OutlanderBTS: In Honor of Thanksgiving, A Thank you Note

Photo: The gang at the Paley Center (not pictured: Diana and Matt)

I first published this on December 15, 2015, and it bears repeating. Thank you for your integrity as individuals and for your contributions to this wonderful project we all get to enjoy. 

Dear Diana, Ron, Terry, Maril, Matt, Cait, Sam, and Gary,

I’m beyond excited and thrilled that Outlander has been recognized by the film and television industry’s Golden Globes. Thank you all so much for what you are creating.

I’ve been a fan of the Outlander series since 2006, and I’ve closely followed you all, the cast, crew and the creative process of the show on Twitter since October 2014. I’m not a television watcher, so I can’t accurately compare your show to others.

I am a follower of my gut, and I feel there’s something special about this project and all who participate in it (including us fans). There’s a dedication to authenticity, quality and art that has caught my (and thousands of others’) attention; it’s made me sit up and say “hold on, this is different.” It’s different in the big picture of global collective ventures, not just entertainment. In my mind, you guys are becoming the Patagonia of television.

My observation is that Diana’s vision, the characters and their story are almost driving the realization of their own visual manifestation. The marriage of Ron’s approach, including wing women Maril and Terry, with that vision flows naturally into the creation of a screen adaptation beautifully written, staged, directed and performed, including all the myriad details and people involved. Words like synergy, synchronicity, flow, and alchemy come to mind. The “right” people seem to be drawn to this project at the right time, and what has and is being created is truly an organic work of art, through soulful contributions and very long hours of dedicated offerings. In every detail and interaction there seems to be dignity, heartfelt expression, mutual respect, and love, from top to bottom, and left to right. It’s a benevolent vortex from which good spins in and out.

At the center, is you guys. For me, you are the nucleus of this creation. You set the tone with your leadership and you are the touchstones of authenticity. I am ecstatic that the whole cast and crew is receiving the recognition you and they deserve in the form of the show nomination. It’s wonderful! My heartfelt joy, congratulations and thanks go to ALL of you, and I’m so happy that Cait and Tobias are being singled out and getting the recognition they deserve.

Taking nothing from the other accolades, the absence of nomination for Sam is surprising, to say the least. Sam, you personify the character of Jamie for me. Even more than that, you retain and make known to the world the beautiful complexity of healthy male emotional range. I applaud you, and I feel confident, as I hope you do, your day will come.

For now, I’m so grateful for you, the nucleus. For your ability to stay true to your values, to maintain personal integrity while leading the whole with so many things pulling at you. I’m grateful for every single individual who works on this show and creates something good to put into our world. I’m grateful that our world (in the form of The Golden Globes) is recognizing you and these exceptional people and your exceptional work. May this beautiful family continue on and grow for numerous years to come. And my hope is that this process brings you all the happiness and satisfaction you are bringing to thousands of others. Thank you.


Courtney Williams

5 comments on “OutlanderBTS: In Honor of Thanksgiving, A Thank you Note

  1. Beautiful, Courtney! I adore the cast and crew of Outlander. I am grateful for Sam Heughan as Jamie. To me, Sam personifies the “King of Men.” My favorite episode from both seasons is The Devil’s Mark. When Sam spoke those words to Cait/Claire after she tells him the truth about herself, I thought he nailed it. The perfect actor to play the perfect man. The other actors, including Cait and Tobias, are also superb. Great casting and great writing have brought Outlander to life for all of us book fans.

  2. Beautifully written tribute Courtney – they need to hear how much most of their fans appreciate what they have done and are still doing. Thanks for this. Jayne

  3. Hi Courtney,
    Mum & I were really sorry to see Sam watching Cait & Tobias receiving their awards. Maybe there was a minimum of two actors per show ? If so it would have been an extremely difficult choice anyway wouldn’t it ?

  4. Thanks so much for reposting this, on Thanksgiving! I didn’t see this last year, but agree with you 100% about the talent, integrity, authenticity and beauty that this wonderful group…and everyone else associated with the production…brings to the creation of Outlander for us everyday. I am so thankful !

  5. Golly Gee Whiz I wish I’d said that! You express so well my heartfelt gratitude to these artists for their gifts and their willingness to share them. How I wish these were the words they could hear so loudly that it drowns out all the negative.

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