5 comments on “Very Funny SDCC Panel Highlight Video with a Surprise Guest (Tulach Ard!)

    • I think it was a brilliant strategy by Jenna (as someone who does interviews), she can ASK the good questions but she gives them an out. I’m sure they answered lots of less “juicy” questions, and I do think they have a right to say no, and she did make them dance!

  1. It was fun to watch, and it looks like we missed some funny comments, due to the mushy audio. But thank you very much to Bay Area HQ for sharing, and for you taking the time to post this, Courtney. Caitriona looked like she was doing her dance from “The Search”, Sam was very graceful in partnering Ms. Tatum, and Graham has some very good modern moves!

    • You’re welcome Cece. Some of the audio is not great, but I figured you guys would like to see and hear the part you _can_ see and hear! Verra entertaining, is that bunch.

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