Fabulous New S5 Video Edit by Julia LeBlanc

Bravissimo Julia, on this spectacular edit of Season 5 to Bohemian Rhapsody. So much in that season, very well encapsulated here.

Happy Labor Day to those in the US, and to everyone, enjoy the fruits of Julia’s labor!

Go here for more edits by Julia, and or subscribe to her youtube channel.

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Sending love. xo

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5 comments on “Fabulous New S5 Video Edit by Julia LeBlanc

  1. Oh my! Julia’s video was just superb! If you did not know better you would think the song was made to go with her video! Of course, maybe it was…

  2. That was amazing! An absolute treasure! Loved every minute of it. Season 6 seems so far away – so the video above is a keeper for sure and to be enjoyed over and over again.

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