More Excellent Fan Edits by King FireMan – Happy Sunday

Photo: Claire and Jamie at the stones, Season 2, Starz

Happy Sunday! I recently posted the awesome Jamie tribute by this same fan editor, King FireMan. He is a 22 year old Frenchman, and the link to his Youtube account is: King FireMan.  He’s done lots of edits for Vikings, Game of Thrones, and many others, including mixed show videos.

Here are two more beautiful Outlander videos for you to enjoy. This guy is most definitely a fan. Get ready for the goosebumps and the tears… 


Go here, for more videos by King FireMan.

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Wishing you a beautiful day, with loved ones and outside time.

xo, Courtney


9 comments on “More Excellent Fan Edits by King FireMan – Happy Sunday

  1. The editing. The orchestration. The knowing what works with what. Genius, and in one so young is truly profound. Thank you for bringing this new level of videos dedicated to OUTLANDER to my attention, Courtney. So looking forward to following him now!

      • Courtney, there is a new video from him out today, this time featuring B&R. Left a comment, including the fact that your website had directed me to his videos. He mentioned you, and had knowledge that you had done so!

  2. Oh, these two videos are beautiful! The Frenchman is a romantic. I love the music. The scenes he shows are the heart of Outlander: Jamie and Claire’s incredible love and what that kind of love asks of two people. Thanks for posting these.

  3. These 2 videos are so precious. Amazingly put together – A total storey in each one. Jamie and Claire – a rare couple. This is what Outlander is truly about! Thank you for sharing this with us. Please send more.

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