Sam and Cait, Jamie and Claire, Choices, Fantasy, and Real Life…

Photo: from Sidewalks interview, Aug 2014.

I am re-releasing this piece, as Cait’s 60 Seconds Interview has sparked a new wave of controversy and dissension on social media. Everyone’s feelings matter, but abuse is never OK.

Awww, look at these two cuties just starting out on their adventure…. 

I went back and forth about whether to tread into these murky waters, the risk being a bunch of negative attention.

Here I go… I get what shippers see. I see it too. I think Sam and Cait ARE attracted to each other. That’s why they “work” as Jamie and Claire. I’m sure there was a moment, or moments in the beginning when one, or both of them considered going with it. Maybe one or both of them even fell in love. But there’s that element that sets us apart from the animal kingdom (allegedly) – free will. We have the power to choose what we do, what we pursue, or not. This is captured quite eloquently by Matt Roberts, and spoken by Sam as Jamie here, in the Season 1 (re)opener of Episode 109:

Claire also makes a (HUGE) choice- to go back to Frank or stay with Jamie. In an interview with Laura Prudom (Variety), Cait had this to say about it…

“It was quite difficult for me, coming to that scene, because I didn’t want to just be like, ‘well, she’s in love with Jamie so she’s got to stay,’ because that’s not Claire,” Balfe noted. “You had to think about an entire lifetime of a place and experience, versus a few months and a man. That’s a big battle. The knowledge of the ’40s and the ability for her as a woman to be surrounded by that kind of openness and possibility, versus this place where for saying too much or for mixing a few herbs together to heal people, you’re almost been thrown in the fire. So for me, it was difficult to come up with her rationale.”

In the end, Balfe said, it came down to Claire not wanting to further hurt Frank or Jamie, as much as it was because Claire was following her heart. “I felt that part of it had to be that when she fell through the Stones the first time, it was an accident. So her death or disappearance had already happened and Frank, she has to imagine, must have suffered so much, but must be healing. And I think she felt like, how could she do that again to somebody, but this time choose it? It’s like causing a death. And of course, the pull of love is very strong and we will do almost anything for the people we love, but I don’t think it was as black and white for Claire as that.”

Choices… we all make them, every day. The things we say, the way we treat ourselves, the way we treat each other, to be happy, or not to be… these are all choices, made consciously or unconsciously. 

In my experience, Sam and Cait are both conscientious, high functioning, disciplined individuals, and my guess is their choices reflect that. I always say that Outlander is a marathon (I hope), not a sprint. Outlander has a way of seeping into our lives (ahem); I would imagine if you actually work on the show (let alone being the lead characters), you would have to have some boundaries in order to stay sane and maintain a real life. 

I’m a huge fan of the people who make Outlander, and I’m a fan of the characters in the story – they’re so real. The way they were conceived gives them dimension and life. There’s an interweaving that happens, a blend of the real, the timeless, and the mystic. I think this truth creates a lot of joy, some confusion, and even suffering.  

Here’s an interview with Sam and Cait from August 5, 2014, just before Season 1 premiered on August 9th. Little did they know what they were in for then! 

Kudos to host Cindy Rhodes for pronouncing BOTH of their full names correctly, (an anomaly in those early days). I also give her props for not missing a beat when her cat starts meowing at about 10 minutes in. As someone who does interviews from my home… I can relate!

Enjoy this look back, and may we all make conscious, loving choices….

(In the interview Cindy makes reference to Sam’s previous interview on Sidewalks for his role in Batman Live, World Arena Tour. I looked for the interview she talked about and didn’t find that, but I did find some other fun material from the Bat Sam days. To see that post, CLICK HERE )

Source: To read Laura Prudom’s full interview with Cait and Sam CLICK HERE

9 comments on “Sam and Cait, Jamie and Claire, Choices, Fantasy, and Real Life…

  1. It is nice to see that they really haven’t changed that, much. They are just nice people , grounded people. I hope they go on to more great acting projects.

  2. The actors have done a great job bringing the story to reflect all facets of the 1700s and post World War 2.

  3. I get busy and miss things–there’s flak again over whether they are or for some should be dating? Are those “crazies” abusing the actors again?! Or am I misunderstanding? If so, what exactly started a storm again–was it Caitriona simply stating facts, again, in an interview or something? There are just too many people who have no touch with reality. They’re the dark side of social media.

  4. I looked again and saw your reference to “controversy” was Cait’s 60 Seconds Interview. I did see that but didn’t realize some folks were up in arms again. I hope both Caitriona and Sam are able to keep such crap from bothering them. I can imagine just how tiresome it must be, and I sincerely hope it doesn’t get any crazier, and the actors are able to stay as sweet and open as they are. The arrogance as well as insanity of people who think they can actually force any person to go along with their personal fantasy just blows my mind. I’ve heard/read Sam say that in a way it’s a compliment to their performances that people want them to be a real couple, which is a sweet way of looking at it considering just how nasty some people have gotten. Whether they are/aren’t or do/don’t is no one’s business. They are [excellent] actors; fans are lucky. Why can’t they leave them alone? Oh, wait…I forgot…those people are CRAZY! God help us; the lunatics are truly running the asylum everywhere you look!

    • I think the same/ positive interactions outweigh the negatives so I’m hopeful they’ll sail through the looney stuff! ?

  5. I am confused as are most of the fans. It’s difficult to see postings. Stating Sam is marrying some blonde person next month or week depending on which article you read. Then another article states that cait and Sam are having a baby. There was another article that states Cait lost the baby and Sam had moved out. So can some please state truth? There was a picture of Sam and cait holding a picture of s fetus. They both looked very happy. I am so confused.

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