When Art Brings Us Together – The Wedding Episode

Amid all the rumblings, sometimes a work of utter beauty can silence us, bringing us together in collective awe, if only for precious moments… a sunset, a newborn, a dance performance, a child’s giggle, a song, light on water, a person’s smile….


107, the Wedding Episode, is such an iconic moment in this story, and on television, in my opinion. The making of the first season, when everything was new, there was little fan involvement, and most people had no idea who Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe were. To me, (and others) episode 107 is a complete work of art: a culmination of effort yielding something greater than the sum of its parts.


Writers/producers Ron D. Moore & Anne Kenney, Costume Goddess Terry Dresbach, and actors Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe talk about the making of this seminal (hahahaha) episode… And we get to see the amazing work of Gary Steele’s team, hair and makeup, Anna Foerster, director, lighting, cinematography, coffee runners, drivers, etc. that all went into this.


Let’s look back and have a collective ahhhh moment, ENJOY.

Sending light and love out to all of my Outlander friends: fans, artists, cast, crew, journalists, etc. xo (PS If you are outside the US, try the video below this one)

If you are outside of the US, try this video:

13 comments on “When Art Brings Us Together – The Wedding Episode

  1. Thanks…I just happen to be re-reading the Wedding chapter in Outlander for the umpteenth time. :). I never tire of the books…nor the TV series. It was done so beautifully…the book adds more conversation as well which seems just as necessary to them, and sets the tone for a love affair that will likely last at least 50 yrs.

    I re-read the books, watch the series and listen to one of Diana’s books as I walk every day. I’m 85…and can only hope to read the end of the story before I “crump”. Hah!

    • Hi,

      I know what you mean. I have watched Season 1 Ă©pisodes, particularly episode 107, over and over again. The characters have become my friends and I always look forward to sitting down to watch them . I have also read the book (Outlander) a couple of times. I am a hopeless romantic

      • Your comment, “I’m a hopeless romantic” reminded me of the movie, Romancing the Stone…at the end, she declares she is not a ‘hopeless romantic’ but a HOPEFULLl romantic. I, too, have read and re-read and re-read Diana’s books, many times. I have not tired of them yet, and do not expect to.

  2. Well said. I binged watched season 1 just before season 2 was about to go on the air in the US. After watching season1, I began to read the books; One a week. I was hooked. Then season 2. I love episode 107 ( and have watched it multiple times) because it shows Jamie’s love and respect for Claire and the institution of marriage. I think this episode shows Jamie as an honorable and loving grown man.
    I think the production is excellent; the actors, writers, directors, music, costume and set designers and crew are true artists. I was ready to get rid of tv until I found Outlander. Can’t wait for season 3.

  3. Yes, the wedding scene will go into film history.
    A Writer/Director friend of mine compared
    casting Heughan/Balfe to Gable/Leigh, Gone
    with the Wind. Though he claims Balfe is
    the better actress and Heughan just i s Jamie!
    Well, I think he is right….

  4. In my opinion the Wedding episode was the most beautifully crafted hour of television that has ever been made. Every individual scene was exceptional. The acting across the cast is simply wonderful Sadly most things I now watch appear dull and dreary in comparison to Outlander.

    • I agree whole heartedly. I really don’t watch TV because I never find things very compelling, and I can’t find the time. This just leapt out at me. I think 107 was cut together beautifully by Ron also. It really does stand apart. Thanks

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