Thank you OutlanderBTS Patrons!

Hello there, I hope everyone had a nice, safe holiday.


It’s that time again…. Time to give away some great stuff as a thank you to you, my OutlanderBTS Patrons 😍.         


So far, I’ve awarded a seat at the dinner table with David Berry, tickets to the Season 4 Paleyfest Outlander cast panel, and tickets to the 2020 Wizard World NOLA Sam photo, autograph & panel (which I ended up hosting!😊).

Right now, the in person stuff is a little hard to come by, but we still have some pretty cool options! (And these are things you should know about, anyway, if you don’t already).

OK, drum roll please…

*****You must be an active Patron to enter this drawing*****

This year I’m giving away:

From Himber Entertainment-  two 12 Outlandish Days of Christmas packages.


Also from Himber Entertainment- two Secret Santa Messages from the fabulous Mr. Graham McTavish.


And, from Sam Heughan’s Sassenach Whisky –

3 bottles of Sassenach Limited Edition – The Sassenach Blended Scotch Whisky. (Patrons must be in an eligible delivery area to get this one!)  

Read about that here:  Sam’s Wheskay .

And, last but not least, 8 tickets for the fan sponsored online streamed event: Save a Seat for Sam, benefiting the Royal Lyceum in Edinburgh (my favorite theater!). To find out more: Save a Seat for Sam

*****You must be an active Patron to enter this drawing.*****

If  you want to know more about becoming a Patron – go here – Becoming an OutlanderBTS Patron.

If you are already a Patron, thank you! To enter, please leave a comment below, or send an email to: – please put  Patron Thank you giveaway in the subject. 

The drawing has happened, and the winners have been announced! Go here: Patron Giveaway Winners.

Thank you to all of you OutlanderBTS Patrons! I could not run this site without your support. xo



42 comments on “Thank you OutlanderBTS Patrons!

  1. Hi Courtney, not sure my patronage is still active. I gave last year. Let me know, if it has expired I’ll donate again to qualify for one of the prizes.

  2. Just became a Patron. Happy to support this wonderful blog and I have really enjoyed your episode discussions and interviews. Keep up the good work!

  3. Patron – thank you giveaway. I love your blog and would love any of the prizes. And, I really look forward to the next season of Outlander and you and the BTA Lasses reviews of the episodes!

  4. Thank you so much Courtney for your generosity and all the wonderful things you do for the fans of this great show. Not to mention what you do for your patrons (like the wonderful Zoom meetings you arranged). And now this. You truly are the best!

  5. 😍 OutlanderBTS and all the lasses. I can always depend on for all the latest Outlander news, interviews, videos, episode discussions and so much more!
    Thank Courtney!
    PS. If by chance I were to win The Sassenach I can always pick it up in South Carolina. 😉

  6. Courtney, these are fabulous prizes!
    Thank you so much!
    Love them all!

    P.S. Enjoying your photos, thanks!
    P.S.S. If I win the whisky, it can be delivered to my niece in Florida! Just saying..

  7. Honoured to support this wonderful blog. Your excellent work provides us with in-depth analysis and great entertainenment. The discussions with the other 3 lasses are epic. Thank you!

  8. Patron Thank you giveaway

    You are so good to your supporters! As I’m in the UK I guess the whisky will be out of the question! Fingers crossed!


  9. I would love to be selected for any of the gifts. It’s a generous offer and fun thing to do for all your fans!!! Outlander fans!! Thank you

  10. Patron give away! Yes! Especially Sam’s whisky, you KNOW how much I love it! My online sobriety test proves that! lol

    Happy Holidays Courtney!

  11. Hi Courtney!
    Happy to once again be a patron; please include me in the drawing. Thank you for the Outlander joy you bring me! (PS, I do live in a Sassanach delivery area, just saying…)

  12. Patron Thank you giveaway!! Hi, Courtney! I’m thrilled to be a Patron once again and support your wonderful work in a small way. You were one of the first Outlander fans I had a “conversation” with after stumbling onto Diana’s magnificent work by accident via a free 3 month trial of Starz. I was so taken by the story and had never been a “fan” of this magnitude about anything before. I didn’t quite know what to do with myself and then I found you. Thanks so much for all you do. You’re an inspiration! ❤️

  13. Please enter me into the giveaway contest. Thank you for all the Outlander content and information you provide. It really adds to the fan experience. And, it’s so kind of you to offer these prizes.

  14. So excited to be a part of this giveaway! I always look forward to your posts = you provide us with so much great information! Thanks for all you do for us!!

  15. Hi Courtney,
    I just signed up as a patron a few days ago! I do not know what has taken me so long. Hoping I can still get in on the giveaways!
    Thanks for all you do!

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