between two parts to the same roofed house. I keep noticing it and am pleased ny this detail accuracy. Keep enjoying. Thank you for your good work.

  5. Good discussion. Thought that episode was so well done … Aptly titled Allegiance … it was truly about SUPPORT… and what happens when you have core family support or lack any genuine family dynamic ..Frasers vs. Christies. What I cherished most about episode … Jamie and Claire were still the sun and moon that the other characters orbit but they are becoming constellations in themselves! Also GREAT to point out excellence of script … they had more time BUT also both Sam and Caitriona mentioned THEIR involvement from the start. I can’t help thinking their influence was a strong factor. I did think it was odd that Brianna concentrated on developing matches when she knows there will be a fire! Also didn’t quite understand why Jamie would not ask his daughter … an American who once studied history… about the Cherokees role in Revolutionary War. Loved the humor (if a bit overplayed in Cherokee female visit … seemed more Sam than Jamie). Adored flashes back to the amazing first season: 1. Saint Paul referenced to Claire with a delightful calmer but still disdainful reaction 2. Listening to sex from the floor before … albeit Season 1 was with Frank and this was Jamie. 3. Marsali giving birth so reminiscent of Jenny giving birth – with Claire – Caitriona there to guide the way. (And Lauren thanking Caitriona on IG exactly how Laura Donnelly did in interviews!) I’ve often thought that Lauren filled the void left by Laura with the same fabulous ferocity. She’s WONDERFUL! 4. Malva’s look when Tom could not manage to beat her … very similar to the look Jenny gave when BJR could not rise to the occasion in his attempted rape… though with a touch of crazy underneath. 5. Roger saying his wife was a “genius” as full of admiration and adoration as when Jamie referred and still refers to his wife as a “healer” Note: Rik finally got the opportunity to show what he can do… his scene with Cesar had such steely clarity…fueled by his guilt for not returning to Brianna immediately. Ditto Cesar… and Marsali and Cesar scene… beautiful. Also loved little touches like Claire sweeping with a broom when Christie comes to her with a change of heart… wicked witchy humor there. Couldn’t help laughing when Claire quotes Jamie “I must have my c#ck inside you” then thinking about Season 1 quote “That’s all a wife is to you. Somewhere to stick your c#ck whenever you feel the urge.”

    • Great observations Dianne! I noticed the call back to Mrs. Baird looking up when Claire & Frank we’re having sex too – I love the witches broom inclusion! I did not see that. This season is so literary in nature – I just love it! I thought of Brianna’s birth scene with Jemmy when I saw Marsali’s.

      I agree re Lauren filling the Jenny void & now Malva! I just mentioned that in our 603 discussion. I did not see the IG comments from Lauren & Laura – would love to!

      I love the parallel you drew between Malva & Tom’s impotence & Jenny & BJR’s impotence. Brilliant.

      I thought that was a lovely scene where Roger openly admired Bree as a genius. Especially after her proud announcement flopped.

      They are going deep and wide this season & im loving it. Thanks for your comment Dianne!

      “ Jamie and Claire were still the sun and moon that the other characters orbit but they are becoming constellations in themselves!” Well said!! Yes! How it should be.

  6. Your discussions about the episodes are so informative and interesting. Recently I came across 2 guys talking Outlander – on Screen Chronicles. It would be great if they could join you ladies in a discussion of the show.

  7. I thought your Episode 601 and 602 discussions were enlightening and when i watch again, I will look for the points you brought out. For 602, I read somewhere that the baby Henri-Christian was a real baby, but that they used CGI to bring out characteristics of a dwarf. I don’t know what is true.
    If you are taking names for that Outlander trip, count me in (except I have no desire to meet the infamous midgies!

    • Hi Elaine! Thank you 😊 He is a real baby! With VFX added. He’s wearing a little bonnet that enables them to do the CGI.

      Not taking names yet – more info in April! And hopefully no midges in September!! x

  8. Thanks very much for your discussions! I listed to 501, 601 and 602. I love the new season and love listening to all of your thoughts. So many good lines, storytelling, and performances in this season.

  9. Just wanted to comment on how much I appreciate your group’s discussions. They bring great perspectives and stay away from negativity seen in other forums that kinda ruin this great story for me. Looking forward to the next episode review!

  10. Thank you. I thoroughly enjoyed your discussion. This season is very powerful and each episode eloquently commented on by each of you. Antoinette…”distilling the very essence of the story and characters.” Courtney speculated that the COVID restrictions had “given some kind of focus and alchemy”. Catherine “didn’t even notice he walls this time”. Karmen is still not happy about the either and very dismayed that Murtagh’s cairn is “missing”

  11. About time we can witness the truly wonderful actor Cesar Domboy put out in the first episode of Season 6. How fitting is that. WELL DONE Fergus ! !

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