Sam & Cait – End of Summer Series #4

Well, this was a pleasure, indeed. A relaxed visit between Sam and Cait. If you’ve not seen it, I hope you enjoy it, and if you have, perhaps watch again? What good eggs these two are…

Go here to see the Season 5 Blooper Reel Clip, just released.

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Go here to see the first installment with Maril and Diana.

Go here for the second one featuring John Bell, Lauren Lyle and Outlander Kitchen’s Theresa Carle-Sanders.

And here for the third one on The Music of Outlander with Bear McCreary et al.

Coming up: OutlanderBTS What’s New, What Scenes Are You Looking Forward To In Season 6, some new interviews, and more. 

For Droughtlander material, of course, reread the books, catch up on our Seasons 4 and 5 Episode Discussions, and/ or visit Reader Favorites.

Happy Monday, may you stay safe and well. Please keep Karmen in your thoughts, as she is very near the Oregon fires. xo

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3 comments on “Sam & Cait – End of Summer Series #4

  1. Hey Courtney! Wondering if there is a blooper reel? Havent seen any teasers about it and it’s one of my favorite things about the DVD

  2. Watched all four and they were a delightful respite from Droughtlander. Can’t wait for my DVD set to arrive. I’ve been listening to the Outcast podcasts. Have you heard them? Do you think the Lasses could get onto that with Tim Downie and David Berry? That would be a fabulous discussion!! Missing all of your voices!
    Prayers for Karmen and her state.

  3. It was, if I may put it this way, a balm for the soul during this awful year. They look and sound wonderful. I’m hopeful about season six🙂
    Thank you, Courtney.

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