In the Spirit of Gratitude, What Do You Love About Outlander?

Wowza, that last piece ended up being a real doozy, sparking a lot of conversation – some friendly, and some got a bit contentious. Why is that? Well, we all have one thing in common, no matter what our unique perspective, we are passionate about Outlander
When I write a piece that criticizes the show in any way, some part of me always feels like an asshole. It’s so abundantly clear that the creators have poured their hearts, souls, and energy into this visual adaptation for literally, years. I am so very appreciative of them and all they’ve done, truly.
So, in the spirit of balance, I am doing this post, which will be a giant thank you note to the creative team – crew and cast alike. 
I invite you to choose one, (already a hard task) of your favorite things about Outlander, and write about it, along with a note of thanks, to whomever you like. Your comment could be about the impact of the story (books or show) on your life, your favorite scene, your favorite passage, an artistic element, etc. Your note of thanks could be to Diana, or to a producer, writer, director, cinematographer, actor… again, to whomever you like.
This comment thread is all about gratitude; if you have a complaint, it doesn’t belong here. 
I’ll start us off…
I could go on and on, but for now, I’ll say my favorite thing about Outlander, the visual adaptation, is that it is: that it has been made and continues to be made!
For today’s thank you, I will choose Ron….
Ron, I thank you for tackling this visual adaptation, and making it happen. For taking on the magnitude of this project with sensitivity, heart, and the organizational and people skills to pull it off. For attracting and retaining the right team – including the nucleus: Terry, Maril, Gary, Sam, Cait, Matt, Toni, David, and Suzanne. For being both smart enough and humble enough to retain Diana as a consultant to the show, and for listening to her. For insisting that it be filmed in Scotland, with people from Scotland as crew and much of the cast. For using Gaelic in the show. For enduring the wear and tear of traveling back and forth between LA and Scotland every 3 weeks for years to fulfill your role as husband, dad, and leader of this gigantic undertaking. For letting people spread their wings and do their jobs. For bringing my (and millions of others’) favorite book series to the screen. For exploring and allowing millions to explore the dynamics of feminism and heroism through the art of your management, writing and editing. For all this and more, I humbly thank you.  


— Courtney 

Feel free to add your thanks to the creators of Outlander in the comments below…


104 comments on “In the Spirit of Gratitude, What Do You Love About Outlander?

  1. Amen to all that you have written, Courtney, and a special thanks to Bear McCreary, whose incredible score, in particular the incorporation of bagpipes and traditional Scottish tunes, has literally made this adaptation to the screen soar!

  2. I am thankful for Sam’s and Caitriona’s honest portrayals of Jamie and Claire. It must not have been easy to tackle on characters that were iconic for so many people. Cait’s Claire is even easier to relate than book Claire. Cait’s spontaneity, passion, and humor shines through! Sam has been able to portray a Jamie that feels sincere and lovable beyond his looks. His artistic interpretation of Print Shop Jamie was masterful. There is no Outlander without Claire and Jamie, there is no Outlander without Sam and Cait. So thank you!

  3. I love the ensemble cast-all remarkable, the genius of Ronald D Moore interpreting Diana G.’s books, the incredible sets, the costumes (OMG!!), and Bear McCreary’s beautiful music I can listen to during Droughtland and remember the series and dream of the fall…

  4. The ensemble cast-all remarkable, the genius of Ronald D Moore in interpreting Diana’s great books (no easy task), the talent of all the writers, directors et al, the costumes (OMG), the set design, and the music of Bear McCreary which allows me to listen all year with memories during droughtland and anticipation of the fall.

  5. I appreciate how much they share with the viewers- all of the behind the scenes information on filming and how othey explain the changes they made from the books- I don’t think you see other shows doing that.

  6. one of the things – many things! – for which i’m grateful both to diana and ron is the ease with which the characters talk about sex; they convey the sense of sex as a normal human attribute, rather than the “shameful” subject that western culture has endeavored to make it into. [this is from an 86-year-old.]

    • Ingeborg – I agree! I love how Jamie and Claire’s relationship is written and now portrayed as a strong, loving couple with true respect for each other. Thanks to the whole ensemble of Outlander creators and crafts persons and actors -all the brilliant minds and hearts that have brought Diana’s amazing stories to life! Imagine the impact all around the world!

  7. First of all, thank you to Diana for this masterpiece! Secondly, my thanks and appreciation to the cast and crew for bringing this amazing story to life on the screen. However, I do have to say that it is Sam’s portrayal of Jamie Fraser that has touched me deeply. You see, I am a widow. I lost the love of my life, my Jamie, going on five years ago now. He was my soulmate. And so much of Sam’s portrayal of Jamie reminds me of my late husband. I never realized how much I had pushed my feelings down deep inside to avoid feeling the pain of his loss. But watching Sam has allowed me to feel that deep love that I had buried and to truly grieve his loss. You see, my late husband, Bill, was also of Scottish decent, he was 6’4”, ex military and the kindest soul. He always made me feel loved, cherished and protected like Jamie does with Claire. Jamie’s character has made me feel that deep love again.
    And I would be remiss if I didn’t say that in all my 63 years I have never seen a show or movie for that matter, that has been done so brilliantly! All the actors are superb, the cinematography is beautiful and the costumes divine!
    Also because of this show, I am making my very first trip to Scotland in May and doing it solo. Also the first time I have ever vacationed alone. I’m so excited!!!
    So thank you Sam!

    • Suzette, you have moved me to tears. I feel the same way and lost my husband, however I was lucky enough to find a best friend and we fell in love. We have now been married 16 years. He is my “mini-Viking” and he too is so much like Jamie. I love the books, the show and my Viking. Have fun in Scotland in May. God bless.

      • Thank you for your kind words Peggy. I’m so very happy for you that you have managed to find true love not once but twice in your lifetime! All the best to you. xx

        • I feel exactly the same about my amazing husband of Scottish/Native American descent (my ‘Jamie’), whom I still have with me by the grace of God following quadruple bypass last month. I’ve been unable to convince him how much he’s missing by not reading/watching Outlander, but I’m truly blessed to have him in my life!
          Enjoy your Scotland trip, Suzette, and take good care of your ‘mini-Viking, Peggy! 😉

    • Suzette Wilson. That was a very touching tribute and I know what you mean about Sam causing a welling up of deep feelings. I feel it to. Bless. Beth

    • I, lost my husband, Sam, a long time ago, when we were young. He was the love of my life. I have never remarried; never given my heart to anyone. For 24 years, I’ve locked myself away from the intimacy I once shared. Since finding the “Outlander” books and TV series, I’m more aware that my Sam would never have wanted me to just exist. The “Outlander” relationship between Jamie and Claire woke up the part if me that I thought died 24 years ago. We loved truly, deeply. And, now, I’m able to reach beyond the walls I built and truly honor the love we shared by opening my heart once again. Thank you, Sam.

      • Aw, Theresa, I’m moved by your story. I’m very sorry you lost your Sam, and have lived with a painful heart for so long. What a gift to be able to open your heart again! I hope it’s OK with you that I passed your beautiful comment on to Diana and Sam. Thank you so much for sharing. xo

          • Amen, it’s the real life ripple effect of Outlander – it changes lives, opens our hearts and minds. Thank you for sharing your story Theresa- I’m honored xo

    • Suzette, your reply really moved me. Thank you.
      I wish I could write as well as you and all the other ladies above and Courtney of course.

  8. Outlander’s lovestory is so beautiful and realistic. I would love to thank Diana for writting something that appeals to anyone who has fallen in love. The charcter portrayed by Sam is how i always have wanted my husband to be….i could just never describe to him what i needed. After 36 years together and discovering Outlander, i had a model. My hubby was on the right track, but Jamie speaks to my soul. So, after i told my hubs this, he began to tweak and fine tune himself into what i have always needed. Is our life perfect…no, but is Jamiecand Clair’s absolutely not. This beautiful lovestory has helped to middle aged empty nesters rediscover each other on so many levels. Thank you for such an eloquent depiction, Diana, of a besutiful and realistic potrayal of their besutiful story.

  9. I love all the in depth research & details that go into every scene. It may be the costumes or the scenery or simply casting the right actor for the part. The lighting & amazing soundtracks from Bear are all part of the kaleidoscope of details that make #Outlander outstanding. Add the emphatic cast & we have an experience worth savouring time & time again. My thanks to the entire production staff both front & backstage.

  10. What I love about Outlander! The beautiful story, both the book and the series.
    The cinematography is amazing. The scenes of Scotland are enchanting. The epic of the French Court and the grandeur of the costumes and sets added so much to making the story so real. Voyager gave us mal d’mer just being at sea. And the gritty sand in Claire’s hair on the sandy Georgia beach were so real.
    But I wonder how on Earth they will traipse through the swamps of South Carolina, pretending it’s n Scotland will be a real slight of reel! I am looking forward to see how the production crew can pull it off. But for me, as long as the twists and turns of the plot maintain the beautiful story full of history and adventure, I’ll be happy. I know they have the talent and craft to do a great job.

  11. Thank you Diana for writing such a great series of books and reigniting my passion for reading! Thank you Ron, and the entire cast and crew, for bringing the books to life. I look forward to re-watching the show from the beginning (again) and then reading the books from the beginning to pick up all the little details that I missed the first time.

  12. Courtney, your comments nailed it. Having these amazing book characters brought to life through the genius of Ron et al is mind-blowing. The passion it has installed in the fans is unbelievable. We are truly blessed to be part of this amazing journey.

  13. There are many things I love about Outlander, but maybe what I love the most is the effect that the book/series has had in my life as in many of my Outlander fans’ lives. I find the phenomena very unique in this world. I love how it has touched so many people, mostly women, around the whole world. I am thankful that Outlander has sparked an endless conversation about how the different passages makes us feel. That is precious to me!
    Thank you DG.

  14. I want to thank Sam Heughan for bringing Jamie Fraser to life in ways that are unimaginable to me. You have far surpassed my idealistic image I had created in my mind of Jamie Fraser. Your acting skills are phenomenal. You can make me cry, smile, laugh, yearn, lust, love with just your eyes, your facial expressions, yes, your body, and oh my your voice. The fact that all the male(and I am sure most of the female) cast members admire you and consider you their friend and colleague says a lot about your character and the talented wonderful man that you are. That you have somehow managed to remain sensitive, sharing, humble and kind and so giving is mind boggling considering you are truly the most exquisitely handsome man I have ever laid eyes on in my 68 years on this planet. As Graham MacTavish said..”Sam is Jamie” and you embody all that we love in Jamie Fraser. And as David Berry has said “Sam is a beautiful man”. Lastly, thank you for giving back. For your charitable work. And for how that smile warms our hearts and lights up our souls. You, Sam Heughan, are our walking, living, laughing, passionate King of all men.

    • Amen. I want to say the same things that you say, Francesca. And on top of that: I want to thank Sam that through his gift of acting he reawakened my sense of being a woman. After a broken relationship I did not feel anything anymore for years. I thought I am getting old and that is it. Then I saw Sam and everything changed. My life changed. Through the beautiful show, with Cait and everything else and Diana of course, Sam has been enabled to portray the wonderful Jamie Fraser who freed my heart. Thank you for that, Outlander. And thanks Sam for MPC.

    • Well said…my thoughts in your words – Sam’s casting was a stroke of genius. Also thanks to Diana Gabaldon and her amazing literary skills that brought Outlander alive and gave us Jamie Fraser and Bear McCleary for awesome music.

  15. Ronald D. Moore has assembled a cast and crew that brought iconic characters to life with heart, sensitivity, and beauty. They superbly portray a grand, epic story that is full of the nitty-grit of life, death, sex and all the events that extraordinary characters live.
    Casting Scotland as a major character to help tell the story, using Bear McCreary’s beautiful and haunting music to enhance the emotional impact, researching the costuming so that one is immersed in the period, and then taking the time to search and search for the perfect cast to play these bigger-than-life characters has all been excellent.
    I also think the writers that have adapted the BEB’s (as Diana calls them) into a flowing story for the screen has been exquisite. It is no small feat and they have done a superb job. (I have not had the same criticism’s of Claire speaking Jaime’s dialogue that I have read.)
    As you said, Courtney, it is hard to pick just one thing. The fact that we get to WATCH this wonderful story that we are so attached to is a miracle and a treasure.
    I’ve just re-read all the books and re-watched all the seasons for the second time through and cannot get enough!
    #ILoveOutlander #Outlander #OutlanderForever #JaimeFraser

  16. We love outlander for the wonderful time travel story that it is and the beautiful love story that it is..reminds us of the love my wife and I have for each other and we would go through time or any obstacle to find each other because our love and bond is that strong ..thank you outlander can’t wait for season 4 the drums of autumn…

  17. My big THANK YOU goes to every single soul that stands behind any detail in the whole Show called Outlander. Special thank you to Diana for bringing the story to the world. I live in Prague and it feels really good to know they have choosen my City to be part of Outlander 🙂 DEKUJI!

  18. More people that should be thanked: Jon Gary Steele for creating detailed sets that greatly enhance the vision I have while reading the books and perfectly reflect the mood of the story, Terry Dressbach and her staff for the historically accurate beautifully detailed costumes. The hours of work to accomplish that are appreciated by fans! I also love Bear McCreary’s music, the views of beautiful Scotland, and of course the actors who bring the characters in Diana’s books to life in such a vivid and memorable way!

  19. Why I love Outlander? Let me count the ways. Because of the beautiful love story and the way it has been brought to the screen but also because of the setting . I have fallen in love with Scotland and went out and bought a history of the country to learn as much as possible about it,

    Like you Courtney, I want to thank Ron Moore for bringing Outlander to us as I first learnt about the story through the small screen and then read the books. I have watched each episode several times and it is always a very special moment that I cherish. It just makes me feel so good even in the more dramatic moments. I also want to give a heartfelt thanks to the casting director who managed to find such talented actors to play Claire, Jamie, Lord John, Bree, Roger and all the other wonderful characters especially the Highlanders: Murtagh, Angus, Rupert and Dougal. Even when the series is over ( let’s hope this will not happen too soon), it will stay with me forever.

  20. This is one book series that rekindled my love of Scotland, history, my family heritage, and makes me feel proud to have ancestors from 47 different clans. While I love the story, it brings it home to me on so many personal levels. Because of Outlander, I am doing more family history research with my mother, trying traditional recipes, speaking to people who use Gaelic and Doric, and meeting people that we share the same clans.

    I have taken the spirit of the book- family and have applied it to my own life.

  21. I want to thank everyone that works on Outlander. From the top to the bottom. Diana has written such an incredible series and those that work on the show have done such an amazing job in bringing it to life in tv form. I never would have thought we’d get the opportunity to see Diana’s written word on TV and it has turned out so much better than I ever thought possible. Even the changes that have been made make it wonderful because I feel that it brings some thing new and in most cases better to an already outstanding story. Thank you to everyone involved in this!

  22. I would like to thank all of the actors who have appeared on this show for so expertly bringing to life Diana’s characters. From our stars, Sam and Cait, to season regulars or to those who appear in Just one episode, I am amazed at the level of performances on this show. I’ve enjoyed every minute of all their work.
    I also appreciate how hard the writers work to stay true to the books yet make the necessary changes for their tv audience. I think they have done a marvelous job. I feel that everyone working on this show, whether it’s costumes, editing, directing, music, etc. has set a very high bar to reach for each show which has turned into tv magic for me, the viewer. Thank you all for giving us THE BEST SHOW EVER.

  23. When the series came on I had never read the books…Even though they had been suggested to me….I just felt I didn’t have time to read fiction…Now I make time to read the Outlander books over and over again…I have been married for 53 years to a great man that is my soul mate and the passion of my whole life…Reading the books reminds me so often of the things we did when we were young and adventurous…Diana has made me realize that the man I married at 18 has been my protector, guardian, provider as well as giving me every ounce of his love and affection…I took him for granted so often but now I understand how much he has given of himself…Thank you Diana for bringing that to light in my mind…I needed that kick in my behind to see what I truly had…And I am so lucky to still have him…Each day is a gift and I thank the almighty for each one…We laugh and talk about Outlander daily and relate it to some silly things and rough days we had in our lives…Some of my friends and family think I am out of my mind over Outlander which I have never been so attracted to any fiction so strongly before…but I blow them off and think if only they took some time to know DG writings then they could understand…I just humbly want to say Thank you to everyone involved with Outlander particularly Diana for her wonderful work…

  24. Thank you to all that are involved. The cast is amazing. Sam and Cat are so good that it’s hard to believe they are acting. A phenomenonal show all around.

  25. What is there not to love about Outlander? Of course, some of us love certain things more than others. For me, I especially love the commitment and the heart and soul put into making Outlander by everyone involved. Without these things, we would not have had three amazing seasons nor what I’m sure will be many more amazing seasons in the future.


  27. I agree with everything so before me and I would add that the books are a magnificent and the Shell is magnificent even if I have issues which have they have for trade some scenes and we deleted others. To all staf I agree with everything said before me and I would add that the books are magnificent and the Sh0w is magnificent even if I have issues with how certain parts of the story have been adapted & in some instances, where it wasn’t recognizable . To DG , Ron, all cast, crew,, writers, directors, costumes and set designers etc., my sincerest thanks.

  28. Special thanks to Diana Gabaldon for constructing such an engaging story that teaches as it entertains! My trip to Inverness this year is greatly inspired by her lovely story – a story that weaves fact and fiction so closely, sometimes I forget where the fact ends. I am so drawn in, her world of Outlander seems real.

  29. There are so many aspects of Outlander that I love, from the books to the acting to the final filmed products. it’s hard to pick just one person or group to thank but kudos are definitely in order for the writing and continuity teams. They have brought Diana’s books to life with clever or moving dialogue, logical progressions between scenes and episodes, and they provide a level of reality that allows me to lose myself in the goings on time and time again. An atmosphere of reality is difficult to maintain, especially in a historical setting and yet they make it seem more real than the world I return to when each episode is over. Writing this good is rare and their efforts make me laugh and cry many times over. Thank you!

  30. Thank you to all who have given Outlander to us. Diana Gabaldon especially. Matt Roberts, Maril Davis and Terry Dresbach for introducing Ron D Moore to the series and Jon Gary Steele for bringing the story to life visually for the actors and all of us. The Star Chamber took my breath away. A glorious story shown to us with stunning costumes, detailed and gorgeous sets, passionate actors and hard working crew. And, thank you for not killing off Murtagh Fitzgibbons, such a wonderful surprise.

  31. I am not sure I can add anything to all the comments above except to thank all involved with the show and Herself for the source material. It seems truly “lightning in a bottle” has struck with the talent that Ron has gathered for this beautiful show. I read the credits at the end of the show and say a silent thank you for everyone from the costume cutters to the van drivers. All are important no matter the gift of talent they provide for the show. My fervent hope is that Starz (thank you Starz!) keeps renewing the show to give us a new book/season each year. I am also thankful for all the fans all over the world that show so much love for everyone connected to the show and never fail to express their opinions to the people like Matt, Terry, Maril, Sam, Cait, etc., who are so gracious to interact with fans and actually read and respond to what we say.

  32. Hard as I try I cannot pick one single thing over all others. They are all so interwoven and codependent so Ill start at the beginning. Diana has written the most enjoyable series that I have ever read and I am a big reader of many different genres. Her in-depth research about all things historical and medical as well as her rich descriptive characters captured my heart immediately after starting the first book. I fell in love with Janie and Claire and Scotland. At this point I had no knowledge of the TV series, but was ready to book a trip to Scotland based on what I was reading. Once I saw the first video, I felt like Jamie and Claire had just come to life. The casting has been amazing, the costumes, the set designs, the music and the acting all mesh together to create a magnificent rendition of the books. I have never been disappointed with and episode and a HUGE debt of gratitude to all concerned for their part played in this wonderful series. In all my 75 years, I have never read even 1 book over let alone 8 as I have done with the Outlander series. i have purchased all 3 DVDs and have totally lost count how many times I have watched and re-watched them. I have joined MPC and purchased multiple articles and truly can’t read or watch anything that affects me the same. I also have never met actors like Sam and Cait who keep in touch with their fan base as these two do.

  33. Ron et al…thank you for bringing my favorite authour to life. Outlander is a very special TV series that will live forever. you have selected great actors to interpret the story. perhaps it is so loved because so many of us in north america are of scottish heritage…canada and usa democracy was laid down by the many scottish leaders that have passed thru. in a way, the jacobites changed our gaelic world (we wont mention france!!). and the facts diana has used in her OUtlander books are actually true to history. whatever is driving we outlander series fans it is a wonderful world! thanks everyone for such excellence—-methinks those award guru’s are afraid to give Outlander awards because Outlander is too good to be compared to those silly hollywood actors.

  34. Kudos to all! A job well done by all involved in this magnificent production. I started watching Outlander quite by accident and I’m so glad I did. It has taken me by surprise as I have never been so involved in a TV series before. All of you take us to a different world and we are happy to be in it. Thanks for all your work and efforts – you are all very much appreciated.

  35. I love love Outlander, their would not
    Be an Outlander series without Sam Heughan as Jamie Frazier and Caitronia Balfe as Claire Beachump Fraser! The chemistry between these two people, love and passion is so great! OUTLANDER forever!!!

  36. It’s a given that we love DG, Sam, Cait, Ron, Marilyn, Teri, and all the Names we recognize so easily. But I want to thank those a person doesn’t usually think about. The person holding a script in freezing weather for a star, the driver waiting in the car to take them safely home, the costume crew who not only make the costumes, but get the mud off so they can be used again, the extras who get stuck in a ships hold smelling fake vomit and all the others we don’t think of. And a special shout to Scotland for embracing an American writers work and making it theirs! Silante’. Duncan Kerr would be a relative of mine!

  37. Oh, a special shout out to Tobias Menzies! He took on 2 characters and made both believable! Great casting in a cast of myriad talents! Don’t worry, still love you Sam❤️?

  38. I’m grateful for the cast and crew! They work in all kinds of weather conditions. They drive to put out the absolute best work in all kinds of conditions. Their dedication to producing a superior quality show is incredible!

  39. Came to the books via series 1 of Outlander. Read them all in a few weeks. Thank you Ron D Moore,Maril, Terry,Gary, Matt B,Toni, Anne K, and all the names I can’t remember,
    Spell,or don’t even know. Enriched by your work and grateful for your nods to readers or viewers only. Ta.

  40. My deepest gratitude to everyone involved in bringing Outlander to our screens . Such high production values are rare and the sheer quality of every aspect of the production is breathtaking . Direction, sets and design, costume, music, acting – there are too few superlatives to describe this undertaking. I love the way in which everyone involved thinks deeply about their role in the production and how their contribution is part of the whole. Diana’s books are utterly life changing and I connected with the story and the characters within moments of starting the first book. The books are multilayered and appeal to so many people in so many ways. However, the story of Jamie and Claire’s marriage – because I feel this is what Outlander is really about- is so profound that it has much to tell us today about love, respect, loyalty and consistency it should be required reading to everyone setting out upon the road of marriage and relationships. I feel the screen production of Outlander is moving the story to a different audience but is keeping it’s essential message intact. Well done to everybody involved and thank you.

  41. I was not going to watch when I heard they were going to make a series of My Outlander. thought they would never do it justice but to my delight they have and the actors are spot on. Very great casting. Every aspect is great. Love it all.

  42. Wow…….”how shall I ever choose? “……………………… it. THANKFUL FOR IT ALL!! only complaint… missing book 9 and 10. Ok! ok! there I dared to bring it up….but I am no spring chicken and I fear having to wait till some Samhain frees me to wander into a bookstore to get the ending!!

  43. Thanks to all for giving us not only the visual of the books we love, but especially, by giving us the real visual of the beauty of Scotland. This small country with uncommon beauty is now familiar worldwide and bringing many of us there to see it.

  44. First I would like to thank Diana for writing such amazing historical books. She describes life in the 18th century so well. Also I would like to thank her for the character of Jamie. For me it is Jamie that is so awesome a character. Love all of his characteristics and his humour. Having said that I have to thank Sam Heughan for making that character come to life on the screen and showing such emotion no matter what the scene. You nail it every time. Your acting at Wentworth was truly the best I have ever seen. Your Jamie,is awesome to watch. You have made Jamie a most loved character and I thank you for that.

  45. Where do I begin. From the beginning of course! First and foremost, i would like to thank Diana Gabaldon for the Outlander book series (I have read all 8 of the books)- The indepth conversations between Jamie and Claire are so rare between a couple and a very brave thing to do! Very Rare!. Also, my life has been affected by the Outlander books, there has been real treasures in them that I have applied to my own life that have either “saved the day”, or “avoided catastrophe”. The intimacy between Jamie and Claire, either physical, conversational or emotional outshines anything I ever read. Aslo, how two people from different centuries, could connect inspite of their differences. They were well matched. Two of a kind. Also, thank you Diana for introducing us all to Scotland – a very magical place! I am waiting for your ninth book “Tell the Bees that I am Gone”. I know it will be just as amazing. Your books are real treasures in their own right. Secondly, I want to thank the creators, producers, writers and all the behind the scenes staff for an unforgettable TV series. It has been so refreshing and original – a real gem. The world of thanks to Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe – absolutely brilliant talents – for bringing Jamie and Claire to life for us. The emotional depth, intelligence, humour and awe inspiring performances have us all spellbound. I have the DVD/Blu-rays of Seasons 1 and 2, and am now the very proud owner of the Collector’s Edition of Season 3 – Voyager. In other words, a big Thank You to everyone who has given us “Outlander” – book form and the TV series.

  46. I would like to thank Diana for giving us a role model in Jamie of the type of man that us women should hope to find one day (loyal, loving,accepting, understanding, strong, flexible, soft and supportive and many more attributes) if we are lucky, and to Sam for portraying so swell. The books are a marvel to read and the show an addiction to watch so a big shout out to all involved, I’m sorry I can’t put into words the emotion that the books and show stir up in me, if I could I would be a writer myself but please accept they are very real and positive,

  47. My gratitude goes to the cast and crew of Outlander and especially to Diana. I began the “Outlander Journey” with binge watching season 1. I was hooked 10 minutes into the first episode. I was not just a viewer, but felt as though I was there in the moment, experiencing everything that happened. I could almost smell the sweat, grime and blood of the scenes with Claire as she administered life saving procedures during the war scene. I could feel the wind blowing in my hair and see the exquisite Scottish scenery while traveling down the road in the car. This is story telling at its best and Diana is the creator of this story. So thank you Ron Moore and everyone involved with the tv production. Thank you Diana and also the man in your life. After watching season 1, I had to read the books. So I read all eight books in eight weeks. And as I read , I wondered how is it that you know men so well.

    • Yes how does Diana know men so well? I think because she loves men and particularly her husband. I do love men too and particularly my boyfriend of 22 and a half years.

  48. Being Scottish I love the character portrayals, particularly Jennie. In Jennie I see myself, my mum and my aunt. Also the male characters, my husband and my dad, seemingly harsh at times but solid and loving. Give me a Scotsman anytime !

  49. RDM thank you for returning Murtagh to us….Duncan’s honest and quiet performance of Murtagh has us begging for more!! ?

  50. I wish to thank Diana for the vibrant, encompassing story that will forever be a part of me, and then to Ron and company for daring to bring that vision to life, and brilliantly so. Both the books and the tv adaptation will always be treasured in my heart.

  51. Amen! well said. KUDOS!! well deserved. Grateful to everyone working on Outlander. Appreciate the cast and crew for bringing this amazing story to life. Weather in production, writing, costumes, editing, directing, music, special effects, visual adaptation etc. The dedication, hard work involved in bringing a project of this magnitude to the big screen is daunting. Heartfelt thanks to casting for choosing such talented actors. So many wonderful characters ( fave) Murtagh, Angus, Rupert and Dougal; Lord John, Bree, Roger. Most especially the stars Sam and Cait for tackling the love story of Jamie and Claire, two iconic characters with such passion that really touches my heart. I’m amazed at the level of performances. Sam’s heart wrenching portrayal of a broken man throughout Season 3 Eps.1 thru 4 was superb. The respect shown for Diana G, author of Outlander series.

  52. As a fan of the books long before any talk of a series (or movie, or musical….), I am grateful for the spotlight on this epic story. Tears of joy ran down my face as I watched the opening credits. They were bringing Jamie & Claire to life! I connected with other people from around the world that loved these characters as I did (and found I wasn’t as crazy as I thought). Thank you for helping our Sassenach sisterhood grow!

  53. Definitely grateful to everyone involved in creating Outlander
    I visited Scotland in 2014 & fell in love & now understand even more why .The cast the detail the scenery the music- all work together to evoke such strong emotions. It’s way more than just the good looks of Jamie & Claire- it’s all encompassing.
    So thank you Diana for your amazing story. I’m still waiting on the books – & so looking forward to reading them.

  54. What a delightful post to read in light of the so many and so frequent complaints (and so petty) comments that I read in some groups. I think this is a fabulous production and dare I say, I prefer the series to the books. Visually it’s a delight to watch from the scenery, to staging and props, to the exquisite and detailed costuming, the wonderful music, the nuances of the lighting, the fabulous camera work and editing. And all the cast. All the cast have brought their respective roles to life; I am in awe of some of the performances and emotions they can provoke in me, the viewer. And especially Claire/Cait and Jamie/Sam – they are a treat to watch together and separately.

  55. thank you for giving life to the books I loved !! thanks to the casting! all the actors are very good. in other series I do not see better and more refined scenes! beautiful costumes! the story has sometimes been readapted but I understand the difficulty to respect the times! Murtang survived and compared to the book much more ‘attractive! the first series: my favorite! the acting of the great actors !! I wanted less cuts .. because ‘the excluded scenes were all beautiful … smart insert them into the DVDs. good Ron for the choice to stay in Scotland despite the weather !!!Grazie mille !!

  56. First, let me say that I’m so appreciative of your site Courtney. I check in each day to see your posts and always enjoy your choice of topics, your excellent writing, and news of the Outlander “world”. Secondly, let me say that after reading all of the posts above, I’m thankful to be part of a global community filled with such intelligent and interesting women who share their love of this Outlander world. Your posts are thoughtful, beautifully written, and echo my thoughts. And finally, I’m most thankful for the fact that Outlander has truly changed my life – I know that sounds like perhaps I don’t have a life – I have a lovely life and have been blessed – but these incredible books, and wonderful series, have brought something to my life that I can’t really explain. I would bet that many of you have the same feeling. DG, Ron and Maril and Matt and Toni and Gary and Bear and the incredible cast (whom I adore), have brought these people and their story to life. And I have fallen in love with Scotland all over again. I was there many years ago, then two years ago went back for a week with a “sister in Outlander”, and this June am going again with my husband. Thank you one and all!!!!!

  57. For the books I would like to thank Diana for knowing about love, loyalty and compassion, and for conveying it so beautifully to the written word. I first read Outlander in the early 90s about the time I got divorced. It inspired me to accept and care for others and teach my children to do the same.

    As for the show. I would first thank STARZ for taking on this project and believing in Ron. Without them we would not have this feast for the eyes. But mainly, my thanks go to the casting director. I have so loved seeing Diana’s amazing characters come to life, and especially to Sam and Cait for their devotion and hard work. I cannot get enough of watching these two on screen. It us magical.

  58. Thank you first and foremost to Diana. Who knew where “let’s try writing a novel” would lead?? Your words are inspirational to say the least. Thank you to Terry Dresbach for getting Ron on board this timeless train, and to Ron for setting the wheels in motion for this ‘ride of a lifetime’ for so many around the world. So so many thanks to Bear McCreary for letting our souls soar so high and speaking so directly to our hearts with his music. Endless thanks to Sam and Cait for embodying our Jamie and Claire and literally giving us back our passion. To the remaining cast – bravo ! – and all the producers, crew and behind the scenes workers and extras, a very BIG thank you for your monumental efforts. This has been a life- changing experience for me and ‘I’m so grateful’ – TRULY…

  59. Courtney, THANK YOU for providing this opportunity to give positive comment, and for your time and efforts each post.

    My appreciation of Outlander goes very deep, to the actors who obviously are very invested in making a quality product; to the writers, creators, producers who are doing a superior job bringing a difficult series to life while having the patience to listen to the long standing fans and hearing what we are looking for…to Diana for writing books that make and break our hearts—and to Ron for his efforts in creating an outstanding product as well as taking the leap and involving the author. I can only imagine the risk that could have been if both parties weren’t dedicated to a final fantastic product.

    Looking forward to the next Season

  60. I read all the Outlander books before the series and as the series progresses I have re-read each book that the series is about. I am so impressed with how the team has captured the essence of the stories.
    I have visited Scotland in the past (my family name is Fraser) and I have traced the family back to before Culloden. My family was from Beauly. On that visit I did not have the impact of how the Highlander clans suffered and were so persecuted, and the series has brought it all to life.
    Since watching the series I have planned a trip back to Scotland this fall and have put together an Outlander tour. We will visit many of the sites used in the filming and end in the highlands to see the heather bloom and visit our family roots.
    Also trying to learn some Gaelic ~~ “Slanjevar” and thanks to Diana for her wonderful books and to all for this amazing series !!!!!

  61. A very, very big THANK YOU, to everyone. Diana’s books, awesome, Ron, you are the man for bring those books to life, and to the cast and crew, everyone one of you are amazing, for bring Diana’s books to life as well. 🙂

  62. Gratitude, love and faith are the only things that keeps me moving forward thru the many highs and lows in life we all go thru. Outlander. the tv show, is an amazing peak – with life’s ups and downs depicted beautifully. Read all the books many times, then the visual was there before my eyes on Starz. Amazing. No amount of praise can let you know what this shows means to me. Normal to the naked eye…. except when it comes to all Outlander. The story captured me on a trip to Scotland with my daughters many years ago. I met two Scots who told us all about the books. We were hooked. The quality of this show is the best I’ve ever seen. Writing, directing, adaptation, and of course Sam and Cait, + all others. Each character is perfect for each role. The quality of character in each person shines through. Thank you.

  63. I am highly affected by music in almost all settings so , my special thanks goes out to the maestro himself Bear McCreary ! From his adaptation of the opening theme song , to the Claire & Jamie theme each time they appear , to the forties big band tunes in several scenes . I loved the way he adapted the theme song to suit the French Court in year two and then the Caribbean beat as they were in the islands . I can’t wait to hear what else he has in store for us ! Thank you , Bear ????

  64. I so agree with all the lovely comments regarding Ron & Co., Bear, Sam, Cait and all cast members. I appreciate the meticulous production details. The visually stunning set designs and costumes are a big part of the Outlander magic. Looking forward to many more seasons. Thanks to all!

  65. [Jumping in late, since I just returned from visiting my daughter who’s taking a semester at University of Glasgow. It wasn’t til I got back that I realized we’d walked right through the setting for “Harvard”!] It’s so hard to identify one element that’s my favorite. I found the Starz series last year, and the amazing storytelling, cast and production led me to the books. But yesterday, I was watching “Freedom & Whisky” (again) and the exquisite use of A Hard Rain’s Gonna Fall in the closing minutes, so apt for each of the story arcs, brought me to tears (again). So thank you to Diana, for creating this amazing series, and to everyone involved in the Starz production for bringing it to life so beautifully.

  66. I cannot possibly thank just one. Thank you, Diana, for the books. Thank you, Ron, for your vision and for your approach to the show. Thank you, Maril, Toni, Matt, and other writers/producers, for going through these thousands of pages of material and finding a way to weave as much of the story as possible together for us into 13 episodes every season. Thank you Jon Gary Steele for your amazing sets. Thank you, Terry Dresbach, for the amazing costumes. Thank you, makeup and hair people for all the magic. Thank you, crew, for your tireless work getting the footage. Thank you, all the hundreds of others who help make this huge machine run. Thank you, actors, for your hard work, the long hours, the tremendous emotional and physical capital you spend every day bringing these characters and their story to life. Thank you to all the entities (Stars, Sony, Tall Ship Productions) involved in making this show. I will tell you something–I didn’t know anything about this show other than it was based on some books about time travel and a woman torn between two loves. (which is really just book 1). I didn’t watch a single episode until my husband (my own Jamie) suggested we watch it together in Feb 2018. (yes, a couple months ago) I didn’t read a word of the books until after episode 4 in season 1. (I have finished them all) This is a great show, and it is deserving of so many awards, for every aspect of the production. The actors deserve every award, too, and I hope they get them! My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed every episode and we are both huge fans (he–half Scottish ancestry, military guy, alpha male, shares many of Jamie’s best attributes) and will continue to watch. Outlander is a pleasure to behold, I hope it runs all the way to the end of the story.

  67. There is so much to be grateful for…First and foremost, must be the care and love we all share surrounding this amazing story, in either written or visual form, Having just returned from a fabulous weekend with 30 other OL fans and being immersed in OL world for 3 days, my heart is full.
    Diana, as I have said before, I LOVE your brain! It works in such unexpected and marvelous ways. Thank you Matt and Maril for sharing your love of OL with Terry and Ron so your collective visual interpretation could be shared with so many. Thank you to the exceptionally selected actors for working so hard and sharing your talents to contribute to the story…to Terry and Jon Gary Steele for making the story so visually rich and tangible for us viewers. And finally….
    Thank you Courtney for loving OL and sharing your insights and respecting all others.

  68. Where do I begin to tell you that this series has been warm, passionate, and yet outstanding in its commitment to describing what true love, trust, and honesty is all about. Thank you for the wonderful series as well to Diana for her great writing..

    Thank you and my deepest gratitude to all.

  69. What a lovely initiative this sharing of gratitude is!
    So I would like to thank each and everyone involved for your committment and willingness to put your heart and soul into this epic project; both the books and the series. Your love, care and attention shines through in every little detail. But most of all I thank you for your honest portrayal of all the beauty and heartbreak of human life and love. And such magical journey it is. You have touched my heart.

  70. I am so thankful for Outlander, the show and the books. It brings another world to me that I can get loss in. Sometimes in this day to day world, you just want to get away for awhile, forget your problems and let your mind wander to another time and place.

  71. At my age 75, I was finding most of my friends and all my siblings were now deceased and depression was a real struggle.
    Although a fantasy and coming across “Outlander” by accident I have found out that I am a true romantic and the the performances of Caitriona and Sam transport me to a world of love and adventure.
    I have since purchased 4 of the “Outlander” Books and have come to admire the artistry of Dianna’s writing.
    I appreciate all things must come to an end but to know that there will be a season 5 & 6 of “Outlander” may just be enough to keep this old Scotsman breathing for another couple of years and I thank all involved in this magnificent series from the bottom of my heart.

  72. I have to say that I feel much the same about Outlander books and TV series. I also found the Outlander books by accident. I truly fell in love with DIana G. writing and storytelling. I read the entire series ending each book with a burning necessity to get on with the next. I marveled at how she captivated by interest for 1000+ pages and left me hanging with a burning need to find out what happens next. As soon as I finished, i immediately started back at the first book and repeated the process more slowly the second round. I realized I was trying to make the story last longer. I was unaware that there was a TV series and when I found out, i had to binge watch season 1 as season 2 was just about to start. I was flabbergasted to see how Claire and Jamie were so like the figures I imagined and was delighted to be able to watch the story come to life.
    The deviations from the actual written version never bothered me as i realize an adaptation implicitly means that there will be changes. I looked at it as another point of view.After all, even as the writing was so vividly descriptive, there are certain things that can not be accurately displayed on screen.
    I am a romantic at heart, have been able to convince many of my younger friends to read the books. My family thinks i am obsessed and I am admittedly and proudly so. Reading the books has inspired me to travel to Scotland, to fall in love with the country, and to become even more independent in my senior years.

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