My Convo with The Dipp on Season 6 & 7 Storylines, Casting, LJG Spin Off, & More

The Dipp invited me for a chat on 5/12, and we had a good old time. Here it is in case you missed it. Thanks to Caitlin and everyone who came for a fun evening! 

Be sure and check out my latest interview, with Jack Holden (who played Lord John Grey’s love, Hector Dalrymple, in Season 3, and may or may not come back for the LJG Spin off).

For all my Season 6 Filming, and Bees news, go to the Featured Favorites Section. 

I hope this finds you well. xo

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7 comments on “My Convo with The Dipp on Season 6 & 7 Storylines, Casting, LJG Spin Off, & More

  1. Enjoyed your insights into past and future possibilities, but I would have to say if Sam or Cait didn’t go the distance, the fans would fly away and the show would crumble to bits. So I hope that what I’ve heard Sam say in several interviews that he’s there for the duration is how they really both feel. Besides, if they are realistic in their thinking as actors, why look a gift horse in the face and throw it away, when Outlander put both of them on the map and could be the roles of their lifetimes. To me that’s not such a bad thing, and they will still have the rest of their lives to act and do other projects. Just my thoughts.

    Just a side line, a friend who is going through cancer with me asked me the other night if I had ever heard of or seen Outlander. I just started laughing and before it became too rude, I explained how my life became consumed with Outlander by watching the show while reading the books, and on top of that taking part in MPC, then going to New Orleans and meeting all you BTS gals, Sam, and John Bell, Marie, and the actor who plays Bonnet (sorry his name escapes me right now), so I asked her if she was watching it and she admitted she was already in Season 3, we now have another hooked person!

    Love, Suzie

    • Oh rats I just wrote you a long response and then accidentally erased it! I hope you’re feeling well.

      I think it makes a lot of sense for them to see it through. I can also see that 8 years of 10 months / year of 14 hour days in inclement weather. away from loved ones etc would weigh into the decision heavily. We shall see. xo

  2. Thanks, Courtney and Caitlin! That was great and very informative! I agree with Suzanne’s comment above about the show crumbling if Sam and Cait were to leave! They have had opportunities to do other movies in the interim which is a positive thing for their careers. I think that being producers will also give them a further incentive to see the series through to the end. I certainly hope so! And I’m looking very forward to watching S6 next year… I also hope that STARZ will do a Lord John spinoff and that they let us know the outcome soon.

    • Hi Claudine, I hope they go the distance, we will see. And yes, Season 6 will be a sight for sore eyes, and a LJG spin-off will be 🤗.

  3. I am so thankful that this was shared on Youtube – LOL! I had signed up to attend but had unexpected things come up and had to miss it – I was SO disappointed! Ya’ll had some great ideas and speculations for the upcoming season(s) and I look forward to seeing which ones come true. I think (and, hope!) that Cait and Sam will stay with the show for the entire 10 season run since they are also producers. This gives them an even greater investment in the show and more experience in the world of movies and TV besides just as an actor. They have both said they are in it for the long haul and I think Starz/Sony would be crazy to end the show before the books can show the conclusion. From what I have read, Outlander is the biggest show Starz has (and maybe EVER will have – LOL). I think if Jamie and Claire were re-cast they would lose a lot of fans (not all but, a LOT) – I know I would continue to watch it. And, I hope you BTS Lasses will continue to give us your insights and opinions no matter how the seasons ahead play out.

  4. Thanks for “feeding” us through this Droughtlander with your interviews! After a tough day working on at a call center, it’s nice to sit back & hear & speculate along with you about “Outlander” things!

  5. Finally got the time and space to devote to your discussion. “Very interesting” as Arte Johnson would say. I do agree that Sam, often like Jamie shrugs as if his shirt is too tight across the shoulders at times when he envisions the possible limitations of playing the same role for a decade. They’re between a rock and a hard place; Be careful what you wish for/ Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth. However, I think he is sincere in stating he is in it for the long haul. Fortunately, I think he and Caitriona have had opportunities to stretch their acting prowess and interests in other endeavors. They may have future opportunities to expand their roles in the production; maybe directing.

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