60 Seconds With Caitriona by Metro

Rachel Corcoran of Metro did a great little Q&A with Caitriona; I’ve included some highlights below…

Cait says sex scenes are awkward and that there are too many people in the room whom you have to try to look in the eye afterward, but that she giggles her way through it. When asked if her family and friends have seen the show, Caitriona said, “I think for some members of my family it’s better they don’t! My mum has seen it. We just don’t talk about those parts [the sex scenes]. There are certain episodes I tell my dad he can watch. I don’t think he wants to see the others — and I definitely don’t want him to.” Probably a good idea, considering Cait’s dad is (or was) a strapping police officer in Dublin.

When asked if she gets chased down the street, Cait said that luckily Sam gets all the chasing. Cait was asked about being a nurse/doctor for the show, and said: “For series three we did a liver operation and I had an adviser surgeon and surgical nurses telling me how to handle the instruments. It’s fascinating.”

That will be interesting. I wonder whose liver she operated on. I don’t remember a liver operation from the book, do you guys? 

Rachel asked Cait whom she was starstruck by on set, to which Cait answered, “So many — Simon Callow, Bill Paterson, Frances de la Tour, Dominique Pinon — we get amazing guest stars. Very quickly you get down to work but there’s always that moment of ‘oh my God!’ Simon is an incredible raconteur.”

I did see a different version printed, where she mentioned being starstruck by Steven Cree ?.

I believe this was Steven’s issue of the magazine (ahem).

The interviewer commented that this is also Sam’s first big role, so the two of them are going through this process together, to which Cait replied: “So much so. We have each other’s backs and it’s great that you have somebody to confide in and share an experience like this with who knows exactly what you’re going through.”

She asked if Cait misses Sam when they’re not filming together, to which Caitriona replied: “A healthy break from each other is sometimes good! We’re great mates and we check in every now and then but he goes off to his life and I go off to mine.”

And then she/they went there… (good for them).

Q: There’s so much speculation you’re a real life couple, how do you handle that? 

A: “There’s nothing to handle. We aren’t and we’ve always said that we’re not together. It’s nice that fans believe in the story but that’s not the reality. If it’s harmless speculation, that’s fine, but sometimes people take it a little further and can get abusive to the people who are in our lives — that’s when it crosses the line. But it’s rare and in this industry you need a thick skin.”

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