Full Interview with JTF Podcast (aka Sam & Alex, In the Sweatbox!)

I love this (full) interview with Sam, by Just The Facts Podcast (Alex Zane). They get sweatier and sweatier as the interview goes on, and Sam’s hair gets curlier and bigger. If you have curly hair, or are married to someone with curly hair (like I am), you know what humidity does to curls! I think it’s fab, as it just adds more organic goodness to the interview. They talk about Outlander, Men In Kilts, SAS Red Notice, and lots more. I found out several things I didn’t know about Sam in this interview – a rarity.  I hope you enjoy Sam and Alex, In the Sweatbox! 


Post interview, full sweat whisky – adorable – thanks Olga!

I want to give a shout out to the lovely Paul Donnelly, who plays Ronnie Sinclair in the show. He is running (another) charity raffle – for a great cause – and the prize is the Season 501 script signed by Sam and other members of the cast.

From Paul: “The charity is based in the gym which teaches self defence for women from domestic abuse charities, anti bullying for kids and mental health for men and women, giving them self confidence and a place to train. The response from all the Outlander fans has been amazing! Your support is incredible, I can’t thank you enough! I also have to thank the cast of Outlander for all there kindness and support in helping me put these prizes out and always having my back. I couldn’t do it without you and it is never taken for granted. Thank you! So please share and buy some tickets! Paul! X”

Each ticket is £25.00 (there is a converter to dollars), so the amount you donate dictates the number of tickets you get. Payments are via Paypal, so Paypal is required. 

Donate and Enter the Raffle.

Make sure to read the first post in my new series: Where Are They NowI am already working on the next one, so stay tuned. 

Coming Up: 

It’s high time for an OutlanderBTS What’s New! Coming in the next weeks…

Photo: Alex Vlahos, Twitter – he’s lost his Christie curls – does this mean Allan’s story ends in Season 6? Maybe… (but Alex is a tricky wee bugger!)

I hope you’re all well and looking forward to (or already enjoying) the weekend, on this Fri-yay. xo

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5 comments on “Full Interview with JTF Podcast (aka Sam & Alex, In the Sweatbox!)

  1. Why does Sam Heughan sweat so much? could it be that he drinks such a lot of whisky? Never seen anyone sweat so much. Did notice he wears a gold chain around his neck, not noticed that before. I hope he doesn’t buy a place in L.A (no need is there as his business manager lives there, I suppose it could be for tax reason why else?) most filming at the moment seems to be in Budapest/Hungary again it’s cheaper there than anywhere else but Graham McTavish gets most of his work in Europe so no need to leave in La, La land. It seems that that is the place where actors get into bad habits!

    • I hope he does not buy in LA either. He said he might, so hopefully he will not or maybe it is because he is tired of being in hotels. Maybe he will buy just a small studio.

  2. LOVED this interview. Despite the heat, Sam was relaxed, funny, open and easy to listen to and watch !!!!

  3. Paul Donnelly is known for doing charity work for abused women, and uses this background to manipulate and take advantage of vulnerable females by isolating and gas-lighting them into believing they are being abused so that they will sleep with him. He uses his role in Outlander to pick up chicks, despite being one of the shows minor roles.

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