OutlanderBTS: #TBT Deleted Extended Scene, Season 2: Jamie, Claire and Young Simon

How about a look back to Season 2 for this Thursday evening. Here we see Jamie the warrior and leader, in this deleted scene from Season 2. Enjoy…


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I hope this Thursday finds you safe and well. xo

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5 comments on “OutlanderBTS: #TBT Deleted Extended Scene, Season 2: Jamie, Claire and Young Simon

  1. Seeing this scene made me think…it seems a bit out of character for Jamie to be telling Simon (did you mistakenly refer to him as Hamish?) to make basically an empty promise that Jamie knew he probably wouldn’t be able to keep, even if they were successful at Culloden. Yes, it showed leadership, but to me it was based on a lie and doesn’t seem like an honorable thing that Jamie would do.

  2. I kind of wish they would have left this scene with young Simon Lord Lovat in because that was Jamie’s family and clan heads. I felt he was giving young Simon guidance as to how to get his men back into the fold even if the offering of land might end up being hollow in the end, at least they were together fighting as one and maybe at the end Lord Lovat would honor his son’s gifts. We all know what a miser Jamie’s grandfather was, but one can hope that he could come through on his son’s promise to some remaining clansmen.

  3. Too bad they deleted this scene. Going deeper into the character of young Simon was enlightening. The deleted scenes with the Russian subtitles were just what I needed. Miss Outlander. Re-reading the books, re-watching episodes….

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