Here it is! Episode 501 Sneak Peek…

Photo: Starz, Ep 501

We are treated to a flashback of Wee Jamie and Murtagh, and then we see the S5 relationship of Jamie and Rrrrroger set up in this shaving scene, harking back to Claire shaving Frank and the menacing Black Jack shaving scene, both from The Garrison Commander?? 

Enjoy! ?

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28 comments on “Here it is! Episode 501 Sneak Peek…

  1. Love the shaving scene! Disappointed that the first face we see is Murtagh! Hope this season doesn’t become “The Murtagh Show”.

  2. Made me smile. I think it’s from a scene in the book where Roger says the same thing that he can’t do but he listed a lot more. Jamie says in his humorous way that “tomorrow I’ll teach ya ta milk a cow”. Thought that was even funnier. Jamie’s way of letting Roger know his place. I think Jamie now looks younger than Roger. Good to see Murtogh when he was even younger than S1. Nothing wrong with him now from this 57yr old. Can’t wait!!!

  3. My heart jumped upon seeing the ❤️ Murtagh and wee Jamie flashback, as who doesn’t love our Murtagh, and Duncan Lacroix? Plus, part of me wishes we can see some of our favorite characters, from the past, in flashbacks, (or time travel!!!! ?) though I know there is much story to work with without that.
    I’ve fallen in love with all the cast and characters, so it’s hard to let some go.
    Thanks for this treat, Courtney.

  4. Loved this sneak peak. So sweet to see the very beginning of Murtagh’s pledge to be by Jamie’s side for the rest of his life. Nice touch! Also great to see Jamie help Roger prepare for his wedding. Jamie has a lot to teach him if he wants to survive in the 1700’s . Ready and counting the days for Season 5 to begin. Thank you Courtney for posting this clip!

  5. This season I hope to see Jamie finally get the chance to have a family and have the chance to see his grandchild growing up and as he once said show them how to be in the world I have always hoped that one day he would have the family with Claire he dreamed of also hope that Sam and cat stay with the show until the end no one could ever play there parts the way they do this. Is the best show ever made it would almost make you feel like they are truly in love their chemistry on the show is that good I only wish that they could live forever ?

  6. I hope that Jamie will be able to have the family he has always wanted with Claire I hope that he will get to be the grandfather so as he once said able to watch them grow up and show them how to be in the world l also hope that Sam and cat stay with the show until the end no one could ever play there parts the way they do the show chemistry makes you feel like they are truly in love with one another. I wish the show would never have to end because it’s one of the best show I have ever seen. Thanks to all the crew who has made this show possible I just want the Frasier family to live happily together forever and ever ❤️??????❤️?

  7. I loved seeing Murtagh and an adorable Wee Jamie. Also really enjoyed seeing this shaving scene between Jamie and Roger. I hope Season 5 is as good this intro. Thank you for sharing.

  8. I just wonder how many times I’ll play this video clip before February 16th! Thank you so much for posting. It’s started my week off in a grand way.

  9. So glad to find the surprise this morning! A young Murtagh – how did they do this? – and a young Jamie, honorable words, an oath. This is perfectly Scottish!!! And then the barbering! Great! Gives us a foretaste of what is coming. Thanks to everybody responsible for such a nice Christmas present. I suppose I will view it several times and again and again + the bingewatching – started S1 yesterday once more – of the four seasons. First time in my life that I am so involved with a show. Thank you again for posting it Courtney.

    • Duncan Lacroix is only (I think) 47. It wouldn’t be difficult to make him look in his mid 20s or so in the scene with young Jamie.

  10. I loved the scene between young Jamie and Murtagh. Murtagh is Jamie’s Godfather and he did make a promise to Jamie’s Mother to always be looking after Jamie and guarding his back – this was proven over and over again in the first book “Outlander” and the second book “Dragonfly in Amber”. It was very touching to start the Season 5 off this way, it explains a lot. Jamie shaving Roger! Sam and Richard must have had fun doing that scene. Season 5 looks like it will be a winner. Thanks for sharing the videos.

  11. I also enjoyed seeing how Jamie and murtaugh became godfather and son. But I have a forshadowing feeling that they showed this scene because murtaugh may end up dying this season. I hope not because I truly love the bond they share as murtaugh kept his promises to both Ellen and Jamie to always be there for him at his be side both when he was a child and at side as a adult. I always have liked his character and am glad that did not let him die at Culloden. Most of all I hope that Jamie is not going to be one that kills him I don’t think he will be able to forgive himself

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