Re: Deleted Scenes… Episode 207, (with Corrections) Raise Your Voices, But Do So with Respect

Additions/Corrections: Thank you so much to readers who shared your comments with me about this post. I stand corrected with reference to Sony, and with reference to the number of episodes per season.

I had not listened to the 207 Podcast (Click Here to listen). At about 18:40, Toni and Ron talk about cutting scenes and Ron says the first cut of this episode was an hour and a half. He called the network and they gave him permission to make it 90 minutes if he needed to. He later says, “there’s that point when you’re asking the audience to cry too long…” in reference to why he didn’t do the full 90 minutes.

In listening to the podcast to update this piece, I’m struck by the care, concern, and heartfelt effort put into this episode, this production, by these two and all of the people they mention. I’m reminded of everything that went into this episode: Claire’s miscarriage, Master Raymond saving Claire, scenes with Mother Hildegarde, Bouton, Fergus’ rape by BJR, and Claire finding out about that, Claire going to King L to save Jamie, the scene in the star chamber where St Germain is poisoned, Claire having sex w the king, and the reconciliation with Jamie. It’s a lot. It’s heavy.

At 48:15 in the podcast, Toni says, “the next scene is actually some genius editing of yours…” and they discuss the cutting of the scene here.

I think Sam’s acting is stellar and the deleted scenes are beautifully played by both Sam and Cait. But Ron’s the guy, and the bottom line is, I trust him with my favorite book series. So, while I may think those scenes should’ve been included, there’s no way I have visibility into all considerations for making that decision. It’s absurd for me or anyone to say otherwise. He’s been doing this for years.

Another reader made reference to a comment by Maril, which I found here which addresses my comment about more episodes:


Nonetheless, the producer confirmed that Outlander season 3 will have 13 episodes. “I think we will kind of stick to 13 as we move forward. What people don’t realize is, in the first season, those 16 episodes came from me and Ron [executive producer Ron Moore] on our own without a writers’ room just kind of trying to figure out how many episodes there would be.”

“Also, production-wise, it’s very difficult to pull off 16 episodes and it’s hard on the actors. It took us more than a year of shooting the first time around and 13 episodes takes us 10 months of shooting — and that’s not taking into account the prep time or the time for the writers — so you end up being on a very long cycle. We feel like 13 is an appropriate amount and if we tried to do more, it would put a strain on production and it would be even longer between seasons,” she stressed.

So, there you go. 13 is the magic number.

I guess the bottom line for me is, it’s OK to state our opinions, and wish these scenes were included, or any other thing, but let’s do it from a place of respect for these people and their work, and also be real about the fact that most of us don’t really have a clue how to do Ron’s job. We are passionate fans, but armchair producers in the end.

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Let me start by saying, this is an opinion piece, so what follows is my opinion.

I like to consider different points of view. Without speaking directly to people, I have to imagine what they might be. And I’m probably off base, at least a little, maybe a lot.

I would imagine Sam has already dealt with disappointment about having some really great work end up on the cutting room floor. Maybe he’s had thoughts like, “if people had seen that bit, I might have gotten an Emmy nomination.” I’d imagine Toni (writer) and Metin (director) have been through similar feelings and the requisite getting through them and moving forward. It probably extends to people in lighting, and makeup; maybe the cinematographer or camera person is extra proud of one of those shots, or another which was cut. I think it ends up being a very real part of the job.

Why would Ron decide to cut such amazing scenes? Overall symmetry, balance, and moving the story forward all come to mind. What I’m absolutely sure of, is there’s a container. And it’s determined by time, which equals money. There was a heck of a lot of material to cover in DIA. And if you think about it, they even covered the beginning of Voyager in Season 2.

I would imagine one of the first things established in determining a show is the budget, and with that, the timeline. I’m guessing Ron writes a proposal which includes an amount of money needed to produce the show. Then Sony, as a business, reviews that and figures out if they can make it work, financially. They probably negotiate back and forth, and something is agreed upon. Then Ron (amazingly) sticks to that budget and timeline, which includes everything from actors’ salaries to the coffee and toasties served on set. Hundreds of people and moving parts all have to be contained and moved forward within a budget and timeline which ultimately yields a finished product: the show. I used to be a software project manager, running projects of up to $600,000.00 with (what I thought were) big teams of people. The thought of doing what Ron does is frankly scary to me.

I loved Season 1. I loved Season 2 too. I did feel like the pace of Season 2 was faster, and we never got a chance to spread out and relax into the intimate moments with Jamie and Claire. Diana’s episode (211) felt the most spacious to me. I think adding a Lallybroch episode would have been fab, so we could watch them relax a little, make love, milk the goats, see Jenny and Jamie argue, watch Fergus run around, etc. I think another episode, or 2 or 3 or 4 or… would only enhance the show, maybe. But there is a tipping point. In the end this is a business venture for Sony, albeit a work of love for the team involved, clearly. Another episode, just one more, means paying ALL of the people it takes to make an episode, multitudes, including materials – costumes, sets, food, transport, etc etc. I would imagine it’s a significant amount more. In addition, Ron has to consider the right amount of time for yielding a product without burning out his talent (and that means everyone). Ron has to make the show work on all of these levels, stick to his contract, and make something incredible, which he does. It’s pretty amazing.

I’ll add one thing too, about artistic integrity. I’m an artist (self proclaimed). I’ve performed on stage as a theatrical dancer and as part of an equestrian dance company. My writing is my art, as are my documentary packages. A person’s art is sacred. They put their heart and soul into it. Every contributor to this show is an artist, as far as I can tell. Ron’s art is his writing and his post production editing. His art is pulling together all of the thousands of pieces of this show and making the final, gorgeous product. When we make comments about someone’s art, in this age of social media, it’s important to keep that piece in mind in my opinion. To that end, I am very grateful for Ron’s work. For all of their work, from Diana to the toasty guy.

If I were playing a game of would you rather and someone said, “would you rather have the show without the deleted scene or have no show at all?” I’d say “throw that scene in the sea and never look back!”

It’s pretty clear this show is a hit, and will be for a long while, as it’s only gaining momentum, seemingly. If you want more scenes, ask Sony to give Ron a bigger container. Maybe he doesn’t want one, I don’t know. Maybe that would disrupt the delicate balance he’s got going on for making this incredible series. The fact is, I don’t know. The fact is, none of us knows.

I suggest looking at the big picture and moving to a state of gratitude. If we feel so compelled, we can send a note to Sony asking for more budget for Outlander, keeping in mind that if prices go up, we’ll know we asked for it. I suggest letting Ron and the rest of the team know that we are grateful for their art, and we hope they will keep producing it for a long long time.




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  1. Interestingly, we get to see the deleted scenes as we have in other episodes; like The Wedding, so without compromising the integrity of the show, we are a happy party to outstanding acting. Win, win

    • Great point Marion! I think that’s a credit to Ron too. Many show runners probably choose not to show deleted scenes to avoid a backlash. I wonder if the Golden Globes, etc can consider deleted scenes when thinking about awards?

      • I am delighted to have the opportunity to see the deleted scenes. This one was particularly poignant, but I am likewise delighted that someone (Ron Moore, et al) was willing to take on the monumental task of bringing the story to us in a different format. It is not Ron’s “fault” (nor anyone else in the cast or crew) that there are limitations to this particular media that require interpretation and artistic license. I hope all this nit picking is not so discouraging that they lose energy for the project and we become the big losers.

        • Beth, Lucky for us, I think Ron largely ignores this stuff! ? I don’t think he has much time for social media. It does upset Terry and others. I think he knows the show is a hit with most of the fans, and if he’s happy with his work, that’s probably the main thing. Goes back to artisitic integrity. He’s the guy who was willing to take it on, so he gets to decide.
          Thank you

        • Beth, it really doesn’t take an artistic genius to realize it’s important to show a father’s grief at the loss of his child as well as showing that of the mother. IDK, maybe Ron just needs to confer with his female co-workers a little bit more.

  2. Interestingly we do get to see deleted/extended scenes so without compromising the integrity of the show, we can appreciate more outstanding acting. Win, win for us

  3. Well put!

    I think what Ron has created in both seasons is nothing short of a miracle. The fact that he has included the deleted scenes in the DVD version of Season 1 and, I expect in Season 2 is pure bonus for obsessed fans such as myself.

    I write NIH scientific research proposals and resulting peer-reviewed scientific papers for a living. I have also written 2 novels and a YA non-fiction. If you want to see brevity, rigor and, frankly, stupidity mandated by the NIH and scientific journals, I would be glad to show you.

    I expect as a professional, Sam Heughen may feel a little wistful, but understands the cruelty of the editing process. He swallows his lumps as much as the rest of us involved in using our talents to produce art and science. May Outlander go on forever!

    • Yes, all jobs contain lumps!

      If you want to reply with the titles of your YA book,s feel free :).

      Have you considered publishing your scientific material in its entirety on your own website? Maybe that would violate a contract tho?

      Thanks for your comment.

  4. Well said! We all want more, but budget is the bottom line. I doubt Season 4 will be shot in the Carolinas for that reason, but I am willing to go with a substitute location because the story and the acting are more important.

    Grateful to have such a wonderful show – STARZ should know many of us have subscribed solely for Outlander! And kept the subscription during the hiatus to continue re-watching, rather than cancel until Season 3 starts.

    Equestrian dance company? Please share with a fellow horsewoman!

    • Hi Leatha,

      I have faith that Season 4 will look like the Carolinas, but I bet they’ll stay in Scotland.

      And I agree, that’s the only reason I subscribe to Starz year round- Outlander. good point.

      Here is a mini docu about one of our performances. Similar to this convo, I don’t feel my best riding was captured, but oh well! 🙂 We have done 2 major shows and a few exhibitions at Dressage shows. We’re currently on hiatus.

      Here’s the link: Password: DancingHorses


      • As a quick aside, I just watched your Dancing Horses video today. I used to ride and show Dressage, and adored Freestyle. I cannot do it anymore, so my mare, Dream, and I content ourselves with trailriding. I LOVED what you guys were doing! So good for humans and horses alike! I live in Maine, USA, so there aren’t enough of us near a facility like that to practice or perform in. Jealousy comes in many forms.

        • Awww. I’m a dancer and combining the two is quite magical. Put on some headphones and choreo something with just you and Dream, you can do it in a field! Then send me a video? ?. Number 4 on the S1 soundtrack sounds amazing – love to do something on horseback to that. Haven’t listened while riding to see if different gaits will work with it, but if you want to give it a whirl, go for it! Thanks for writing ?

  5. Maybe showing less of Murtagh with the maid, would have given more time to leave the deleted scene. Sam really deserves an Emmy or Golden Globes for that scene, more than Caitriona. But I do understand your explanation. I love reading your comments. Thank you as always.

    • Astrid, A lot of discussions have come up around what could have been cut in that episode to make room (was Murtagh with the maid in 207??).

      And, let me be clear, I think that this scene “should” be in this episode in the sense that it’s beautiful and completes the exchange. It is beautifully written, acted, and directed. Having said that, I know from my tiny experience with post production editing, there is a balance to consider, and a telling of the whole story. Someone said below, that Maril has said that more than 13 episodes is too much for the cast and crew, which I suspected. I miss the dialogue between J&C, the deepening of their bond that scenes like this give us. I wonder if it would feel unbalanced without the other stuff? i don’t know. I’m guessing someone will splice it together to try it out? Maybe we’ll get to see that. Thanks for your comment.

      • Thank you for all you do. I really appreciate it and I love reading all the comments as well. I love the show and I love the books. I just started reading The Making of Outlander which will give me more understanding of the enormous task of Ron. Maril and all the crew. I really recommend that book.

        • You’re welcome. Thank you for the thanks :).

          Does the book have pictures and information you haven’t seen elsewhere?

          • Yes some pictures are behind the scenes pictures. There is one of Ron and Maril for instance. I think it was taken when they were searching for a location. For the moment I read it on my kindle but I will get the book on the 28th of October and will go through all the pages to look at the pictures in colour.

  6. Totally agree with you. Personally, I love all the work the cast, crew, extras put into this show. As “lay” people, we will never know what guided Ron or any of the directors on the set – what to keep, what to shave. I’m sure it is always a very difficult decision. Perhaps with all the positive response and growing number of fans, Starz will increase the budget and we will all benefit in the end. Love Outlander (books, too!) and look forward to many seasons to come.

    • Hi Carolyn, See Laurie’s comment below. 13 may be the magic number. So, if that’s what they need to do, I’m curious, would we sacrifice plot points for more Jamie and Claire time? Thanks for your comment!

  7. While I agree with most of what you said, I don’t totally agree. While Ron may be limited to the time of each episode, he is the one who chooses what ultimately gets cut and what doesn’t. He has consistently cut Jamie’s scenes, and has sacrificed the audience getting the full picture of his character, to include scenes that weren’t in the book (i.e.) Claire’s PTSD, The Search episode, The Foxes Lair episode. This is where I have issues with Ron. I am truly grateful to him for bringing us Outlander, and fully understand that things need to be changed for TV, and that we can’t possibly get everything that Diana gives us in the books. I just wish he wouldn’t include things that were there in the first place and then claim there isn’t enough time to include scenes like the one that was cut in Faith.

    • Hi Laura, I think this is the major complaint from people, put so nicely by you.

      I’ve heard him say he puts these things in to give color, to make it more for TV, to give non book readers a full picture. It’s so hard to back out of my “having read the books many times” brain and imagine if you’d be lost without the extra stuff?? Or if it would be too unidimensional and boring?

      Claire is definitely the center of his story. There are SO many characters in these books, to develop any of them and give J&C their due probably makes you want to tear your hair out!

      The Search was my least favorite episode. It seems like they do deal with each episode separately. I’ve had the same thought, Couldn’t was take all of that time from the Search and have a honeymoon episode?? While some of us would like 13 episodes of Jamie and Claire in bed (being cheeky here), he is trying to make a well rounded show. Tricky.

      Thank you for your comment!

    • I agree with this. I also would like to know why– if there is too much information/action to contain in 13 hours– either cutting the third book into two seasons or cutting a season into two blocks of 8 episodes (like the first season) is not an option.

      Many book fans seemed to agree that S2 felt rushed and lacking in the unique quality of the Jamie/Claire relationship that makes the show special, and non-bookreaders were confused by action without adequate supporting explanation.

      I certainly acknowledge that the show is beautifully made with the very best talent in all fields applying their skills tirelessly to it, but I also would be grateful to have more info on why we shouldn’t expect to see the same challenges in future 13 hour seasons.

      • That’s a really good point, Jacki. I’d heard they were going to do Voyager in two parts, initially. It would be a good twenty or more years of television! Cait and Sam would be the real ages of Jamie and Claire by the end. I’m not sure everyone else would survive the whole process.

        The first season was filmed as a whole but shown in two blocks due to Starz program scheduling issues (I believe).

        We’ll see what they do. SO much happens in Voyager. I hope they’ll have some nice slow love making ones. SURELY the print shop episode will get the wedding episode treatment??


    • I agree with you Laura! They are adding too many meaningless scenes and leaving out the ones that actually tell the true story of Jamie and Claire.

  8. Thank you for this piece. You are, indeed, an artist with the heart of an artist connected beyond yourself. I’ve not read any of the flack and I don’t want to but the knowledge that it exists grieves me and you have addressed it with such grace. Again, thank you.

  9. I have a hard time believing this can be an issue–for more details, I just started reading the book. It is an impossible task to please everyone, and in that, I think Ron and the team have done an amazing job with a monumental task. I have nothing but praise for the film version of this amazing series. Kudos to you for your thoughtful blog.

    • Grace, Yes, impossible to replicate the books with all their complexity. Jealous that you are an Outlander virgin, and have unread books ahead. ENJOY!! 🙂

      And thank you for the kudos. I try to honor the work and all of us with thoughtful coverage. Thanks for your comment.

  10. Oh no!!!! Season 5 HAS to be shot in North Carolina! I live close to Hillsboro and Alamance County. I have dreams of running into cast members in Chapel Hill and Durham which are close by and trendy places that they would enjoy. Say it will happen, Ron! I have a spare bedroom to accommodate someone…..

  11. Thank you for a reasoned discussion of the reality of putting on such a huge project as Outlander. I am both a reader and a show watcher and appreciate each on its own merits. I find that reading the scripts and then listening to Ron’s podcasts are illuminating and explain a lot of their decisions. I never expected that all of my favorite lines/scenes would appear in the TV version. I am amazed that so much has made it to the screen. I would hope that blogs like yours and Beth Wesson’s make it to the cast and crew to balance some of the complaining seen on Facebook fan sites. I don’t do Twitter or Tumbler and from what I am hearing I don’t think I want to hear more complaining from yet another source.

    I have NEVER felt that Jaime’s character has been diminished to make room for Claire or even the inclusions of more Murtagh, Angus , Louise, etc. They all added more texture to this wonderful tapestry of characters. I especially have appreciated the fuller development of Frank who I always wanted to know more about and the years he and Claire shared.

    Hopefully the small but vocal core of complainers will just be able to give it a rest for awhile.

    • Agree entirely Sis. Everyone in the Outlander family give so much to bring so much to their fans and we should all be grateful for the beautiful product they produce episode after episode.

    • Hi Louise, you’re welcome. I really liked Beth’s piece on this subject, especially the part about critique vs criticism. Good point about the podcasts. Where are you getting the scripts?? I agree, they have included an amazing amount of material.

      I think any good piece of work stimulates conversation. I wish the ugly stuff didn’t exist, but it does. I hope the cast and crew avoid it. I know Terry reads a lot it, and it’s hurtful unfortunately. That old squeaky wheel adage….

      I like the Frank parts too. I think part 1 of Episode 1, Season 2 is phenomenal. Tobias is a master, and he and Cait are fabulous in that IMO.

      Thanks for your comment 🙂

      • The scripts are available on for all the episodes. You get to see what was written, where some of the stuff was deleted but it is further explained on Ron”s extended podcasts.

  12. Thank You so much for writing this – it needs to be said over and over again. Being an Outlander book lover for over 20 years, I’m beyond thrilled that we have this show. And, I’m very thankful that Starz, Sony, Ron and company chose to go forward with it and put their heart, soul and pocketbook into it. I can’t even fathom the enormity of what RDM undertakes on a daily basis – – and, I don’t need to – – I just need to appreciate it, and I do. As far as I’m concerned, if Diana herself is pleased with the product, that’s good enough for me. I, too, wish the “entitled” complainers would keep the criticism to themselves as it can be harmful to the whole community, not to mention individuals singled out. Great job putting this out there. Carry On.

  13. Thank you for writing this article and reminding us of all that it takes to put this show together. I am grateful for all the good work that goes into this show. I want to support that work for the long run. Let’s keep giving positive feed back and be grateful that we get to see the minutes left out of the show through the Blue Ray collectors edition and even on Utube etc.
    Good job!

    • Thanks Susan! As you and Marion have pointed out, we DO get to see these scenes! We’re so lucky!

      I think it’s fine to express, as long as it’s done respectfully and with *some* effort to put ourself in their shoes. Thanks for your comment.

  14. Thank you for this post. It needed to be said. This is a wonderfully produced, written, directed and acted show. Based on Terry’s reaction to some of the tweets she received I was feeling very bad for her. I don’t know what was tweeted but I think people were bitching about the scene in Faith. It was a wonderful scene but I don’t know all the logistics of film making so I have faith in Ron’s knowledge and am grateful for the series. If people want to complain talk to your friends and vent there. Just my opinion. I can’t imagine how difficult this show is to bring to TV. Looking forward to the season 3,4,5,6,7,8 and 9!!!

    • Cat, :). I hope we make it to all 9 books! (or 10??) And if they have to squeeze it all into 13 episodes to not burn out the cast and crew, then do it!

      Yes, I wish Terry would not read all of the inappropriate stuff. Must be very hard to read things like that about someone you love and admire. Thank you!

  15. I very thankful that deleted scenes are released for us to enjoy. I have everyone of them saved to my favorites list. Keep them coming

  16. I don’t know what started this but, clearly, you can’t please all of the people all of the time. There will always be whiners. Fortunately, there are far less whiners than fans who understand and appreciate the process, or at least put their trust in Ron and company to do their utmost to deliver their baby to us with 10 fingers and 10 toes. I, personally, am a very happy viewer with whatever they produce because it is superb!

    • Well said Connie! I agree. Unfortunately, it seems like the whiners are the most vocal, which is why I wrote this piece, however valid it may be. I wanted to show support without demeaning people or being an a– kisser 😉

      Thanks for your comment

  17. I firmly believe everyone is entitled to their own opinion. However, I wish that people would acknowledge that their thoughts are WHOLLY THEIR OWN and not try to impose their thoughts – and any negativity – on such a hardworking, creative genius like Ron Moore. Let’s just try to retain all gratitude and appreciation for the work that’s being done. And be thankful that we are able to see such wonderful work and such a terrific show – amazingly great work by all involved. Be kind, people. And stop trying to impose your ideas on others. Thanks for this post, Courtney. You made it very clear that it was only your opinion about Season 2, etc. without trying to insist that Ron et al make things just like you want them to be.

    • I do believe everyone is entitled to their opinion, however sometimes it’s best to keep it to themselves or chat with friends about what’s bothered them. No one likes to be constantly criticized especially about their husband which is why I think Terry took a break from twitter. Just be nice.

    • Well said Barb! Outlander inspires passion, that’s for sure. It’s nice that we can discuss it in a civil, respectful way x

  18. Breaks my heart, the quality of some of the deleted/extended scenes that have been left out. I understand what needs to happen to meet Ron’s constraints, but there are some rubbish scenes that could have been left out in lieu of del/ext scenes….if the quality that lies in the books was extended to the tv show; like some of the conversations between J & C and yes, most certainly more of Lallybroch with Ian, Jenny etc would really draw in more viewers because it would replicate the aura (for want of a better word) created in the books. There are scenes with words that amount to nothing when the writers could have drawn on the books for words/conversations that ring true to the characters.

    • I didn’t hear you say that this is only your opinion. That was the point of this article. please consider the words and adjectives that you are using – they can be very hurtful to others.

      • Hi Barb, 🙂 Was this comment directed to Sherenne? I think she’s just being passionate. And British? or Aussie? New Z? (ref: rubbish) ;). I just read it as a strong opinion. The offensive stuff to me, is name calling, etc.

        I’ve heard Ron say that long dialogues don’t work as well on TV. Maybe they would for OL fans? So hard to know. Thanks for your comment.

    • Sherenne, You are not alone. This is felt widely. So many ways to go with this huge amount of material. Thanks for your comment.

  19. I have heard Maril Davis say they don’t want to do more than 13 episodes because it would be year round super intense work for all with no breaks. The first season (16 eps) was extremely hard on them and they don’t want to repeat it. So even if Sony were to give them more money it wouldn’t necessarily translate to more episodes. Positive constructive critique is fine. Nasty negative criticism isn’t.

    • Laurie, I wondered about that. If that’s the case, my argument regarding Sony is null. Do you happen to know where/when she said that/ have a link?

      I agree. Disagreeing is OK, conversing is OK. Saying I think these scenes should be left in, no problem. But the “you ruined the show,” “you suck,” etc. Not OK IMO.

      Thank you so much for your comment.

  20. I have gotten several educational comments that I’d like to share. I will go back and update the piece after doing some fact checking. Thanks to everyone for the discussion

    Becky King Anderson— All well and good, Courtney but Ron Moore is on record saying Sony offered a bigger budget (think his words were “as much as I need”) and more time but he turned it down.

    October 19, 2016 at 6:22 pm
    I have heard Maril Davis say they don’t want to do more than 13 episodes because it would be year round super intense work for all with no breaks. The first season (16 eps) was extremely hard on them and they don’t want to repeat it. So even if Sony were to give them more money it wouldn’t necessarily translate to more episodes. Positive constructive critique is fine. Nasty negative criticism isn’t.

    Susan Caton Adkins — I thought this was the episode where Sony had given them 30 minutes more but it was decided that Cait had been able to get the emotion across with less dialogue so they felt more time wasn’t needed. It was discussed in the filmed comments that followed the show after the original air time. If I’m mistaken, my apologies but if what I remember is true, then the decision to cut was made at the production level.

  21. Let’s be honest….Ron is not God…he makes mistakes too. This scene should have been included in the episode in its entirety, and there were ways to ensure its placement. It was beautifully written &acted by both, Sam&Cait. The deleted scene allows us to see the deep anguish of a father who has lost a child, and provides much needed dialect between the couple. While the episode should be commended for dealing with subjects most shows don’t want to approach, i.e., loss of a child & rape of a child, it also missed an opportunity to show us that men suffer & have deep feelings about these issues. Seeing this &several other deleted scenes, that have now been released, ending up on the cutting room floor, was heartbreaking. In the S1 DVD RDM admits to deleting scenes that after viewing he regrets having deleted them. So, by RDM’s own admission, he sometimes makes a mistake in editing; this happens to him &others in this business. I find it commendable that he admits his error and still allows us to see the deleted scenes; although I’m not quite sure if it’s RDM’s decision to show us these scenes or if that is strictly Sony’s/Lionsgate decision to include them in the DVD. In several interviews, RDM also states that he was offered more episodes/time and turned it down. So the buck stops with Ron on the decision of editing& it appears adding episodes. Another point, other shows do more than 13 episodes, one that comes to mind is Vikings, who spits the season and does 20 eps. in difficult shooting conditions. Finally, we are all entitled to our opinions, &there is no right or wrong opinion. It is good to have discussions & we tend to learn more when we are open to them. We learn a lot when we listen to others whose opinions differ from our own.

  22. The only thing that kind of bothers me is that sometimes lines said by Jamie in the book are given to Claire in the show. I just felt it would have been more poignant if Jamie had said “Name him Brian” He never expected to see his child. That said; I love the show and watch it over and over.

  23. Even though some scenes were deleted,my heart is totally engaged with the finished product. I don’t think Outlander could be better.. I take my hat off to Ron,Diana all the folks who make it all possible. And also all the awesome actors… I am married to this production and the books…..please please keep them coming.

  24. Interesting that Maril said more episodes would be too taxing; what about Borgia (with Jeremy Irons) – it had 13 episodes/season if I remember correctly and I loved it; couldn’t get enough of the story and what about Vikings, ditto. The actors etc seems to manage in these shows. I’m an Aussie so ‘rubbish scenes’ meant useless in the sense that if they had been left out, no one would have missed them because what was said and what happened was of no value to the story. I believe if there had been more episodes the story would have had more appeal to a bigger audience. This comes from being a reader of all of the books, especially some of the longer conversations between Jamie and Claire which give a real insight into Jamie and life in the 1700s and to Claire with her 20thC upbringing. I don’t really like ‘feminism’ creeping into the show because a woman’s life 1920 to 1940 certainly did not exhibit those sentiments – keep it real (lol time travel) that’s the beauty of the show.

    • There’s a faction of feminism (antiquated IMO) which seems to believe that to elevate women, men must be diminished. It’s prevalent in tv today in the US, especially in kids’ shows. The guy is dumb and bumbling and the woman is smart and capable. What makes J&C so unique, to me, is they are both strong and have full emotional range, but not at the expense of the other. Neither is oppressed so the other may shine. Show Jamie and Claire haven’t found their way there yet IMO. Here’s hoping for S3. Thanks for your comment ?

  25. There were a lot of other less important scenes in this episode that added nothing to the storyline that could have been cut instead of this very important emotional scene between the two main characters. This scene was very important to the overall story whereas some other scenes were of no significance at all but they were still left in the episode. If time was of the essence, then scenes of lesser importance with more minor character should have been left out instead of major scenes. Fans understand that a showrunner should indeed be able to tell the difference between a minor scene that can be deleted without major effect to the story and a very Significantly important scene that impacts the story’s main characters relationship. Outlander fans cannot understand why Ron with all his years of experience, didn’t realize this was an important scene for Jamie and Claire’s story. If anything needed to be cut, it should have been one of the minor characters and scenes that were in the episode: there were many to choose from. This is not the first time that important things have been left out In lieu of lesser important events: it happens quite a lot actually and fans have just gotten weary of it because it creates a much less effective story. I think this is why so many fans are speaking out at this time because it has happened so much and we are afraid about what will get cut out in season three.

    • Yes. Jamie & Claire are always the heart of the story IMO. At the same time, there are so many plot points. Seeing other characters gives the story dimension but these J&C moments are the gold. Hard call. Hoping for the best in S3. Thanks for your comment.

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