OutlanderBTS The Discussion, Episode 607 ~ Sticks and Stones

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Did you know that you can find the Official Outlander Podcast and the Season 6 scripts on the homepage on this site? It’s true. Scroll to the very bottom, and you’ll find those under Links To More Great Outlander Stuff .

We planned to do Ep 605 last week, but were not able to make it happen. We will do that one after the finale.

Catch the Episode 606 discussion if you haven’t watched/ listened yet – 

OutlanderBTS The Discussion, Episode 606 ~ The World Turned Upside Down

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17 comments on “OutlanderBTS The Discussion, Episode 607 ~ Sticks and Stones

  1. Great session ladies. I love hearing your comments. The quote about there always being a war came from Murtagh in episode 501 when Jamie was asking him to wait and not going the regulators and then they could be on the same side in the fight. Murtagh replied that there is always a war.

    I listened to the Official Outlander Podcast with Maril and Toni after episode 606. They made the statement that there were aware that people thought Jamie should have shown more concern when Claire was sick. Their take on it was that the viewers would “know” that he was upset. They thought everyone would know that Claire was not going to die, and therefore the time was spent better on other scenes. They preferred to spend the time on the Jamie chat with Malva by the fire. They considered that to be important to show Malva’s interest in him.

    At one point they had Jamie touching Malva at the window. Maril said that when she saw that she said no. That is not going to happen. Toni confirmed that. Maril said that Jamie would never do that.

    I don’t know if you and your readers ever go to IMDB to rate the episodes, but I am concerned that as of today episode 607 is the worst rated episode among all the episodes across all seasons. It is rated at 7.2. The lowest other episode is rated over 8. As a matter of fact this season is rated much lower than the other seasons. I am not sure what this indicates, but it is concerning when this season has been so very good. I also don’t know how much the production company, STARZ and Sony pay attention to that, but I think it is sad.

    There were so many great things about this episode. I truly enjoyed it. Your review is like the icing on my Outlander cake. Thanks so much.

    • I love S6 so far. It is great except for the ether episodes and the Lionel ghost in Ep. 607 was too long and unnecessary which is probably why it was rated 7.2

      • There is so much other great stuff. Even if you don’t like the ether (which I understand) I think this season deserves better.

    • I listened to the podcast with Toni & Maril. I heard them talk about the window scene, but not why they chose to not show more of Jamie’s grief, or that ridiculous extended tea party with Malva. I’m going to have to go back and re-listen. I still don’t agree with their choice.

  2. Ladies I enjoyed your analysis of the episode. There was so much happening but I want to say it’s like they’ve finally recognized who Jamie is. They spent alot of time trying to retrofit him into less than who Diana created and possibly they’ve gotten enough grief from book viewers that in this last season they have made him truly The King of All Men. Now let’s just hope they keep in this direction for S7

  3. I absolutely love your episode discussions! And I especially love to re-watch the episode after listening to your discussion because I get so much more out of the episode. My question: What happened to discussion 605?

  4. As always, I thoroughly enjoyed the insight from you lovely, intelligent ladies–though I really missed Antoinnette! I read a lot of (maybe too much) Outlander discussion on Facebook and other places, and get so angry when people just off the cuff pan this season as passionless. Those people haven’t read the books or even really examined their own lives to find parallels. They want it all to be sex and lots of naked skin, and seem bored by a realistic portrayal of a very intimate, close marriage and how they deal with both inner and external conflicts, yet remain solidly true to each other.
    As for the odd scene about vegetarians–the comment made by Mr. Bugg was a nod to the books. Roger had been asked to slay a hog and not being a man raised in the country, did a mighty poor job of it and was visibly sickened by it. Mr. Bugg was cruelly reminding him of that, in addition to sneering at Roger’s attempt to keep Jemmy from hearing about ghosts.
    I’ve looked forward each week to your discussions, and will really hate for this time to slide off into another Droughtlander!

  5. About the ‘dog-bone’ house built in 2 parts with a covered walkway – – They build houses in that shape in the Bahamas. The covered walkway is a wind tunnel, and it means that you always have a windy spot out of the shade. With the open doors to the big rooms,, it is also a kind of air conditioning as the faster air pulls out the old stale air and creates an air movement in those big rooms that is a relief.

  6. I love the season and the books. I couldn’t
    Understand Jamie when Clair was having a drink what did he say. I hope there is a season 8

  7. Courtney I too was visually taken by the opening scene with the Ladybug (btw they are also called Lady Birds and Lady Beetles) and looked up their meaning. They are considered good luck if they land on you. I also remembered the children’s rhyme about Ladybug Ladybug Fly away Home. Your house is on fire and your children are gone. This rhyme is alluding to the practice of farmers burning their fields after a harvest and a warning to the Ladybugs. I thought that was a interesting take on what is going on in Claire and Jamie’s House. Unfortunately I also found out that Ladybugs were brought to the United States from Europe in 1916.
    Great discussion again. Will be sorry to see Droughtlander start and your discussions as well.

  8. I enjoyed the discussion very much (as usual) and agree the episode was excellent.
    A thought I had about why the writers had Jamie seem uncharacteristically unaware of Claire’s ether problem in a few episodes: the writers needed Claire’s emotional outpouring with Jamie to occur in the second to the last episode. If Jamie had realized what was happening sooner, that arc would have been completed too soon for what the writers desired in pacing the story.
    I loved the opening scene too for the reasons Courtney mentions. The interplay between all of them was so good. I liked when Allen calmly asks Claire if she saw anything before he became angrier. A small thing but it made him seem normal for a moment. Good, nuanced performances.
    I noticed that in the first scene with Malva confessing in the church, her lips also don’t move at times while she’s speaking.

  9. Always enjoy listening and thinking about your various perspectives.
    For some reason, Courtney, cabbage patch popped into my head when you talked about the various interactions of characters in the garden. Think whack a mole.
    Cathy, there is a sense of foreboding in seeing the house interiors for the first time. The twins and Lizzie remind me of Pan and his flute.
    Feeling selfish is Claire’s Achille’s heel. It isn’t Lionel taunting her but her own subconscious accusing and judging her. In S1,Ep 16 she confesses to the Brother that “Through my selfishness I have brought great suffering to both my husbands”. He absolves her. Likewise here, she confesses to Jamie. He absolves her and as Karmen remarked, “Claire released herself into his care.”
    Now it’s time to close the door. Mrs. Bug is always listening.

  10. Excellent discussion of an excellent show. I drew from Karmen and your observation of the haunting of Lionel. I same thought but was not able to put it in to direct vivid terms… he penetrated her body now he’s penetrating her mind… the extended rape of her soul!
    Tom Christie becoming emotional when he hears Claire describe Malva … In part perhaps it is about appreciation of Malva BUT I actually took the tears in his eyes as being for Claire … that he is overwhelmed … this woman … is so full of goodness, kindness, and compassion … even as she stands there with the blood of (his) child all over her.
    While some will suspect Tom’s feelings for Claire began when he repaired her hand (echoing Jamie when she repaired his shoulder) I felt this was the moment his heart opened never to be closed again. I only wish that when Claire assured him “I’ll take care of her” … there was one final shot on Tom before he walked away.
    Agree it seemed odd when we cut to Claire washing up but everything about her is pristine… I would have preferred timing immediate and Claire still wearing bloodied apron and still bloody hands… and as she washes her hands vigorously, she is wondering if she killed Malva— Here is where I longed for nightmare that flashed on all the people that she has killed …1st. Soldier that raped her. 2. Dougal. 3. Rufus 4.Geillis. Really would have grounded her apprehension that she MIGHT have…
    Glad to see Geilis seen and heard in other nightmares because her relationship to Geillis was most comparative to Malva and their ends being … in the neck area (cough).
    Lionel’s presence: Another possibility might have been to have Lionel talk with Claire’s voice … or Claire speak with Lionel’s voice
    EX. Lionel and Claire last exchange… she says aloud “I didn’t do it”… then his voice says “I didn’t do it” (lips not moving) … it would have been totally mind-blowing If she says aloud I didn’t do it TWICE— once in her voice and once with his voice coming out of her mouth… chills.
    Loved the cork rocking although wish it could have been timed so that Jamie’s stopped it rocking (after Claire walks away). Interesting, she didn’t pour drink for him … as telling as that deleted moment in Faith when Jamie returns and she doesn’t pour him a drink… which is second nature to both of them.
    Sadly… totally agree with you, Courtney, about Lizzie and Claire scene. It survived because of the inherent comedy of the situation and Claire’s reactions but…it felt like the actress wanted to bring gravitas to a situation that really … is just wonderful gravy. She played it with steadfast earnestness instead of unbridled joy … isn’t this the first time she’s been able to tell anyone about it?? When I watched the episode again … I was stunned – she delivered every line in the exact same pace and with same intonation. Rather wish camera had been on both throughout so we could have witnessed more of Claire’s discomfort in real time. Funny when you think of how wise and eloquent Claire was telling Malva about women enjoying sex … contrasted with her discomfort of actually hearing a woman talk about that enjoyment!
    Loved Confessional scene BUT… After ALL THIS TIME Claire hiding from Jamie… WHAT WAS IT THAT MADE HER FINALLY BURST OPEN? I THINK it was there but not realized. Prior to confession scene, Jamie sees Claire visibly shaken running out of the one place that is her sanctuary (because it affirms her purpose) the surgery. Seeing his wife cowering which he’s never seen before … he immediately goes into surgery. (What did he expect to find? Maybe one of the Ridge folks or maybe someone smashed her microscope … IDK … BUT would have preferred more urgency. He’s been wanting to slay a dragon for Claire just he doesn’t know what it is) Yet …. what he does find … Nothing,…No One. We should have seen him register this, then turn and look at Claire. There is no dialogue needed here. His look will say it all. THERE IS NOTHING HERE. So we see that she sees that he sees … after fighting to HIDE for so long … JUST BEING SEEN would be enough to burst the dam. Would have propelled her 1st line … You won’t believe me… Again, the scene was excellent. Just sometimes Outlander slides into scenes instead of launching into them. BTW – Agree with Kathy…while scene had many echoes… in spirit it most brought me back to her confession she was from the future in Season 1.
    I want to say author Danielle Berrow’s name AGAIN. A great deal of credit is being given to Jamie Payne – which is deserved – but the script was outstanding as well. I’ve been wondering if she was tasked to write the penultimate Episode because ETHER was her idea. I realize book readers will NEVER approve of this storyline but – with the exception of some shockingly obvious practical concerns – ie to close to flame, etc. – I embraced it. (But I’m a book dabbler not reader). For me… WHY ether was the perfect choice (and again remembering the difference between what we know of ether now and what was known when she used it in 1960s)– The quick temporary relief of ether appeals to her purpose. Claire is always on the ready as a healer. Alcohol would linger & impact her faculties. Ether is a done & run. So she’s precisely controlling how she releases control … which is so Claire.

  11. I believe it was Jocasta who said to Murtaugh (or perhaps vice versa) that there is “always another war coming”. I believe it was in that long scene when they were saying goodbye. I think. 🙂

  12. I do not believe Claire’s use of either fits Claire’s personality for many reasons.
    One major one is how dangerous Claire views the administer of ether, yet it’s credible Claire would just administer it to herself without anyone present.
    Another reason is Claire is very frugal when it comes to the ether and would not want to use it in a unnecessary way.
    Claire has been through a horrible ordeal, however not every person that has turns to substances and it’s hurting Claire’s future character because Claire does rely on alcohol to the point of serious, albeit short term in the near future due to a tragedy she’s struggling to cope with.
    The problem with bringing in ether and then if the book is followed with the alcohol abuse Claire’s character appears to have a weakness towards using substances to cope.
    That’s not how Claire’s character is written and certainly the overall strength and ability to cope and overcome adversity should not be weakened by a perception that Claire needs substances when she’s in crisis.
    Claire is very cautious with ether and the way Diana writes about ether through out the books it is not something Claire would travel with which when she’s visiting Jocasta and leaves for a fix seems ridiculously out of character.
    Two scenes Claire inhales from the mask and then collapses. That’s odd what if someone walks in and finds the mask with the scent in the air and Claire collapsed.
    Claire is not going to compromise herself that way over and over.

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