More David Berry, You Say?

Photo: by KokiePipkin

David Berry did a Q&A on instagram yesterday, for World Outlander Day. Here is a wee snippet. As I come across more, I will add them here, so check back!


If you are in the Boulder/Denver area, I will be participating in an Outlander fan panel with Desirre Andrews of Dram of Outlander for the second year, at the Denver Pop Culture event today. Come on by and  join in the conversation. We’ll be in room 603 at 2:00pm – Colorado Convention Center.


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3 comments on “More David Berry, You Say?

  1. A truly likeable young man, as well as being an amazing actor. Love his Australian accent! Looking forward to seeing him more in Outlander.

  2. They absolutely must make a spin-off series using the Lord John Grey books. Both David Berry and Lord John Grey the character are amazing – in my top three of both actors and characters from Outlander both in the series and books). David could totally carry his own series, and the source material is marvellous also. What’s not to love? There are so many Outlander and David Berry fans who would be beside themselves to see such a series, and the cameos of our other favourite Outlander characters would be so much fun also.

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