OutlanderBTS #TBT: Y92 Interview from 2014

This interview is from July, 2014, part of the press tour for the release of Season 1 of Outlander!! Amazing to see Sam and Caitriona as the newbies on the block, and Diana, Ron and Tobias were the veterans. Many of you will have seen this before, and some not. What were you up to when this was done? Were you a fan yet? I want to know who from the fandom was there at this event? I’ll guess… Debbie Kennedy, Arlene Boeree, Mandy Tidwell, Dorianne Panich, who else?? 

For my part, I can tell you that on this date, (July 29, 2014), I was on vacation with my family. My kids were 11 and just turned 8! I was an Outlander book fan, and knew of Diana, of course, but had never heard of anyone else on this stage yet… Boy oh boy, was that all about to change! 

I think this interviewer does a great job (unique in the early days of the show imo). Enjoy this look back to the beginning, when it was all shiny and new, and very definitely simpler times. Add your story in the comments below if you like! 


I recently released our Episode discussion for Ep 508, Famous Last Words and added some directors notes from Stephen Woolfenden and other goodies after the fact. If you haven’t seen that one, or need to catch up on others, go here: Episode Discussions. We are lacking #BTS501, still to come. 

I hope this Thursday finds you safe and well. Sending love. xo

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5 comments on “OutlanderBTS #TBT: Y92 Interview from 2014

  1. Attending the 92Y event was was my first, in person, experience. Having met Sam, Cait & Diana at CBS Morning News show in this time frame, as well. We got to see them arrive at the 92Y and I was so nervous when Sam stood in front of me, I had nothing for him to sign so I asked for a hug and got a hug and kiss. I can still feel the scruff on his face. Those were the days.

  2. Thanks for posting this. I didn’t start watching Outlander until January 2017. I decided not to watch past or current interviews
    with the cast. I wanted to enjoy the show (and repeated viewings) without an explanation about scenes or overall storyline.
    I wanted to let the show and the acting speak for itself. But now I’ve watched some interviews and really enjoy them.
    I loved this one. It was great to see Sam and Cait’s enthusiasm and humor.
    Interesting thought by Sam about how dialogue from the book helped him to understand Jamie. Tobias has such a dry sense of humor.

  3. Such a long journey for Sam, Caitriona and Tobias in Outlander – They were still learning the ropes (so to speak) with regard to their character roles in 2014, and a lot has changed since then. Those are great socks Tobias is wearing. I really miss Tobias I thought (and still believe) that his was a very challenging, but it was full of humour.

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