Denver Comic Con Fan Panel: Outlander Behind the Scenes, A Dram of Outlander, and Outlander Medicine

Photo: Starz: BTS filming of Season 4

Waaaay back in June, Desirre Andrews (A Dram of Outlander), Karen Daugherty (Outlander Medicine) and myself did a fan panel at Denver Comic Con. We wanted to facilitate a discussion, because in all honesty, it’s my experience that most Outlander fans are pretty fascinating people, and have very interesting things to say. So, that was our objective, and that’s what we did. It was a lot of fun, (as you’ll see).

SPOILERS: We start off with our favorite scenes from Season 3, what scenes and characters (including animals) we’re all looking forward to in Season 4 (yippeeeeee), including Murtagh’s potential role, and lots of moments from the book that I had certainly forgotten. We talk about the portrayal of the slave era, which leads to a discussion of Mr. Willoughby’s character change in Season 3. Karen is an ER doc, and she talks about her favorite medical scenes, whether they’re realistic, and how the show is doing portraying medical scenes. Desirre is a home birth midwife, and she talks about Jenny’s breech birth in Season 2, and tells us if it’s OK for moms to drink whisky in labor! I talk about my most challenging Outlander interviews (so far), and the best quip from an interviewee (so far). We discuss a Lord John Grey spinoff, and what characters on the show have essentially walked out of the pages of the books for us. We talk about our favorite costumes, and we get to hear and see the description of what went into making an 18th century gown. This is a great primer for Season 4, and I hope you enjoy it immensely! (We did).

This video has accurate and lovingly edited (by yours truly) closed captioning(!!), so you won’t miss a word. Click the “CC” button at the bottom right-hand corner of your youtube screen to turn it on. I took the (substantial) time to do this, because I wanted to capture all of the interesting things that were said in the room. We three had microphones, but others did not.

If you follow, and watch my interviews, you know that I enjoy amusing myself (and you, hopefully), by putting together a blooper reel for each of my interviews. Youtube’s auto-captioning feature afforded me with many belly laughs, and my “blooper reel” for this offering. You can enjoy some of those screen captures below the video.

For now, come join some Outlander fans in a fun, interesting discussion of our favorite subject… after you click on the video, turn on your closed caption option. Here is a photo showing you how to do that, and what it should look like…

And, here’s our video… enjoy! 


In the panel, I reference my Interview with Gary Young, Mr. Willoughby, which Karen Schmidt, Outlander Anatomy calls “a gift to Outlander fans.” Check it out. Mr. Willoughby

I also mention my Season 3 NYC Premiere Red Carpet Interview with Sam and Cait, which you can see HERE.

You can watch the blooper reel I mention in my Steven Cree Interview, here.

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Another fun read to get you ready for Season 4, here.

Blooper Screen Caps: Be sure and notice the mismatched faces and the creative wording by Youtube! In some cases you can see the correct wording to the left. Enjoy… (who else would like to see Fergus’s fine french horn? ?& do we really think Caitriona needs to tighten up her bum roll?))


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  1. I did not understand them at first. The Lady on the right (mine) did not speak loud enough. But then I discovered a “button” saying subtitles an all was well.
    Funny inerviews and questions. I appreciated it. Thank you lasies!

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