Beautiful New Jamie and Claire Video, by King FireMan

Ahhh, this new video by King FireMan is a lovely tribute to Jamie and Claire and their journey, so far. Grab your tissues and enjoy…

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I am editing away on #BTS512 – I have it down from over 4 hours to just over 3 hours now, still going. Stay tuned….!

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Hoping you and your families are safe and well. xo

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8 comments on “Beautiful New Jamie and Claire Video, by King FireMan

  1. He’s done it again. That was a beautiful tribute to our beloved Jamie & Claire. Thank you King Fireman!

  2. King Fireman make the most beautiful Outlander videos and this one is also a winner! Thanks for posting Courtney!

  3. Amazing…….yes I needed tissues….between KIng FireMan and Julia LeBlanc, I could spend my day watching their videos !!!!.. Love the choice of music and how it accents each scene !!! Beautiful !!! I was introduced to his work at Wizard World, and he has succeeded again in proving why I LOVE these characters !!!

  4. So beautiful. Another treasure. No matter how long or short the Outlander series is – there will always be Jamie and Claire Fraser. They bond is so rare and King FireMan has given captured that in his videos. Thank you for sharing this tribute to Jamie and Claire.

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