Episode 114 The Search: Dancing Duncan, Thelma and Louise, Deleted Scenes, & More

This weekend’s episode is 114, The Search.

Jenny is SUCH a badass! I love her!! First she takes a dram and then births that breech baby Maggie, then a few days later she hops on a horse and rides across the land, examining hoof prints, reading bird movement, and feeling horse dung to track down her brother, only stopping to hand express her swollen nursing breasts, just before she throws herself in front of a cantering horse, then pulls a gun, and then whacks the dude in the face with the butt of his own rifle. This character, and Laura Donnelly who plays her, are both the bomb. When Claire pulls that trigger, the expression on her face is priceless- move over Thelma and Louise. “Maybe if I smoke your bollocks you’ll change your mind.” heee heee wooo hooo. And I have to imagine these two women had a blast riding horses across the Scottish countryside.

Here is a deleted scene from this episode. Claire remembers Jamie…

It’s always good to see Murtagh. And saves one the task of throat slashing too.

Some great lines in this episode: “Love forces a person to choose. You do things you never imagined you could do before.” 

Jenny and Claire’s parting is so sweet, Jenny trusts Claire now, even when she gives her prophetic advice; Jenny knows Claire will do anything to bring Jamie back, even kill.

Then poor Murtagh is fruited for his sword dancing. Here are some shots of Duncan reenacting his sword dancing moments at Starfury in London last September. Graham is certainly entertained, as were we all.

You know there’s a story behind Claire singing in this episode. Caitriona apparently sings a lot while on set between takes, etc., and Matt kept telling her he was going to get her to sing on camera. He wrote Episode 114, and he accomplished his goal! Matt’s favorite Claire line from Season 1 happens in this episode too- it’s when she looks out at the audience and says “Fuck!”

I like when Murtagh says “His word is worth hee haw” talking about the gypsie.?

The scene in the cave is beautiful, when Murtagh tells Claire about having loved and lost Ellen. I like that Murtagh can tell Claire when she’s wrong too (not many people can it seems).

Claire’s two rings visible…

Here is a deleted extended version of that scene…

I think one of Graham’s very best scenes as Dougal is the one with Claire in the cave in this episode. They’re both great.

It’s so good to see Big Head and Lard Bucket, and Wee Willie too. I’ll be seeing the first two on Saturday night!

Great dramatic ending, foreshadowing the next two episodes ?


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10 comments on “Episode 114 The Search: Dancing Duncan, Thelma and Louise, Deleted Scenes, & More

  1. I just love looking at all the episodes I’ve seen. It keeps me in the groove! Can’t wait for the new episodes to begin.

    Especially with Brea in them. Will Jamie ever meet her? I have to believe he will. Hopefully Claire and Brea go back through the stones!!!

  2. I always thought when Claire kissed Jenny on the cheek after she gifted her with Ellen’s bracelet was a huge defining moment in their relationship. Jenny’s choice to give Claire her mother’s bracelets was Jenny’s way of saying they were sisters, something that was missing in Claire’s life. Claire’s kiss seemed to awaken something in Jenny – something long lost. After losing her mother, Jenny had to be mistress of Lallybroch and mother to Jamie, and her mother’s gestures of affection were in the distant past. Claire’s kiss brought that back to her & everything between them shifted to bring them closer.

  3. As much as I wished this episode could have been shortened (or at least include these deleted scenes and cut some of the horse riding or stage performances!), I loved the interactions between Claire & Jenny and Claire & Murtaugh. It’s nice to see these secondary relationships fleshed out.

  4. I keep wondering why Jamie suddenly is wearing pants in season 1, part 2. I wouldn’t think he owned any pants since he always wear a kilt.

  5. Is there a CD I can buy that have all the extended scenes and deleted scenes inserted in the right places? My favorite is the louse picking scene in season 2. It is right out of the book.

    • Hi Kerstin – I believe the deleted scenes come with the DVD and blu-ray but probably as a collection vs inserted into the show. That would be an interesting project for someone to do though…

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