Stephen Walters: Lovely Interview by Ross Owen + Stephen’s Beautiful New Song for Alex…

Photo: Heike Ballegeer Youtube tribute

Here is a great interview with Stephen Walters by Ross Owen, who interestingly enough, lives in Cumbernauld (where the Outlander studio is located), and works as an extra from time to time on Outlander. Producer of the Ross Owen Show, which airs worldwide on Black Sky Radio, he also acts and is consulting on a biopic of the stage career of Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy. Here is Ross on location for Season 2.

In the interview they talk about the beloved character of Angus, Stephen’s path to Angus from the book version, the making of Angus’ death scene and its impact, his work with Àdhamh, comparing Rupert and Angus to Laurel and Hardy, Band of Brothers, Twitter, Stephen’s favorite Beatle, and then Stephen asks Ross about his connection to Laurel and Hardy (Ross founded the Laurel and Hardy forum CLICK HERE). A great convo ensues, and Stephen calls them “the Beatles of comedy.” It closes with Stephen’s little ditty about Outlander – nice. Enjoy

Photo: Stephen in Band of Brothers

I suggest starting the interview at 24:45. 

You may have heard of “Alex’s Journey” which Diana and several other Outlander cast and crew are following and supporting. Alex is a little boy who has been diagnosed with and is undergoing treatment for bone cancer. His family is documenting his journey and getting support from the community to maximize Alex’s chances of survival. Stephen wrote this beautiful song for Alex, which he and Ross perform in this video. You can follow Alex’s journey on Twitter here: Alex. If you’d like more information about Alex, or are interested in contributing, CLICK HERE. My heart goes out to this little boy and his family.

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  1. Stephen, you brought tears to my eyes and a fullness to my heart. Sweet Alex, the whole world has your back. Hold on, little boy! We are pulling for you! <3 <3 <3

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