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  1. OMG, I’m reminded how beautiful Gene Tierney was! Oh, and Claire’s red dress and the way Jamie and Murtagh stared up at her on the staircase in Paris? Perfection! Thank you, Terry Dresbach…

  2. Such a gorgeous dress. I didn’t mentioned my reservations when it premiered on the show, and haven’t since, because it seemed churlish in the context of this incredible work of art – and because so much is always being picked apart. But, along with a number of other costumes Claire wears in Paris, it didn’t fit into what our seditious double agents were doing there. Jamie tells Claire to stand out in order to attract Louis’ famously lecherous attention, and what better than red – and hot. But that wouldn’t have meant standing out because the style was different than than other courtesan’s, just more outrageous in an already outrageous period in fashion. They were supposed to be under cover, to blend into court society. Discovery meant failure of their plans to avert Culloden, and possibly a death sentence for Jamie and Claire. Beauty and sexiness were (and still are) always in style in Paris. But having clothes designed to represent Claire’s 20th Century sensibilities defeated the purpose. No matter how flamboyant, extreme, expensive, her wardrobe was, a spy still has to blend. She stood all the time in her 20th C styles. Even the stunning “Dior” suit. Gorgeous, and more so on Cait, but certainly not subterfuge.

      • Terry, thank you for taking the time to respond. That probably wouldn’t have been the first choice among my thoughts on Outlander costuming for you to come upon! I have been consistantly astonished by the quality and scope of your work – and that of your crew. Every detail. Exquisite.
        Your response brought me back to what a constant struggle it was for Claire and Jamie to find that balance between making enough impact and being exposed (or burnt at the stake, respectively.) You had to walk the same line in the characters’ shoes and these two do walk as far to any edge as they can get.
        I guess I have another excuse to rewatch – and appreciate what a wonderful treat you gave us with each design.

  3. It is a masterpiece, for any century.
    How many fittings did it take? Did Cait have to do the fittings? And of course practice in walking and sitting!
    The shoes were a treasure.

  4. Thanks for reposting this. I love seeing a bit of Terry’s process in creating the amazing costumes for Outlander. While watching Sam and Catriona’s chemistry test I couldn’t help but think that Terry must have been in heaven just thinking about costuming such a gorgeous human being!

    • Yes. She has said many times that Caitriona can wear literally any color, which is very unusual. Most people have colors that work and colors that don’t. They both look great in their clothes! (and out too! 😉

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