Sam & Caitriona Original Chemistry Test

This really never gets old…

Happy Weekend!

A look back at the very beginning, when Sam and Cait first met. This was their “chemistry” test. Sam was already cast as Jamie, and reading with lots of potential Claires at the time, when Caitriona came in, and POW! The rest is history.


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2 comments on “Sam & Caitriona Original Chemistry Test

  1. No wonder we love them both so much. The bonding and friendship has carried them through a lot. Imagine the talent to go through such an intense emotional sequence, then when the shoot is over, they relaxed with smiles and humour. So glad Catriona is our Claire Fraser, and Sam our Jamie Fraser. In reading the books, that feistiness and soul to soul conversation seem to be part of the glue in Jamie’s and Claire’s love for each other. Thanks for sharing the video (a real keeper) with us.


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