Bear McCreary on Season 3… Soundtrack Available for Purchase Now

Mom always says that Diana will go down in history as one of the great authors of our time, and I have to agree with her. This project attracts and develops many great people, and talents. Someone else who will go down in history, in my opinion, is Bear McCreary. His beautiful, masterful, original pieces bring our emotions to the forefront as we watch the Outlander story unfold on the small screen. I truly believe the production would be a shadow of itself without his contributions. Good news: the soundtrack for Season 3 was released for purchase on Friday, Feb 9th. 

Bear did an interview with EW’s Lynette Rice recently in anticipation of the soundtrack’s debut. Bear’s comments about writing the death of Frank especially struck me. The fact is, Bear writes music for each character – they each have their own theme song when they appear on screen. So Frank’s death is a death not only for Tobias, who’s played him, and Claire of course, but for all of the artists who’ve helped bring him to life, including Bear. The writers will no longer write Frank, Terry’s team won’t make costumes for Frank anymore, he’ll no longer sit in someone’s makeup chair, etc. Everyone who touches and helps make that character come to life must say goodbye to him. I never thought of it quite like that before.

Matt Roberts wrote the script for this heartbreaking ending, and Bear wrote the heartwrenching music that goes with it…

Here’s what Bear had to say about it…

What would you say were the hardest moments to write music for from season 3?
“Boy, there’s a few. Emotionally, Frank’s death was extremely difficult. I found myself weeping as I was writing. I felt so much for Claire. I felt for Frank and I loved the theme I wrote for Frank and it was sad writing it, knowing it was the last time. In many ways, I was saying goodbye to a piece of music that had been in my life for three years and a character. So that was challenging in that it was very emotional.”

Well, Bear, you certainly weren’t the only one crying during that scene!

 As sad as Claire’s goodbye to Frank was, there’s a pretty good chance we’ll see old Frank again, thanks to the flashback. And when he is recollected by Claire (or Bree), the costume dept. will dust off his togs, and Bear will have the chance to write Frank’s theme song again….

Here’s a sample of the Season 3 soundtrack 


You can purchase the soundtrack on Amazon – Outlander S3 Soundtrack

or I Tunes – Outlander S3 Soundtrack

For the full EW Article, Go HERE.

7 comments on “Bear McCreary on Season 3… Soundtrack Available for Purchase Now

  1. Indeed, the music is so integral in the story line. Just saw First Wife ::we get it delayed..loved the slight twist in hearing “Coming through the Rye” as Jamie walks through the street. Very subtle.

  2. My order is on its way. It will arrive tomorrow the 11th. I have the two CDs of S1 and the CD of S2 which is my favorite but I like the music of S1 too of course.

  3. That is exactly my thinking: I would love the series as much as I already do – but the music is the icing on the cake. It only takes 3 seconds of Bear McCreary’s music to take me right back into every scene. Which is something good driving back at home after an exhausting working day. 😉

  4. Your music adds tremendously to all aspects of the show for me .It can evoke all different emotions from me . Thank you for your attention to detail .

  5. I have the DVD’s of S1 and S2, the music also. Am still waiting for S3 which should be here next month. Will buy the soundtrack too. I love the books, the series , the music, the costumes, the sets… Outlander has such a lot of beautiful qualities. Thanks to authors, music composer, directors, cast and crew, and all the others (included in my grateful thanks)! Makes us happy and I do not know if there is another TV series like Outlander.

  6. I rarely watch new t.v. shows; I must have been going through the channels and heard the music that started off the show in season 1. and that is what helped me to stop and watch the show. if not for that beginning song, I would have kept skipping through. I love the soundtrack for seasons one and two. it calms me when I am driving and it brings me right back to my favorite scenes and characters.

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