Murtagh ~ Saying Goodbye

Here’s another goodie from the Season 5 DVD /Blu-ray collection – saying goodbye to the beloved character of Murtagh.

Go here to see King FireMan’s lovely tribute to Murtagh.

Go here for a lovely Deleted Scene between Jamie & Claire.

You can get more bloopers, deleted scenes, & extras etc. on the newly released DVD & Blu-ray:  Outlander S5 DVD or Blu-Ray. Special edition Blu-ray here – Limited Edition Collectors’ Edition

For Droughtlander material, of course, reread the books, catch up on our Seasons 4 and 5 Episode Discussions, and/ or visit Reader Favorites.

Sending love, calm, and fresh air. xo

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8 comments on “Murtagh ~ Saying Goodbye

  1. That was wonderful and now they have me tearing up. Duncan really made the Murtagh character into a role worth saving and he brought so much to the story. He really played an amazing Murtagh and I know how much the fans will miss him and I can only imagine how much the cast will for certain. I do hope we will see more of him in other roles but I wouldn’t be adverse to some flashback scenes as well. Murtagh will live always in the hearts of Outlander fans. Thanks so much Duncan Lecroix for giving us the best Murtagh we could ever imagine. I’m so greatful for the DVD’s so we can watch again and again. Murtagh LIVES!!

    • He really was the best Murtagh imaginable imo. I don’t think fans will greet Murtagh flashbacks the same as Frank ones! 😁

  2. It’s not going to be the same without you Duncan. You bring a rare quality to the story and Murtagh will be missed by all. Good luck to everything you decide to do in the future. You will be their gift.

  3. Awww! Absolutely loved Murtagh – a real diamond in the rough. He called a spade a spade, no dancing around an issue. He was blunt, rough, a real fighter, but had a sweet sense of humour. Thank you for sharing the video above – a real gem. Murtagh is being missed by so many.

    • Well said, Rhona.

      He also stayed in character throughout the seasons, imo, which can’t be said of the rest of the main characters, who all diverged here and there. (my opinion).

  4. I’m sorry but I really am glad he has gone. I really hated what they did with his character in Season 4 and 5, while I know people won’t like me saying this but from one of my favourite characters to becoming one of my most hated. They really spoilt him staying alive with the choices made. By the end I was just glad to be rid of him. Don’t get me wrong I like Duncan’s portrayal of Murtagh. I just came to hate the character they built him to be. Felt I had to say something. Everyone keeps saying how sad it was how great Murtagh was. Just didn’t see it and felt that the people who didn’t like the choices made are being overwhelmed by the people who adore him.

    • Thank you Jane! Point well made. I had mixed feelings about everything that happened after Season 3 with his character, but I did love him.
      Thanks for your comment! x

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