Patron Giveaway WINNER – Fraser’s Ridge Homecoming Oct 20-22

Photo: Dougal S2, Starz (Graham ready to welcome Terri to the Fraser’s Ridge Homecoming! 😉 )

We have a winner! 

Terri DeLano!!!

will be joining the fabulous crew (and Graham) at Fraser’s Ridge Homecoming next weekend! Congratulations Terri! And thank you to all who entered, and always, thank you for being my Patrons!

To racap:

Terri won the ticket to a 3 day weekend in North Carolina, at the Leatherwood Mountains Resort, with lots of cool activities, and guest, Graham McTavish!

This ticket includes:

-All meals for your weekend!!

-Accommodations for your weekend!!

-Transportation while at the event!

-One photograph with Graham!

-One autograph with Graham!

More on this event…

“Fraser’s Ridge Homecoming is the perfect event for the history-loving Outlander fan.  With historically accurate workshops, presentations, living history groups, music, dancing and more, you will be taken back in time to Jamie & Claire’s home on The Ridge.

Over the course of three days, 18th-century North Carolina history will be presented to you in a way that will engage all five of your senses. Your sixth sense might even be engaged with a ghost walk or talk or both. The Homecoming will leave you with a much better appreciation for what the backcountry pioneers of the 18th century had to do to live and survive plus it will incorporate Jamie & Claire’s North Carolina story with the real history of the time.” More information: Fraser’s Ridge Homecoming.

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Have a wonderful time Terri!! And, thank you to all my Patrons.


— Courtney




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