Deleted Scene, Episode 304, with Jamie, Claire, & Roger…

Photo: Starz, Jamie praying. 

If history repeats itself, we can look forward to seeing Season 4 gag reels and deleted scenes very soon, as that usually happens about a month before the DVD’s and Blu-rays are released (May 28th in the US). 

To whet our appetites, here is a deleted scene from my favorite episode of Season 3 – Episode 304, Of Lost Things (well, it might be a tie between 304: Of Lost Things, and 301: The Battle Joined). 

Can we really ever get enough of Jamie and Claire? I don’t think so….

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Wishing you the best! xo

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6 comments on “Deleted Scene, Episode 304, with Jamie, Claire, & Roger…

  1. That was so beautiful – such a beautiful connection between Jamie and Claire – even neither knew if either of them were ok or even alive. The expression on Jamie’s face is so beautiful and caring. I could play that one over and over. Thank you for sharing.

  2. This deleted scene is so compelling tender, Jamie praying with an aching heart, not knowing whatever became of Claire after they parted at the stones. As well with Claire, assuming he died at Culloden. Now, even though we now know they were reunited at last it still cuts to the bone. Thanks for the clip, Courtney.

  3. Really beautiful scene, so representative of this side of Jamie, his deep faith to God and his devotion to his beloved ones. BTW, I can’t choose either between “The Battle Joined” and “Of Lost Things” which is my favoutite episode from Season 3. Both were incredibly beautiful from every aspect. Thank you for the clip and these beautiful webpages!

  4. Thank you for posting this. I hadn’t seen it before. It seems as if God’s grace is speaking to them both, at the same time. That is my religious belief; God listens and makes connection, in an intimate manner. Each birthday my mom would tell me to say a prayer for my birth mother. I always thought it would help her know that I was well.

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